Hetalia! Tickle War!

"SURPRISE!" yelled Italy, as he jumped on Germany's bed. The sudden jolt woke Germany. Italy then attempted to tickle Germany. "Tickle War!" Italy shouted. It had no effect on the tough, strict German, and he started at Italy.

Germany sighed in annoyance, but then started to smile and proceeded to tickle Italy roughly, including sound effects. Italy squirmed and was laughing so hard, his face was red. He soon had his head hanging over the side of the bed, and could hardly breathe. Germany chuckled because of Italy's funny laugh. "I vill tickle you to death!" he laughed.

Japan came in the room, to find out why Italy was so loud, and was just in time to see Germany take a deep breath and lift Italy's shirt to blow on his stomach, making a weird 'pppffftt' sound on contact. Japan shouted in shock as Italy squealed in delight. He was laughing harder and his face looked like it was 'about to give birth to an alien', as Italy had once said to Japan.

Germany stopped and realized Japan was standing in the doorway. "Oh, Japan," he stated calmly, as he got up and walked past him into the hallway. "I vas just about to call ze meeting." He ran his fingers through his hair, pulling it back to set it. "I tell him it's all in ze mind, but he doesn't seem to have one..."

Italy breathed hard to recover, from being 'tickled-to-death' and the blood rushing to his overhanging head. "Oh, ciao, Japan!" he waved. "You look funny upside-down!"

Japan nearly fainted. "Westerners are so touchy and weird...I do not think I will ever understand them..."

To Be Continued….Maybe