Dearest President Snow of Panem,

My name is Hero Jones and I am writing to you to ask you a very important question regarding the Hunger Games, and how to make the Capitol even happier, there for, giving you a tighter hold on them.

After watching the recent Hunger Games (which my son, Iron Jones, participated in), I hate to admit to you, sir, but I got incredibally bored. There wasn't much fighting, excitement, blood lust or fear for particular people. They were all the same. Boring and untrained. If you wish for your reign to go on for a long time and keep a strong hold on the Capitol, you need to make the games more exciting.

This is where I come in. My propositio is that if you give us the money and facillities, I could start a training centre right here in district two. I know it is strictly forbidden, but just think how much more exciting the games will be, with two trained tributes running round the arena, hunting their prey, the other tributes fearing them. The pair would be trained to kill, programmed to kill even, so they woould put on a good show, which would keep the Capitol drawn to their TV, engrossed even, and more importantly, under your thumb.

I would hire profesional trainers to train them, and as I have a good training records from before the Dark Days, I would be head trainer and principal of the Training School. I plan to keep students as boarders, so I can moniter how much sleep they are gtting and their diet, as to keep them fit and healthy. When it comesto the week before the reaping, I will have all the students aged 17-18 audition for a panel (which of course would include me) and we would pick the best boy and the best girl from the lot, and they would volunteer for the Hunger Games. Of course, I would make sure they gave you a good show.

I hope that you accept my proposition and will write back to me as soon as possible, as the sooner we get started, the more prepared the tributes are for the fourth annual Hunger Games.

Yours sincerly,

Hero Jones.

I read over my letter to the President with disgust. It is all lies. I am making it up. We need a training centre so that the kids of district two can be prepared, and less parents will have to go through the rest of their lives with a hole in their hearts where there child should be.

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