Ch. 2

Gumball and Penny were making their way thru the carnival. They made it into rickety town. When they got there they saw zombie elves that threw them into the slay ride. They shot them and the ride started moving.

"I have a bad feeling about this" said Gumball

The ride reached the top of the lift and began to drop, but without a track to go down through

"Get out before this thing falls" shouted Penny

Gumball and penny jumped out of the car before it fell to a smashing death. The 2 were surrounded by zombie elves

"There's too many of them" said Penny

Gumball turned and saw a Ferris wheel very close to them

"Hold on penny" said Gumball as he grabbed penny's arm and prepared to jump

"Are you crazy?" asked Penny

Gumball jumped and they landed in one of the cars

Penny slapped gumball in the face

"What are you crazy?" asked Penny

"Hey I got us out of there" said Gumball

"Good point, at least we're safe now" said Penny

The ride stopped at the ground and the 2 ran towards the Dino Rama ride. The ride was surrounded by ugly looking dinosaurs. They shot them multiple times and ran into the food court

"This guy needs a mop" said someone behind them

They turned and saw zombie teens about to throw food at them

"Zombie teens" said Penny

"Kill them before they smother us with food" said Gumball

The zombies threw food at them while Gumball and penny shot them

"Would you guys like brains with that pizza?" asked a zombie before he got shot

G and P were able to kill all the teens and made it into a bumper car ride

"Why hello, how can I help kill you today?" asked a zombie with a big grin on his face

Gumball shot the zombie and got into a bumper car

"Get in" said Gumball to penny

Penny got in the car and gumball began to drive. All around them were more zombies with big smiles driving bumper cars

Gumball drove around the garage avoiding the zombies as best as he could while penny shot them. Gumball lost control of the car and crashed through a wall

"They're coming back" said Penny

Gumball saw another sleigh from the slay ride

"Get into the sleigh" said Gumball pointing the sleigh

"Don't you remember what happened last time we did that" said Penny

"It's either that or we die because we're trapped" said Gumball

Penny didn't argue back and got into the sleigh with Gumball. The ride started to climb and from out of nowhere big flies with human heads began to attack. The ride dropped before the flies could attack. The ride went into a building and the doors behind them closed shut and the flies splattered on the door. Gumball and Penny found themselves in a big ice rink with a Christmas tree in the middle of the room

"Where are we?" asked Gumball as he got out of the sleigh

"It looks like some kind of ice skating rink" said Penny

The tree began to turn and out of it came an ugly version of Santa Claus with sharp claws and antlers

"My name's Krampus and you've been very naughty" said Krampus

Gumball and penny began to slide along the ice but it was hard since they weren't wearing ice skates. Krampus began to swing his bag at them but they were moving faster. The 2 found a solid floor to walk on and began to shoot him. It took many shots to kill him since he was wearing a big coat but they didn't give up

"You'll never escape, you'll make a great addition to my bag of dead kids" said Krampus as he walked up the path Gumball were on

Gumball and Penny grabbed some presents lying on the floor and threw them at Krampus. They were able to make him lose his balance and he landed on the ice. Gumball took a sword from a nutcracker statue and stabbed Krampus's eyes out, he was finally dead. The couple found a door and left to their next destination

(Tokkentakkers airship)

Ludwig saw everything that happened and wasn't pleased at all

"Those idiots, I thought Krampus was reliable but I was wrong" shouted Ludwig as he slammed his desk

"No matter, there's no way they'll survive the haunted house, Hahahahahaha"