Hetalia! Tickle War! Pt 2 (by request)

Italy tried to be as quiet as possible as he snuck up behind Japan and hugged him from behind. "Surprise!"

Japan's eyes grew wide and he shouted out in surprise. "I-I don't understand!" His face grew serious, again and he pulled Italy's arm from behind him, tossed him over his shoulder in a judo-move, and pinned him to the ground, letting out a "Hiya!"

Italy's eyes were wide this time, as he stared up at Japan's serious face. Japan's fist was pulled back, like he was about to strike. Japan's face grew soft and he stood up. "Apologies, Italy. I didn't know it was you."

Italy smiled. "That's ok, Japan! I guess I was too quiet." He giggled and sat up.

Japan continued, as he placed one hand in the other in front of his abdomen, he looked to his side. "I just do not like to be touched. You invade my personal space…not that I need a lot to begin with…"

Italy's shoulders drooped. "Sorry, Japan. I forgot. I wasn't attacking you; I just wanted to surprise you like I did with Germany."

Japan stared at him, in disbelief. "…I don't think you succeeded."

"No," Italy replied, shaking his head. "But I tried!" The Italian chuckled. "Germany won the tickle war."

"Tickle war?" Japan was confused, and cocked his head to the side. "What's 'tickle'?"

Italy's mouth fell open. "You don't-a know what tickle is?"

Japan closed his eyes and shook his head. "It sounds serious."

Italy smiled and giggled. "It'sa not a disease, Silly! It'sa….um…" Italy tried to put it in words. "…Weirdly moving your fingers over someone's-"

Japan held out his hands, in protest. "Stop! I don't like this…weirdly touching someone!"

Italy opened his mouth to reply, but Japan continued, "You're creeping me out!" Japan shook his head and fists in fright and he was blushing. "I've already been scarred this morning!"

Italy was the one confused now. He cocked his head to the side, eyes closed.

Japan quickly bowed, turned, and ran out the room. Italy was left by himself in the room. The confused Italian just stood there. "What did I-a do?"

The End?

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