Sparrow. White-Crowned Sparrow. A small, fragile bird.

Marcus thought that Friday would be like any ordinary Friday. Honestly, he didn't even know if it was Friday, the days and nights were all one continuous blur of nothingness. No emotions were in him, he knew they were around him, but he didn't feel them. He was in nothingness. He was the nothingness.

He was damned to an existence he didn't want anymore. Being a vampire was hard enough. Being a human drinking vampire was worse. Being a human drinking vampire who had a special gift, was torture. Being a human drinking vampire with a gift and being one of the three Vampire Kings, was hell.

If he were a regular vampire, he could have "accidentally" walked into another's territory and have been killed. If he didn't have a gift, he wouldn't attract any attention and would have died easier. If he weren't a Volturi King, he would have been able to flee this meaningless existence. He knew that nobody would dare kill him, everyone knew that Aro and Caius would avenge him in a terrifying manner.
Everyone thought it was because by killing him, it was an attack on the Volturi and their power, but Aro and Caius would avenge him because they were brothers, the tightest knit group that Marcus had seen in his years as a Bond Seer.
And those two were the only reason he hadn't found a somebody to kill him yet. After losing his beautiful, perfect love, Didyme, Marcus hadn't wanted to live. The only thing keeping him in his second life were his two brothers.
Aro knew of his depressing and suicidal thoughts, every time he touched him he felt the pain and despair coming from Marcus. Aro would feel guilty for killing his sister, in blood and venom, and Marcus's love, but Marcus had ordered her death himself, so he didn't feel guilty. He only felt guilt about not finding out about Didyme's intentions sooner and sparing his brother's pain.
Aro tried not to touch Marcus too much, but not for the reasons you might think. Aro knew how much it bothered Marcus to bother him, it made Marcus guilty to cause pain to one of his brothers, so if he could take away some of his low feelings, then Aro wouldn't touch him.

Caius always tried to cheer him up, and when they were alone it worked, his dry humor was something he and Marcus had in common. He knew that his brother Marcus liked to read so he would find rare books to give him as gifts. Marcus's library was full of stolen books by now, but it made him happy, if only for a little while. Caius's hatred for humans was his own way of avenging Marcus's pain. That skilled manipulator had left Marcus for one, so it only made sense that they should all die.

Both of his brothers had tried on so many accounts to bring him to love again. They would bring beautiful vampires and human girls to him, but all in vain. Sure, Marcus took advantage of the gifts that his brothers so desperately wanted him to enjoy and fall in love with, but after it was done, he would leave as soon as possible and he never took the same gift twice.

Everyone knew that Marcus Volturi, was a shell of what he had once been.

Marcus spent his days in the throne room, staring vacantly through a stained glass window that Aro had strategically place to the right of Marcus's throne, so it wouldn't seem that Marcus was just staring at a wall. The stained glass was beautiful, lots of colors and excellent workmanship. In the center of the design was a snake, a red cobra and around it were various wild life and swirls of design. It was a beautiful piece really, but as the years had gone by, the piece had lost its brilliance to Marcus, and he was thinking about replacing it.

That Friday, that fateful Friday, it was close to feeding time, and Aro and Caius were talking about one thing or another concerning something or other, and Marcus as usual was staring at his stained window.

He decided he would change the window after feeding time, maybe Caius would make him another one. He was just deciding on this, when he noticed something that changed his life forever.

He could hear the group Heidi was leading towards them, their beating hearts were gushing blood, but they didn't matter at all.

He had had an epiphany of a life time, how could he had not noticed it before?

The red cobra he had once thought so beautiful and sweet, was a disgusting vile creature. In the corner of the window, where the cobra's tail ended, was a White-Crowned Sparrow dying in the cobra's killing embrace. The cobra could care less, it was staring at another prey. The cobra was killing this innocent, beautiful creature, and it didn't have the decency to even look at it, or kill it quickly.

He was so wrapped up in his moment pitying the poor sparrow, that he didn't notice when the Volturi's meal was inside the throne room, or when Aro gave his customary greeting, or when the screams started, and he most definitely didn't notice when his prey was at his feet, staring at him, until it was too late.