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PhantomJoker's Revenge.


Most vampires know about my gift. The ability to see every thought someone has ever had by physical touch. The only people who know the real extent of my gift are Marcus and Caius, the two I trust most.

Once I touch you, I can hear your thoughts, anytime that I want. Of course only the superficial ones, the deeper ones I need physical touch for. And once I have read your mind, I am able to project my thoughts to other people.
It's a handy gift to have, I must admit. But I never realized exactly how useful it was until that fateful Friday.

Caius and I were talking about how we should help Marcus. We had tried everything. Gifts of all sorts, women, vampire and human. We had even tried to send him a few men. But nothing. He was still cut off from the world. From his emotions. If I had known...

"Don't think that, you couldn't have known." Caius thought through our mind bond. I guess I must have been projecting without noticing. No matter what he said, until Marcus was his old self again, I would still carry that guilt.

But thank goodness it was feeding time, blood always made me feel better. Heidi led in the tourists, and Jane and Alec closed the doors quietly behind them. I stood up and gave my customary greeting, which was also the green light signal for the guards who would join us today. We had feeding time twice a week, and if somebody wanted more, they had to go hunt themselves, away from Volterra.

Caius and I leaped towards our prey, and we attacked with the skill thousands of years brings us. Not a drop spilled or wasted. My animal roared in the delight of the fresh kill. Every vampire has an animal inside them. Some are more at the surface than others, but never make the mistake of thinking there isn't a blood loving animal waiting to break free and create chaos.
As leaders of the Volturi, and the vampire world, we tried not to be ruled by our animals, it was important to be calm and collected at all times.

As I was finishing off my second human, I heard Marcus's voice in my head.
The desperation in it had me call for Caius and together we pried Marcus off of a human girl he was draining. He looked horrified at his actions, like he had almost committed the ultimate crime.

I glanced at the human girl, and noticed Caius was too. She was beautiful, very beautiful. I wanted her badly, right away. Caius was growling lowly as he looked at the girl too, while pinning down Marcus. He was always much more in touch with his animal than Marcus and I, especially after that snake, Didyme, but when I looked into Marcus's eyes, I saw the animal in him being bought to light.

"Seal her wounds, both of you, NOW!" Marcus's animal ordered. Without a second thought, Caius got off of Marcus and bent his head to lick her wrist, as did I. She tasted delicious, so good! Marcus looked like he was waiting for something, and I was about to ask him what, until the beautiful human spoke.

"Vampires shouldn't eat watermelon." Her beautiful, angelic voice reached down to the abyss my heart used to lay in, and tugged at it. Her eyes, so beautiful, so intense. Blue, pretty blue.

MATE! Mine. Mine. Mine. My mate!

My animal growled and I felt myself gasp. This beautiful girl was my true mate.

Caius's POV

The moment she spoke and I looked into her eyes, I lost all control of myself. My animal was in control of our body. We had found our mate. Our true mate.

Caius's Animal POV

Mine. My mate. Beautiful mate. So beautiful.
Aro, brother, is too close to my mate. I growled at him in warning. He was my brother, but mate comes first. To my surprise he growled back, and held her closer.

"Brothers, please!" Marcus, brother, begged and an image of us three in the exact position we were in now, but through Marcus's perspective entered my mind. The three of us had strong, brilliant, golden bonds to my mate. That must mean...she wasn't my mate...

She was our mate.

I was okay with that. I was better than okay with that, I was ecstatic and I could tell Aro and Marcus were too. This meant that we had a very strong mate, a very worthy mate. This way, the Volturi kings would be more united.

Suddenly someone stepped forward, towards us and our mate.
I stood up and roared at them and hissed, all of them must leave, Now! They mustn't be near our mate, or I would kill them. All of them. They didn't all get the message, until Marcus roared. Marcus's animal was powerful, everybody knew the legends, even if nobody had seen him in a long time. It felt good to have my brother back.
They all ran out of the throne room and shut the doors behind them, terrified. Only Jane looked back, and Aro roared at her too. Marcus growled and paced in between the doors and our mate. He would, I would, Aro would, protect our mate no matter the cost.

When Vampire's meet their true mate, their animals loosen their chains and step out. Until the true mate coaxes them back in their chains, vampire males don't allow any vampires or humans to be near their mate for the first four to twenty hours.

Marcus finally stopped pacing and sat down, watching the door. Aro looked a bit lost, but he held our mate lovingly and carefully. Aro's animal had always been more sensitive and tame.

Marcus began shedding his clothes as did I, while Aro held our mate. When we were fully naked, we took our mate from his arms and held her while he took his clothes off. It made us feel better, skin on skin contact. We didn't take her clothes off, we didn't think she would like that, however much WE would like it.
Marcus motioned to me to lay down on the stone floor and I did. He held our mate and placed her on top of me, curling up on her left side, while Aro curled up on her right.
Marcus, with this act of submission, had let me be the dominant one, his animal still wasn't accustomed to being outside his chains, he was afraid he would hurt our mate if he were the dominant one, even though he was the strongest male, he chose to hand over dominance to me. I hummed softly to let him know how grateful I was. Our mate was still human, it was important to handle her carefully.