Chapter 1

" Usami-san, can I go buy a new volume of "The Kan".Misaki said to Usami.

Usami looked at Misaki with a dark oura. "Fine but I am coming with you".

So they went to the book store in Usami's red sports car.

As they arrived and got in Misaki ran to the manga section. Then Usami-san arrived.

As they bought the manga and were about to leave they heard a huge crash. Misaki looks over to see what it was.

As soon as he does a little girl pops out of a huge pile of adult books.

"Wow she is such a cute girl ..." he thinks.

She looked about 10 or 9, brown hair that was sort of scraggly with brown eyes and green glasses to match.

Misaki ran over to help her as she was freaking out about all the books she dropped.

"Are you alright" Misaki said laughing thinking about how he would have done the same.

"O-oh ya I guess I was just daydreaming again" she said looking all flustered.

Just then Usami-san walked over. "Time to go" he said.

"Fine, but can we take her home first" Misaki said unexpectedly. Both Usami-san and the girl looked surprised.

"Thank you but before that can I know your names please onii-san".

"Mine is Misaki and this is Usami-san" Misaki said.

"Alright you can call my Narissa, or just Nari" the girl said standing up from the pile of books.