The Married Life of Spongebob and Sandy:

Authors Note: Redone to make it even better! I will eventually delete the original, after I had transferred some ideas from the old story to the newer one! Either way, enjoy!

Chapter 1: The Proposal:

It was a beautiful night in Bikini Bottom. The night sky was dark purple, with white stars glittering. A yellow moon hung over a cliff that two lovebirds were sitting on. One of the lovebirds, named Spongebob Squarepants, was a nervous wreck. He was sweating, and his whole square body was trembling. He thought over multiple times what to say in his head to the girl next to him. Finally, Spongebob took a deep breath, and asked, "Sandy?"

The girl, or squirrel, next to him turned to the sponge and said, "Yeah?"

"U-um…I have something to tell you." Spongebob spat out.

"What is it? Are y'all okay? Y'all don't look very good." Sandy noticed that the sponge had gone a lighter yellow than normal.

"U-um, yeah….I'm fine. I just want to ask you something very important." Spongebob said.

"Like what? Another date? Y'all don't have to be nervous about that. We have been dating for a year and a half now. Y'all should be used to it." Sandy smiled, and that made Spongebob more nervous, and his heart rate increase.

"Y-yeah, it's not that I want to go on another date with you…I love you….but.." Spongebob trailed off.

"Wait. Are y'all breaking up with me?" Sandy looked devastated.

"What? No! No, no! Never! U-um….I was wondering i-if you…." Spongebob looked at the sand.


"I-if you…"

"Come on, Spongebob. Spit it out."

"Would you marry me?"

Silence fell over the two. Sandy began to cry, and Spongebob immediately regretted asking.

"I knew it! It's too early for me to ask her! I am such an idiot!" Spongebob thought, and he wrapped an arm around Sandy. He said to her, "Sandy, don't cry. I'm sorry, I should have waited for another 6 months, on our 2 year anniversary." Spongebob said.

"N-no. It's not that. I'm happy you asked me to marry you. And my answer is yes." Sandy agreed.

It took Spongebob some time before he realized what Sandy had said, and when he did, he leaped for joy, and hugged Sandy.

"Yayyyyy! I'm gonna get married!" Spongebob cheered.

"I can't wait! We have so much to plan for! Flowers, reception, y'alls tuxedo, everything! Spongebob, I am so happy." Sandy sighed.

"Me too. Here." Spongebob took the ring, which had a gold band, and a small diamond on the top out of a box of red velvet, and reached for Sandy's finger. "Oh, whoops. I forgot you had your suit on…" Spongebob blushed in embarrassment.

"Oh, no problem. Here." Sandy began unzipping her suit, while Spongebob's face blushed more. When she was out of her suit, she was left in her purple bikini and the bottom. Spongebob took her hand once more, and he put the ring on it. Then, she and Spongebob went to their homes, excited about the wedding.