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Hey I thought this up when I was supposed to be doing my math so I quick jotted it down and posted it after my homework was done. Hope you like it! (P.S. I have no resentment towards pie. I love pie. Just cake seemed better for this particular story.)

One regular afternoon the Titans were sitting in a diner. When they had just finished their lunch the waitress went around the table asking for dessert orders. She finished taking the others and went up to Raven. "Cake or pie, Hun?" Raven went to respond when a wave of responses came from her emotions.

Happy- "Cake!*"

Brave- "Pie is the WRONG choice!"

Lazy- "Dude, I'LL clean your room but get the cake!"

Timid- "T-They have cake?"


Knowledge- "Pie is healthier than...wait, it's chocolate?!"


Raven paused and sighed. "Fine, I'll get the cake."

And then a tsunami of cheering flooded Raven's mind.

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"Cake or Pie?"

I dare you to say Pie. *eyebrow wiggle* lol