Chapter 4

"What this is your car" Nari yelled when she saw the red sports car on the street.

"Ya it's his" replied Misaki.

Then they all got into the car, Nar still shocked.

After a while of uncomfortable silence Usami-san broke it.

"Oh I just remembered something".

"What" Misaki asked.

"Aikawa was going to drop off some books I just wrote at 6 pm" Usami-san answered

Misaki looked at the clock and saw it was 6:30 pm.

"Well she has a key" Usami-san said.

"Y-ya" Misaki said shakingly and blushing a little.

This is because he just remembered the time he got jealous at Aikawa when he found out she had a key.

Then they arrived at a red light.

"Um" Nari started to speak up after a while.

"Yes what is it" Misaki asked.

"Are you guys going out" Nari asked looking at the ground smiling a little.

"What no, no way that is …" Misaki was cut off by Usami- san bending over and slightly slipping his tough into his lover's mouth.

Misaki's eyes grew large as he realized what he was doing.

So did Nari's but with a smile on her face.

As the light turned green (or blue as Misaki referred to in one episode) Usami-san pulled around and released Misaki.

"Usami-san don't you dare do that kind of thing here" Misaki yelped

"So you are going out" Nari said as Misaki realized she was still in the car with them.

"Correct" Usami-san said before Misaki could say anything else.

"That is" Nari said still staring and smiling

"No he was joking see ha-ha" Misaki said trying to make the situation better.

"That is adorable" Nari said unexpectedly.

"Huh" Misaki said still with his fake smile on his face.

"Well you see I don't only approve of Yaoi, but I think it is the cutest thing in the world" Nari said resting on the back seat.

"Also I think you two are the cutest couple I have ever seen" she said.

Stars in her eyes and her hand cupped together.

"I could tell" Usami-san said.

"What" Misaki yelled at him.

"I could tell that she would approve of us" Usami-san answered.

"I heard what you said but how" Misaki yelled.

But this time Usami-san just shrugged it off as they pulled onto the garage of their apartment building.

No one even talked as they went up to the apartment.

This is because Misaki was still pissed at Usami-san and at this point Nari just wanted to observe them.

As they got into the enormous apartment Nari just stared in shock.

"You guys live here all by yourselves" she said.

"Ya I was surprised the first time too" Misaki answered.

Then Nari followed Usami-san into a room on the first floor.

"This will be your room" Usami-san said as he opened up the door.

The room was huge with blue poke a dot wallpaper. It had a round bed in the middle of the room and a wide scream TV on the other side. There was two night tables next to the bed and a book shelf in the right wall. Also there was a bathroom next to the book shelf.

"No I could never take a room this gorgeous please you already gave me enough" Nari said to Usami-san with her big eyes looking at him.

"It is alright" he said bending down and patting her head while smiling "Make yourself at home".

Then he left the room closing the door leaving Nari alone in there.

"Usami-san why are you being so nice to Nari, it's not like you" Misaki asked

Usami plopped down on the couch.

"Oh are you jealous of our little friend" Usami-san said smiling as he put a cigarette to his lips.

"N-no not really" Misaki said blushing as he turned around to start making lunch.

Usami-san then got up and put out his cigarette.

"It's just not like you that's all" Misaki said blushing even more now.

"Misaki is getting jealous again" Usami said raping his arms around his adorable lover "What do I do it is making me incredibly happy".

"Get off me baka Usami-san" Misaki said but he didn't try to struggle because he knew it was useless.

"Alright but if I tell you why I like her so much you'll have to pay the price".

"Fine what is it first though" Misaki answered.

"This" Usami-san said.

He slowly brought Misaki's chin up in to a love-filled kiss. A simple kiss at first but then Usami-san slipped his moist tongue in the little man's mouth. Their tongues' tangled for a minute then he released Misaki.

Misaki's eyes were still tightly shut his face bright red.

"Alright I'll tell you now but open up your cute eyes" Usami-san said

"Fine" Misaki answered and slowly opened his eyes.

"The reason is because Narissa reminds me of a younger version of you" Usami-san said.

Misaki looked into his lover's eyes thinking of how touched he was.

"Thank you" he said now staring at the ground.