Hello, everyone! Welcome to, "The Big Seven". I hope you enjoy it. And this will be rated T, because you know... Lust and all...

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Ciel blinked open his eyes, sunlight flooding into his room and nearly blinding him. He sat up and stretched his arms, yawning a bit as he did so. But something was different about today. Sebastian, his faithful butler, wasn't in the room.

"Sebastian?" Ciel called, his eyes scanning the room carefully. Sebastian was nowhere to be found.

"Sebastian!" Ciel called again, louder this time.

Still no response. Ciel was starting to get nervous now. Sebastian had always come when Ciel called his name. So why wasn't he now? A sudden thought hit Ciel, making his mind fill with panic. He raced over to the mirror in his room, looking at both of his eyes closely.

One blue eye and one purple eye stared back at him, and relief washed over him. The contract mark on his eye was still there, meaning the contract hadn't been broken. Sebastian was still loyal to him.

Ciel groaned with annoyance. It was clear that he would have to find Sebastian himself. He walked over to his dresser, pulling out the articles of clothing that Sebastian usually picked out for him. Lastly, he placed the eyepatch he wore around his head, covering his contracted eye completely. It took him a while to tie the string, but eventually he managed.

It took him about ten minutes to dress himself completely, and even then some of the buttons on his shirt were undone. It was too much work to fiddle with them. Right now, he had to find Sebastian.

"Sebastian! Where are you?" Ciel called, probably waking the rest of the servants in the process. Of course, that didn't slow him down.

"Young M-Master?" A weak voice called in response. It seemed to be coming from inside Sebastian's quarters.

Ciel charged into the room without hesitation, his blue eye blazing with anger. "Where were you?!" He demanded, stomping his foot like a toddler having a tantrum would do. "I called and called, and you didn't come! What's your problem today?"

Sebastian looked positively awful, and Ciel almost regretted using a harsh tone with Sebastian. He almost regretted it.

The butler was lying on his back, his tailcoat hanging on the bedpost. His shirt was wrinkled, with the buttons undone. He was also sweating a bit, which made Ciel worry a little.

"Are you sick?" Ciel asked, "You don't look good at all..."

Sebastian sighed heavily, sitting up and turning to face Ciel. Even that small action seemed to take a lot of effort. "M-My apologies, Young M-Master." He said, his voice cracking. "It's not really a sickness. It's more of a process."

"Well, what is it then?" Ciel asked, irritation growing inside of him again.

"Demons call it, "The Big Seven." Sebastian replied. "It's a cycle that a demon goes through every one thousand years. During this time, the demon exhibits a deadly sin everyday, one sin per day. So, I'll be expressing Wrath, Pride, Greed, Lust, Gluttony, Envy, and Sloth. It is a very annoying thing."

Ciel gulped a little out of anxiety. "So, will you have any control of yourself?"

"Unfortunately, no."

"Well, why are you like this?" Ciel asked, confused. "Wouldn't you be exhibiting a sin now?"

"This is how it starts." Sebastian responded. "The demon feels sick for a few hours, because their mind is getting ready for the process. I should be starting any-"

Sebastian paused, his red eyes staring off into space.

Ciel waved his hand in front of Sebastian's face, trying to grasp his attention again. "Sebastian! Snap out of it!"

Sebastian turned his gaze back on Ciel, a playful smirk on his features. "Well, My Lord, it seems that, "The Big Seven" is among us. First up, I believe, is Pride."

I know it's short, but it gets longer, I promise. Bye for now guys!