Dedicated to the fanbases of Ouran High School Host Club and of Infinite Stratos.

Infinite Ouran

An Infinite Stratos-Ouran High School Host Club crossover

Rated M for Lemon in future chapters.

Chapter 1. The Arrival of a New Student

It was a nice day of mid-April in the streets of Tokyo, Japan, and beautiful cherry blossoms were falling from the trees.

A gorgeous-looking blonde teenager was walking down the street.

His name is Tamaki Suoh. French-Japanese, he is a very charming guy and works part-time as a host in an host club.

While he was taking a walk, he came across by a futuristic looking object.

"What is this thing right here? Looks interesting.", he said.

The host touched it, and all of a sudden, the object "woke up" and said with a robotic voice:

NAME: Tamaki Suoh


BIRTHDATE: April 8th


OCCUPATION: Host club chairman


"Ability to pilot... An IS? What's exactly an IS?", Tamaki asked himself.

But before he could think, two ominous looking men arrived and presented themselves: "Infinite Stratos Special Force. We have to escort you in a place. Don't worry, it will be safe.".

"WAIT! What did I do? I didn't do anything!", Tamaki said, scared and shocked.

"We know it. We're going to take you to the IS Academy.".

The two men carried Tamaki to this so-called IS Academy. The host screamed: "NO! NO! STOP IT! I've got yet many things to do at my host club!".

The two men didn't hear him, however.

Five minutes later...

"What is this? Some sort of a... Laboratory?", said Tamaki.

The two men said: "This is the IS Academy. We gave you a place to this prestigious school. There are only women in this academy, as the Infinite Stratos can be only piloted by women.".

"Infinite... Stratos? What is this thing?", Tamaki asked, a bit puzzled.

"That thing you touched. That's an Infinite Stratos.", said one of the men.

"Oh, I see. But, what is exactly an Infinite Stratos?", Tamaki asked, yet again.

"The Infinite Stratos is an highly advanced robotic exoskeleton created here in Japan. It is a very powerful superweapon, and can easily wipe out an entire army in a matter of seconds. However, only females can pilot them. Only two males, first Ichika Orimura, and then you, have been discovered to be able to pilot an IS.".

"Wow! That sounds wicked! Let me in this academy!", said an excited Tamaki, blind to the adventures he will pass in the Academy.

"Sure thing. Every person who is able to pilot an IS will automatically enroll into the IS Academy.".

"So, I'm ready to go!", said Tamaki, while preparing himself before entering the Academy.

"Your class is 1C, room 3. Your teacher will be Chifuyu Orimura, Ichika's older sister, and regarded to be the best IS pilot of all time. Oh and by the way, Ichika is one of your classmates, for your information", said one of the men.

"Thanks. HERE WE GO!". Tamaki ran to the entrance of the Academy and went to the classroom. He still didn't knew the adventures he will do.

At the classroom...

As Tamaki entered, he saw his classmates: they are all girls, beautiful girls.

The (very hot) teacher, Chifuyu Orimura, presented Tamaki to the classroom: "Students, we have a new person joining you today. Please present yourself.".

"Hi, guys and girls, but mostly girls, (laughs), my name is Tamaki Suoh. I am French-Japanese, and I work part time in an host club.".

"What host club?", Chifuyu asked Tamaki.

"The Ouran Host Club in Tokyo.", he replied.

"Ah, that host club for filthy rich people? Sounds fine to me. Some of the girls here want to go there.", said Chifuyu, before whispering to Tamaki: "I want to make a field trip directed to your host club.".

"That sounds good. I will inform the other hosts when you will announce it.", said Tamaki.

"OK, your place is there, near that girl.", said Chifuyu.

"Thanks.". The host went to his desk.

During the day, Tamaki quickly builded a friendship, and possibly a love interest, with his deskmate, Charlotte Dunois, an adorable French gal.

Here is how it all started:

"Hello... Ma chérie.".

"Oh, bonjour, monsieur. You must be the new student, right?".

"Why yes, I am. It's me, Tamaki Suoh.".

"Yes, I know your name because you presented yourself. My name is Charlotte Dunois. Pleased to meet you.".

