This story will not be everyone's cup of tea and is VERY anti-Fiona as I am mad at her for treating Michael like she did. So with that being said, this is a story about Michael finding love with another character from outside the usual BN group.

Please no nice! If you have anything mean to say, don't say it at all. If you don't like my thoughts then don't read.

Thanks to Arifa for reading this & understanding how mad I am at Fi.

As Michael stood on the tarmac, watching Fiona walk away from him while sobbing loudly, he was held back by Sam. "Let her go. She's not going to listen to you or anyone of us. I'll talk to her when she calms down."

"Sam..." Michael croaked as he tried to push past Sam. "I need to make her understand what I did!"

Sam shook his head, holding Michael back. He knew what the clean suit and haircut meant. He had to hear it for himself. Sam asked "You made a deal, didn't you?"

"She doesn't understand that I had to make a deal. I just need to make her understand why I did it..." Michael said loudly before Sam interrupted him.

Watching as Fiona cried on Madeline's shoulder, Sam said "I know why you did it. They probably told you Fi's not a citizen so she'd be deported, made a threat against your Mom's social security, threatened to ruin Jesse's career and life and probably told you they would take away my pension." Sam knew by looking at Michael's face he was correct. "You signed the papers so they could release us and they held up their end of the deal. You have to hold up your end of the deal now."

Michael nodded. He knew Sam would understand the best out of the group. "For three weeks I answered all their questions and tried everything I could think of to save all of us and not have my actions affect the rest of you. I couldn't do it Sam. They came at me and promised freedom and your lives back in exchange for mine. This is me trying to fix everything."

Sam wrapped his arms around Michael and gave him a hug. In a rough gravelly voice, he whispered into Michael's ear "You held up your promise to me Brother. I'm proud of you."

Michael squeezed Sam a little tighter and said "You watch over Mom and Fiona. I'll call you when I can. I don't know when that will be but I'll call."

"You better call and you stay safe, that's an order from your brother and Commander Axe. I'll send Jesse over so you can say goodbye and I'll go get your Mom. You should talk to her." Sam said. Giving Michael one last hug, he walked away and spoke to Jesse briefly.

Jesse strode up to Michael and said "What is going on? We've been locked up for three weeks and now we are free Sam says. Fiona is in tears and you look like you are in command of an operation. I don't get it."

Michael smiled and said "You understand more than you think. I made a deal to get everyone out of prison." When Jesse began to protest, Michael held his hand up and said "They would have ruined your life and everyone else's Jesse. You would have never been able to find a decent job again and you would be under constant scrutiny. I brought you into this mess and now I'm going to get you out of it. I have to go soon, so I just want to ask you to watch over Mom and Fiona. Make sure Sam doesn't get into trouble. You've been like a brother to me Jesse. You have no idea how much your help and support means to me."

"It's what family does. Be safe and come back as soon as you can." Jesse and Michael hugged quickly before they were interrupted by Madeline.

"Michael, what's going on here? Sam told me you made a deal to get us out of prison and to give us our lives back as they were." Maddie questioned Michael.

He looked down at his feet and said softly "I did." Michael looked at his mother's face and said tearfully "I had to do it."

Maddie took Michael into her arms and said "I know you did. You always have your reasons. I might not agree with your reasons but you are my boy and I will be waiting at home for you when you finish your work."

"I'll send money home like I did when I was away. Tell Fi..." Michael felt the dam beginning to break.

Touching Michael's cheek, she said "You come back home in one piece and then we'll sort the rest of this out later."

Luckily Sam came over and said "We need to get going and you have a job to do Mikey." Michael realized that Sam was right, he did have a job to do. Giving Maddie a hug and a kiss he said "I love you Mom."

"I love you too. Just remember you are different than when you came to Miami after being burned. You have a family that will miss you and loves you." She said as she kissed his cheek one last time. "I'll talk to Fiona some more and we'll calm her down. She loves you and I am sure she'll come to her senses."

Michael nodded and watched everyone walk to a car that was waiting to take them home. Fiona was the last to get inside the car, giving Michael what could be his last look at the woman he loved.

The car ride back to Miami was quiet. When they arrived back at Maddie's house, Sam sat down at the dining room table. "Fi, sit down. We need to talk."

Fiona pacing wildly yelled "Talk? What do we need to talk about? Sam, he screwed us all over. He got exactly what he wanted and we are back to square one. I have nothing. No home, no clothes, no jobs, no money and worst of all I don't have Michael. He broke his promise to me and left me high and dry."

"Stop being ridiculous Fiona. You have a home and its here with all of us." Maddie said, placing a hand on Fiona's shoulder.

