Chapter 1

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Percy's POV

I pant out of breath from running 7 miles. "Uuugggg I hate this fucking life" I yell. "Why did everything have to be perfect till now?" I hate Andrew, I hate Anabeth; I hate that whole fucking camp.


I was sitting in my cabin reading (I know surprising right?) when I heard the camp alarms go off which meant one of 3 thing. One the Stoll brothers were fucking with the camp. Two the camp was under attack which was highly unlikely. Or three there was a new half-blood near the borders.

So I picked up my trusty sword/pen (no it's not a sword I write with) and ran out of my cabin. In the distance I can see a teenager fighting back 3 hell hounds with a stick.

If the situation wasn't so serious I would of laughed my ass off but he looked in danger.

So I rushed towards the borders and charged the hell hounds. I slashed the first ones head off and stabbed the second one through the heart. I slid back at the force of the third one slamming in to me. Let it be known that fucker was big. Key word: 'was'.

I charged the giant beast and slashed at its head but it disappeared in to the shadow of a tree. "Dammit where did the thing go." Suddenly I heard a noise behind me so I back flipped and landed on the hell hounds back. "Gotcha fucker" and I stabbed the hound from hell in the head.

It then turned to dust and I fell on my ass. I stood up and dusted myself off then I offered my hand to the boy he looked at me and said "I don't need your help" and stood up.

"Well, ok then, let me bring you to Chiron to get you ready for camp…. What did you say your name was again?" The boy glared at me and said "Idiot, I didn't say what my name was and my name is Andrew. Andrew Ocean and you better not forget it. (And by the way it is pronounced O-see-an) Now I command you to take me to your camp."

"Well this guy is considerate to others" I think to myself. "Alright then follow me" as I said this I started to walk towards camp. "Hello Chiron, I have new camper here called Andrew Ocean."

"Hello Percy and it is nice to meet you Andrew I am Chiron the camp activity director" Chiron said. "Oh look it's a horse's ass talking." Andrew said "And I don't care who you are just tell me where I'm sleeping so I can rest." "Wow this guy is acting like a dick" I think to myself.

Chiron looked nervous like Andrew was going to bite his head off. "Well Andrew that is to be determined tonight at dinner where your godly parent will claim you then you will stay in a cabin with your siblings half-blood siblings.

Andrew just rolled his eyes and said "whatever." Percy could you show Andrew around camp please" Chiron said. "Sure Chiron I'll do that come on Andrew" I said.

"Screw you I'll show myself around" Andrew said and walked off. "That kid seems to be trouble for the camp I surely hope he does act better" Chiron said.

"Alright Chiron, I'm off to the sparring fields let me know if you need something" I said and walked off. On my way I saw streaks of silver "hmm the hunters must be in camp" I thought before I was tackled in to a hug by a teenage girl with black hair. PERCY! I missed you so much.

Yep it was Thalia daughter of Zeus and sister of the hunters "Also known as my annoying cousin." WWHHAAACCCKKK "OW dammit did I say that out loud?" "Yes, you did now apologize" Thalia said. "No I'm not apologizing" I say bluntly. Suddenly she takes my arm swings me around and puts me in to the ground. "What was that I didn't hear you?" she said. Ok okay I'm sorry" I said.

"Now was that so hard?" she asked. "Yes" I mumbled under my breath. "What was that?" she asked. "NOTHING!" and I dashed off toward the fields. When I reached the fields I saw a bunch of people crowded around something but I couldn't tell what it was so I moved closer being sure not to get to close.

"Andrew is awesome he killed 3 hellhounds with a stick" someone in the crowd said."Yeah while Percy Jackson just sat around and watched him." Another voice in the crowd said. "I always knew he was a fake" someone else said. I looked in to the crowd and saw Andrew in the middle with Anabeth staring googly eyed at him. Then Andrew walked up to her and kissed her on the cheek. I then suddenly felt my rage building.

I walked over to him ready to punch him but I thought better of it. When I reached him I looked at… no glared at him and said "listen here Andrew you can lie all you want you can insult me all you want but the day you start messing with my friends" I then lowered my voice. "Much less my girl friend is the day your life will be worse than the fields of punishment could ever be."

He just looked at me with a "whatever" face and said "yeah, sure." I then grabbed Anabeth's hand and took her out of the crowd. "What the hell Percy!?" she yelled/questioned. "Why did you take me out of the crowd!?"

"I don't know maybe because MY girlfriend was staring at Andrew all googly eyed" I said. "Just because you are my boyfriend doesn't mean you own" me she said then she stomped off. "I need an Ibuprofen" I said and went to my cabin wondering if anybody has snuck some in to the boarders.

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