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Green Giant (Idea from Morea24)

"Halt!" Pauline admonished. "Be jolly! It's our wedding!"

"But there's like fifty billion people out there!"

"No, there're only two hundred."

"Fine." Halt grumbled.

He put a fake smile in his face. He had to get this show on the road one of these days. He stepped onto the pavilion and said, "I welcome all of you to this lovely occasion! I admit, I didn't want to make this speech in front of so many people, but, as my new wife—"

A roar of approval emanated from the crowd.

"As I was saying, my wife told me, 'Halt, in the Valley of the Jolly, one has to be jolly.'"

Duncan couldn't help himself and yelled, "Ho! Ho! Ho! Green Giant."

Farmers Insurance Agency (Suggestion from Morea24)

Will reached for the paper Halt had given Baron Arald earlier that day.

Suddenly, a hand clamped onto Will's. Will stared into the Ranger's eyes. "No, please, sir! I—"

"Oh, don't worry." Halt steered Will into Baron Arald's chambers. "I'm afraid he did as expected, sir."

"Oh, no. I'm afraid, young Will, that you will soon be hearing, 'We are farmers! Bum ba bum bum bum bum!'"

Will's eyes widened in terror. "Oh, Good Heavens! Take a joke, boy! Take a joke!"

Jimmy Dean Breakfast Sandwiches (Thanks to Guest sg1!)

Alyss walked into the bridal shop. This was going to be perfect! Will had proposed to her last month and she had decided to go dress shopping. Will had been less enthusiastic about this idea.

"Oh, Jen, Cass! I think this one is perfect!" Alyss exclaimed, holding a dress out to her friends.

"Oh, gosh, Alyss! It looks perfect!" Cassandra gushed.

"Just look at the train and embroidery! It's exquisite!" Jenny enthused.

The small, blond shopkeeper smiled. "It's so shiny too."

For some reason, a choir suddenly appeared with Selethen at its head. "SHINE ON!" The choir sang. Selethen winked and they all disappeared.

Alyss turned to her friends, "Did you— never mind."

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