Knocking Maddie's hand off her shoulder, Fiona said "This is not my home. This is Michael's home. He promised that when this was done, he'd leave the CIA. If he was here with me right now, which he promised, then this would be my home too. Michael chose the CIA over a life with me, so I no longer have a home or family."

Sam stood up and questioned her in a loud tone "Fi, you don't understand. He went back to the CIA for our sakes."

Fiona's throat hurt from yelling and crying. Her chest heaved as she spoke. "I understand it better than you could ever imagine. He did not have to go back to the CIA. He could have said no and fought his way out of the situation. Instead he took the easy way out and took away my chance at a life with him."

Maddie defended her son. She slammed her hand on the table. "Damn it! What is it going to take to make you see that he sold his soul for us, but mainly you. You were going to be deported if he didn't cooperate. The rest of us would have survived somehow, but you wouldn't be here and he wouldn't have been able to stop it. That would have killed him, knowing that he couldn't protect you. He is doing something honorable and gave up his life for us. You have no room to judge him."

Fiona tearfully said "When the job was done, he promised to leave. I can't do this anymore. I can't be always waiting for him and I refuse to be second best to the agency that ruined his life in the first place."

"What are you saying Fi?" Jesse asked.

"I'm done. I love you all and I will always love Michael, but I need more. This isn't my life anymore. I need a new life and none of you can be part of it."

Maddie wiped away tears from her eyes "Honey, don't shut us out. You need us and we need you. Take some time and you'll feel differently."

"I'm sorry everyone, but I can't be here right now. Everything and everyone reminds me of Michael and it just hurts too much." Fiona said as she grabbed her purse. She walked to the door but stopped when Sam called after her.

"What do I tell Michael? He'll want to know where you are." Sam said, hoping Fiona would come to her senses.

"Tell him I'm done. I'd tell him myself, but he's off on a mission." Putting on her sunglasses, Fiona opened the door and said "When I'm ready, I'll let you know I'm ok."

Everyone stood in the house, which their jaws opened in shock. Maddie shouted "Sam! Do something! Go after her and make her listen!"

"Fi's not going to listen to anyone right now. Give her time to cool off and then we'll try to talk to her again." Jesse said. "Right Sam?"

Sam slowly shook his head. "Guys, she's gone. I've been with enough women to know when they are this angry and this hurt, they aren't going to listen to anything you have to say. Let her go and if she does come around, which I think she won't, we'll be here for her. Until then we should get back to our lives. Jesse, you should call your boss and see if he has a job for you still. If not, I can talk to Elsa or friends of mine to see what work I can get for you. Maddie, we'll see you later if you are ok by yourself."

Maddie said sadly, "I'll be fine. I'm just going to sit down and have a drink. I need to take time to comprehend everything that has happened today."

Both men walked out the door to their respective vehicles that had been dropped off prior to their arrival. Jesse asked Sam before getting into his car "How long do you think we have until Mike is back?"

"I don't know. Could be weeks, months or years. We'll keep trying to reach out to Fi. She'll either calm down and come back or this was the last time we'll ever see her." Sam paused and added "If you don't want to stick around or maybe you want to put roots down someplace else, I understand. Mikey asked me to watch Maddie and as his brother I'm going honor his request..."

Jesse held up his hand to signal Sam to stop talking. "I'm not going anywhere. I'll stay at this house and eat Maddie's terrible cooking night after night. I'll take jobs with you or just hang at Carlito's with you, but I'm staying here. This is my home and you guys are the only family I have."

Sam smiled and nodded. "I'll see you later then. I'm going to see if Elsa still wants me in her life, if not, then I might be bunking with you."

Laughing, Jesse said "I don't think so. I call the guest room and you can have the couch. I need my beauty sleep after all."

Jesse left. Sam sat in the driveway and dialed Elsa's cell phone. "Hey, I was wondering if you still had a room for a tired old Navy SEAL." Sam heard Elsa crying. "Baby, don't cry. I'm coming home. I'll be there soon." He ended the call and drove right to Elsa's hotel.

He entered the lobby and was greeted by Elsa's assistant. She gave Sam a room key, as Elsa knew he didn't have one with him. Arriving at their room, Sam opened the door and was nearly knocked off his feet by Elsa who ran into his arms. "I thought you were dead."

"Almost, but it takes a lot more to bring me down." he said, showing her his wound as they sat on the bed. He recounted everything that happened after she last saw him. Towards the end of his story, Elsa saw his armour chipping away piece by piece.

Wrapping Sam in a blanket, laying down with him and placing her arms around him she said softly "He is an honorable man for giving his freedom for yours. When he comes back home, and he will, I will need to thank him personally for saving you. Don't worry. He'll find his way either with Fiona or without. Either way it'll be hard, but you'll be there for him. We all will."

Realizing that Sam was asleep, she kicked off her heels and said a prayer for Michael so he would return home safely.