"The pleasure's all mine.".

"How did you get to enter here in the IS Academy?".

"I was just walking down the street, and then I saw an abandoned Infinite Stratos. I touched it, and then it identified me, and then told me I am able to pilot an IS. Then I got dragged here by two dudes, who explained me anything I need to know about the Infinite Stratos.".

"Ah, cool story.".

"But, did anyone tell you... That you have a beauty even angels can dream about?".

"S-Stop it! You're lying!".

"No, I'm telling you the beautiful truth. My heart goes on full overdrive when I see your perfect face.".

"...I can't describe how sweet you are.".

"You don't need words to tell me something. You need emotion. And your emotions are more valuable than the most refined diamond in the world. And that's how your eyes shine. Like perfectly refined diamonds.".

"...You are so adorable, mon cheri.".

"It was love at first sight. I was thunderstruck by your beautiful face and untouched purity.".

"Shut up, and kiss me, Tamaki!".

But before the two managed to kiss, Chifuyu said to Tamaki: "As with all new students, you must prove your ability to pilot an IS. Follow me.".

"Ah, come on! You interrupted the best moment I've had here yet!", Tamaki lamented.

"Oh, I'm deeply sorry about it. Forgive me.", Chifuyu forgave the host.

Five minutes later...

As with all new students, Tamaki must prove he is able to pilot an IS, which is easier said than done.

And to prove it, he must defeat two drones piloting their IS with Default Setting, which means it's the first time they pilot it.

"The engineers of the Academy built you this Infinite Stratos for your own use.", Chifuyu presented Tamaki his new IS.

"Your IS is called "Fatal Runner", and features an highly advanced CPU console with an autopilot, a shield recovery and enemy shield drain system. It is our best IS made so far.".

"Nice!", says Tamaki, while seeing his new Infinite Stratos, which is light blue with purple and white finishes.

"It is a 4th-Gen Model, the most advanced IS Generation to date. Only two 4th-Gen IS have been produced until now, including your IS. Like the other 4th-Gen IS, yours can activate the Fold-Out Armor: this ability can model the IS's attack, defense and speed for any situation in an instant. Your weapons are:

Switchblade (a blade tossed from the left arm of the IS, deals moderate damage)

Mercenary's Knife (close range weapon, it is a Zweihänder which can deal high damage if controlled correctly)

Plasma Striker (long range weapon, it is a plasma cannon placed on the right arm, can deal considerable damage)."

"This is surely an amazing battle weapon! I can't wait to pilot it!", says an excited Tamaki.

"This is your IS in Standby Form.", Chifuyu hands Tamaki a light blue bracelet.

"What? A... Bracelet? So, when standby, the IS transforms into a cloth.", says Tamaki.

"Exactly. When you need to, call out the name of the IS and this bracelet will transform into it.".

"So I just need to scream "Fatal Runner"?", Tamaki asks Chifuyu.

"Not really. You need to scream "Fatal Runner, activation!".

"Oh, OK.".

"Your first training consists on defeating two IS-piloting drones. Don't worry, they are set on a low difficulty setting. Your IS will power up nicely after this fight. As a matter of fact, your IS will go into 1st Shift mode after winning your first fight, a very rare thing for an IS.".

"This is THE perfect weapon! But let's cut with the chase.".

Tamaki holds down a deep breath and then screams out loud: "FATAL RUNNER, ACTIVATION!".

The bracelet responded and transformed into the Fatal Runner, Tamaki's Infinite Stratos.

"WOW! I can feel the power flowing into me! Amazing! Let's go crush those newbie drones!", says Tamaki, determined to pass the test.

And he started attacking the drones. And WHOA, those drones were in for one enormous, no-holds, barred beatdown! Are the drones just too weak or is Tamaki far too strong? Saying the former would be nonsense.

As a matter of fact, the host slaughtered the two drones like cannon fodder.

And his IS wasn't even in 1st Shift mode.

Chifuyu remained astounded by Tamaki's ability, and turned the drones's ability level to the utter maximum possible.

With so, the drones counterattacked, but it didn't work on Tamaki.

In fact, the host easily defeated the two drones at the highest difficulty without even breaking a sweat.

