Vagita's Final Wish
By Andy Prosser

Vagita's Final Wish
Chapter 1: Vagiata's last Wish

6 D.B.s (Dragon Balls) sit on the table. Vagita stared at his collection, looking at the missing Dragon Ball. Vegita had searched all the world to get them all, but he still missed one.
"This is all Goku's fault!" shouted Vagita in a fist smash the table. Goku and Vagita had fought to keep the Dragonb Alls from Freiza, but by accidentally Goku droped one into a volcano.

Vagita thought back to that day. The anger he felt at Goku, was so great. Now nobody could make a wish!

"Why are you so mad now Freiza can't wish for immortality and a power sword and a space ship" asked Goku.

Vagita don't want to tell the secret to Goku, that vagita wants to wished for a world peace. He was embarassed.
"You idiot!" said Vagita and Vagita killed Goku. "YOu ruined my plans!"

Son Gohan came int there to hear the commotion and saw hsi Dad Goku dead and blood on the floor. "No..." cried Gohan! "You killeed my Dad! For that you mUst DIE!"

"Relax, runt. You can just wsh him back with the Dragon Balls." said smiled Vagita.