Escape from CarnEvil

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I had the idea to make this for some time for some reason. Before I begin I want to get a few things straight, Gumball and Penny are at least 25 years old and married, no kids yet, and they're trying to prove a local legend doesn't exist, now that that's covered, lets begin

When the moon is full and trees are bare, walk through the cemetery if you dare.
Where skeletons rot and corpses fester, locate the tomb with a skull of a Jester.
Feed him the token all shiny and new, it is then that CarnEvil will return for YOU!
Local legend
Greely valley Iowa

Ch. 1

Gumball and Penny were in Greely valley Iowa trying to prove that the legend of CarnEvil was just a myth. It was a dark night and they were on a tractor drawn trailer taking a tour of the cemetery on Spooky Sams ghost tours

"Welcome aboard Spooky Sams ghost tours. Our first item of interest is on your left where you'll see the tomb of Ludwig Von Tokkentaker where the legend of Greely Valley all got started. Now I'm sure you all know the legend of course" said the driver

Gumball and penny snuck off the trailer and approached the grave.

"Here it is, the grave of Tokkentaker" said Gumball

"I don't know Gumball, do you really think this is a good idea? I mean what if the legend is true?" Penny asked to Gumball

"Come on Penny, that's just a myth to encourage tourists to come to this place" said Gumball as he reached for the token resting on a slot on the grave.

"Trust me Penny, nothing's going to happen once I put this token in that jester head" said Gumball pointing to the jester head on top of the grave

Gumball put the token in the jesters mouth. It opened its eyes and snapped its mouth shut

"Weeeeee, hahahahahahaha" laughed the jester head as it flew off the grave and around the cemetery. Everywhere it flew a part of the legendary CarnEvil popped out of the ground. Ludwig's grave sank into the ground and out of it came a shooting gallery. On top of it was professor Tokkentaker

"Welcome foolish ones to CarnEvil, mwahahahahahahaha" said Tokkentaker before he disappeared into an airship flying above the Carnival

"Okay so the legend is true" said Gumball

"I told you, but you didn't listen to me. You just had to prove a point" yelled Penny

"Okay I'm sorry, we'll leave and never come back" said Gumball as he began to turn away but as he turned around he saw a zombie running towards him. He grabbed a gun from the shooting gallery and shot the zombie. He then realized that they were far from the entrance and couldn't get out easily

"Well this will be a challenge" said Penny as she grabbed a gun from the shooting gallery

"Ready for a little zombie hunt?" asked Gumball

"This will be just like old times" said Penny

The 2 ran off into the carnival while up in the airship Ludwig was watching them through his monitors

"So they wish to leave so soon, I don't think so" said Ludwig "Umlaut"

"Yes master" said the jester head

"Keep an eye on them, don't hurt them just yet. I want to see how far they go" said Ludwig

"Yes my master, I won't disappoint you" said Umlaut as he vanished down into the carnival

"Those 2 will never see the light of day again" said Ludwig

That's the first chapter, sorry it was short but I have other things I need to do right now. Please review and I'll see how long I can make the next chapter.