Harry walked into to his uncle's living room where he see Remus and Sirius sat there, he raised an eye brow, very shocked to see them there as his aunt and uncle was sat in the room looking unhappy as ever "Harry." Sirius smiled as he pulled the boy over the back of the sofa and in between him and Remus

"Guys why are you here?" he asked looking between then as he felt their magical energy almost attack him

"We are here to see you cub." Remus said

"Cub." Vernon snorted; Remus looked at them and growled

"Can we ask you two to leave with your son?" He said looking at them


"Yeah of course I want a house where I spent most of childhood under the stairs, so many happy memories here." he said looking at them, for some reason Harry just wanted to have his godfathers hands all over him, Vernon open his mouth and then closed it again,

"There you have it, look we need some alone time with Harry before we can take him with us." Sirius said,

"We are still not leaving!" he yelled, Harry pinched the bridged of his nose pushing his glasses up his forehead, he leaned over to Sirius and whispered into his ear, the dark hair man nodded and looked at him

"You sure?" Harry nodded "Okay, we will pay you 10…" Sirius looked to Harry

"Thousand." He said leaning back into Moony's touch

"Yes we will give you 10 thousands to leave us for a while." He said, Remus looked at him with a narrow eye

"T…Ten Thousand for the freak?" Vernon said foaming at the mouth; Sirius looked at him and let out a dog growl, making Harry's horsed aunt jump

"Yes and he is not a freak."

"Right every one come one let's go." The fat man said, only heard the word 'Yes' , Harry watched as they felt the living room dragging their son with them, there was a sound of them leaving the house with the door banging shut and then the sound of the car pulling out and leaving.

"You're not really going to give them ten thousand?" Remus asked

"No." Sirius laughed as he pulled Harry into a kiss.

Harry melted into Sirius kiss and open his mouth to let the other's tongue into his mouth, Remus curled next to Harry and rubbed his hand over his thigh and rubbed Harry's groin, making the teen moan as Remus kissed his neck nipping lightly at the milky skin as Sirius finger moved under the baggy torn t shirt of teens, pulling away Harry from the wonderful lips Harry looked at them "Why are you here and why are we doing this?" he asked, Sirius huffed and looked at his godson and the too Remus

"We have to tell him Pads."

"Oh alright but then we're fucking." He said

"Depends on what you have to say?" Harry said looking at them, Sirius didn't like that but nodded

"We… kind of came to kidnap you." Sirius said, Harry blinked at him and then turned to Remus

"Kidnap?" he asked

"We don't want you to fight any more Har, we want you to come and live with us." Sirius said, Harry raised an eye brow

"They would find me at your house." he said

"No no no not that house but a new one, where you don't have to be the golden boy but just plan Harry James Potter or maybe Harry James Lupin-Black?" Sirius said,

"Come again?" Harry asked looking shocked "Your asking me to marry you two?" he asked

"Yes."Remus said, Harry turned to face the wolf with a confused looked "Your my mate, our mate." Harry looked at him and thought about what they said

"Harry?" Sirius said, the teen looked back at him "We just want to protect you, Voldemort is gone and we can see how things are going to go, we think they are going to lock you up because of how powerful you are." Harry knew about Dumbledore's plan to lock him up if he didn't die in the work but they couldn't do that until he was 17, he smiled at them

"I like the idea of being Harry James Lupin- Black." He said, both Sirius and Remus smiled and pulled Harry back into their arms and started kissing them.