Sirius was still kissing him, his hands go back to under his shirt while Remus opens Harry's jeans and pulled his member free, he moaned into Sirius mouth when he felt the wolf take him into his mouth "Oh god…we're gonna have sex on my uncle's sofa?" he asked looked up at Sirius as Remus worked at him, the dark hair man let out a bark of laughter as he twist Harry nipples getting a cute moan out of him,

"You better believe it." He smiled as he pressed his lips to his again. Soon Sirius and Remus changed places, the wolf helped Harry take his shirt off and let him attack his shirt as Harry tried to get Remus out of his close, Sirius pulled the teen's jeans off and boxers and started to suck him like Remus did before, but apart from he had buried his fingers into his godson's hole getting more wonderful moans out of him.

Red lipped and panting Harry arched his back cumming down Sirius throat with a cry of his name, sitting up the dark hair man looked at the green eye teen and smiled as he licked his lips "Ready for more?" he asked, Harry open his eyes and nodded, grinning Sirius looked up to Remus who was ready out of his clothes, he nodded and picked up his soon to be mated mate and sat back against the arm of the sofa and helped Harry down on his length

"Oh god!" Harry whimpered as he felt the wolf's long thick cock side into him

"Shhh cub it will be alright." Remus whispered as he pulled him into a kiss, Sirius moved behind them and pushed a finger in beside Remus' cock

"W…What are you doing?" Harry gasped

"We both need to mate with you Harry." Sirius whispered as he pulled his hand free and then lined his cock up to the hole as Remus pulls out just a bit and let Sirius push in at the same time as Remus

"AHHHHH!" The teen screamed arching his back,

"Shhhh it's okay." Sirius whispered kissing his neck.

Harry was sandwich between the two men, he wondered when they were going to move it was driving him mad "Move please…god why are you not moving!" he begged

"We don't want to hurt you Harry, if we started now we could rip you." Remus cooed kissing along Harry's neck

"No no need you to move don't care about you ripping me just do." He begged, but either man moved for a while but instead they attacked his skin leaving little marks on his skin, soon they started moving within him, Harry moaned and writhed in between the two men, as they took him "Oh god!" Harry moaned as he held onto them, already being on tipping point Harry found himself already cumming with a sob, Remus growled feeling the muscle clamp around him and Sirius both men bite down on the shaking teen's shoulders as they came inside of him, the mixture of pain and pleasure forced another orgasm out of the teen.

Harry was tried and weak after the and when the two men pulled away Harry couldn't stand up, Remus waved his wand and cleaned all three of them, before he helped Harry put his clothes back on "You okay?" he asked

"Y…Yeah just feeling boneless." He chuckles

"Oh believe me Harry this is nothing compared to what we really can do to you." Sirius smiled, Harry blushed and looked down at the ruin sofa,

"I will get your things." Remus said

"Under my bed there is a loose floor boards my privet things are under there." He said Remus nodded and walked out the room, while Sirius helped Harry finish dressing "Where are we going?" Harry asked

"Somewhere safe, there will be a school you can go to and finish your education and plenty of space for us to run around in under the full moon." He smiled at him and Harry smiled back, yawing Harry just wanted to curl up and sleep, Sirius smiled and picked him up and held in him close and let his drifted off the sleep.

They left the house and left England with anyone knowing, arriving at the house in Italy, Remus took Harry and brought him into the bed room and placed him on the large bed "Do you think we will be safe here?" Remus asked

"I hope so; this is the only place that the order doesn't know about." Sirius said, sitting on one side of Harry and ran his fingers though his hair,

"Yeah let's hope."