"HOW CAN HE BE SO STRONG NATURALLY? I just cannot believe it!", said Chifuyu, shocked by Tamaki's appalling strength and natural talent. "No way. Just, no way. But his IS can't control its strength because it's on the Default Setting.".

Tamaki easily defeated the two drones, but the only problem was... He didn't know how to turn off his IS. In fact, he asked Chifuyu: "How do I make my IS revert back to Standby Form?".

"Just say "Fatal Runner, standby".".

The host rogered the message and said: "Fatal Runner, standby.".

And the IS turned back being a bracelet, which, however, also featured a purple line.

Tamaki asked Chifuyu about it: "There is a purple line on my bracelet. Does it mean...".

The teacher stopped the host: "It means your IS has been upgraded to 1st Shift. The weapons will be more powerful, and you can control more easily the strength of your IS.".

"So, I slaughtered those drones because my IS didn't control well its strength and power?", Tamaki asked.

"Yes, it was only your first battle using your IS, and since it's the most powerful IS produced so far...".

"It has reckless power that can be dangerous if not controlled correctly.", Tamaki completed the teacher's sentence.

"You're right. And not only the IS's menacing strength played a role in your victory. You are a natural talent when it comes to piloting an Infinite Stratos. And I can discover these talents by feeling their willpower. You have a very strong willpower, and that makes you unique among the other students here.".

"Heh, t-thanks.", Tamaki blushed after hearing Chifuyu's compliment.

Charlotte whispered to the host: "Chifuyu is regarded to be the best IS pilot ever. Receiving a compliment from her is a big achievement for an IS pilot, seriously.".

"Congratulations, Tamaki Suoh. You officially became part of the IS Academy. It's time to know about your new friends.", said Chifuyu, before presenting Tamaki's brand new classmates.

"This is Cecilia Alcott. Of British origins, she is the only remaining member of a rich family. Her IS is called Blue Tears.".

"Hello, Tamaki, pleased to make your cognizance.", Cecilia shakes hands with Tamaki, who, blushing, says: "Uh, hello. Nice to meet you.".

Chifuyu presented another classmate: "This is Charlotte Dunois. She is French and was originally a spy sent after Ichika. Her IS is called Raphael Revive Custom II.".
"I already know her, Chifuyu. She's my deskmate and she's sweeter than chocolate and honey.".

"You're so nice, Tamaki!", Charlotte kissed Tamaki on his cheek.

"Ah, I see... Here is Laura Bodewig. She's German and her IS is called Schwarzer Regen.".

"Hallo. So you are the new one? I will be as tough as nails with you, so look out!".

"Ehm, ooooooookay.", says a kinda puzzled Tamaki.

"This is Huang Lingyin. She's Chinese and is one of Ichika's childhood friends. Her IS is called Shenlong.".

"Hi there, Tamaki! I'm pleased to meet you! Let's hope we can make a solid friendship.", Huang shook hands with the host. He replied: "I hope so, too!".

"This is Houki Shinonono, the younger sister of Tabane Shinonono, the creator of the Infinite Stratos. Her IS is the Akatsubaki, the first ever 4th-Gen IS, and thus the nearest IS to yours in terms of strength.".

Houki said with a strong voice: "Hello, Tamaki. We can train together, but not too much. I am very strict and too much training might do more harm than good.".

"Too much is never enough for an host, but if you say so, I'll do it. Nice to meet you.", Tamaki said politely to Houki.

"And last but not least, this is Ichika Orimura, the first ever male to pilot an IS and my younger brother. His Infinite Stratos is called Byakushiki.".

"Hi there, Tamaki, and welcome to the IS Academy.", Ichika greeted Tamaki.

"I'm very happy to meet the first male to pilot an IS. I bet we will have a healthy friendship!".

And the two guys laughed like if they were friends.

"OK, let's cut it. It's half past noon. And you know what time is now?", said Chifuyu.

"It's recess time!", everyone shouted except Chifuyu and Tamaki.

"Follow me, Tamaki. I gotta show you something...", the teacher vowed Tamaki to follow her, and so he did. But where does she want to take the host?