Chapter 6

Bored Misaki thought as he sat in class as his teacher started another lecture.

He just couldn't wait until class was over, of course then he realized that as soon as he got home that Usagi-san would jump him since they would both be alone for the first time in two days.

'Alright class the school has a surprise for you that you will get in your next class' the professor said.

After a few minutes everyone got up and left. I hate school Misaki thought as he got up to leave. Now that Sumi-sensei left he was all alone. Everyone still avoided him thanks to Usami-san.

The next class he was going to was the devil's class room. Oh joy he thought to himself as he walked down the hall way.

As he arrived he looked at his teacher who looked extremely annoyed…. more than usual.

All of the students then took all their assigned seats.

This is when the devil of a professor started talking. 'Alright kids as much as I don't think this is a good idea the school thought it would be educational if a cluster in the middle school became your buddies , per say'.

As he said this he opened up the door and about 20 kids walked in. Misaki being the air head that he was already forgot about the surprise.

He did until he heard all of the students start whispering among each other and sensei threw a couple books.

He then looked up to see Nari standing among the other kids. Although she did not look like Narissa. The person did look like her it still wasn't at the same time. Misaki had always seen Nari with a smile on her face and with happy big eyes but not this time. No this time she had her head down and her face was totally unreadable. It was just like the time they went to the orphanage with her. It was so…. sad.

Then he saw it, the other kids were all talking to each other but not her. They just acted like she didn't exist, like she wasn't there at all. That was when someone finally did notice her but not in a good way.

Right after Kamijou-sensei left to get something, the kid hit Nari with a spit ball. All the 7th graders immediately started laughing at her. 'ha ha ha' 'Man nice hit' 'Are ya gonna start crying' 'ha ha yea little orphan Nari' these are some of the better phrases the kids were using.

Nari just stood there not moving an inch with those totally emotionless eyes. Letting all this happen to herself.

'Narissa' Misaki whispered very softly but Nari still noticed. She looked up her eyes going wide as she saw her new roommate see her like this. She was so ashamed and yet at the same time relieved.

As Kamijou-sensei arrived back in the class room Nari just started to process everything.

Although as soon as she did a huge smile spread across her face. Then she immediately lunged for Misaki and ended up in his arms.

'Ohiyo Misaki onii- chan it is great to see you here, I mean how ironic is this that we meet here again isn't it so wonderful' Nari said starting to sound a bit like herself again.

Misaki felt a small soft smile forming on his face as he patted the little girl on her head like she was a cat.

This is around the same time that Kamijou-sensei decided to throw a chalk heading for Nari's head.

Some of the kids started to laugh and giggle as they saw it starting to unfold but no. As soon as it was no more than 3 inches away from the back of her head she calmly turned around catching the wrighting utensil in between her pointer and middle fingers.

Her big smile turning slightly in to a sly one.

'Aw Misaki is Hiroki-sensei always this mean to you' Nari said turning back 'If he is tell me and I will defiantly go and get Nowaki nii-sensei'.

At this point pretty much everyone in the class was turning in awe of this little girl sitting in Misaki's lap.

'Wh-what you wouldn't' Kamijou-sensei started to say as he started to blush A LOT 'just please go back to your place in line'.

'Hai' she yelled the huge smile back on her face as she walked back to her place in line. Everyone still staring in awe.

'Alright everyone please pick a 7th grader as your buddy, this is your end of the year projects for both grades I will explain later' Kamijou-sensei said sitting down as if defeated.

Of course Narissa was Misaki's buddy that was just a given.

After they explained the project class was over and so was the school day. Most of the kids walked out talking to their buddies that included Misaki and Nari.

'So where are you going now' Misaki asked Narissa as they walked out of the building together.

'Oh well I am going to my part time job as a doctor's assistant' Nari replied as she held her school bag in front of her holding it with both hands.

'It truly is amazing that you are able to do that Nari, I mean really' Misaki replied

'Why thank you Misaki onii-chan' Nari said giggling.

'So I have a question for you though' asked Misaki.

'What is it?' said Nari

'Who is Nowaki?' asked Misaki

Narissa just giggled and said 'Se-cr-et~'

After wards Misaki made sure that Nari got on the bus ok before leaving. He was actually really protective of the little kid seeing how she gets hurt so much.

After that Misaki got in the red sports car that was waiting for him outside. Usagi can be sooverprotective sometimes he thought to himself.

Although even with all his will power he knows in heart that he does love him.

1,000 words perfectly~