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Note: Naruto is a doofus; think of Vash the Stampede from Trigun, always trying to laugh his problems away like a goofy idiot only to be put from the frying pan to the fire in a split second before he has to badass his way out of things.


Making new friends

Fourteen year old Naruto had landed who knew where. His orange pants were shred, his jacket gone, his black muscle shirt had several gashes on it, and only a few things remained of personal matter for him: his necklace from his Granny, and his headband, which was loosely hanging from his right hand as a slash crossed over it. He was bruised, beaten, burned and after a long-ass fight he was somehow alive…Oh, and he was covered in bandages. Good!

Now regaining his senses the blond found himself in the middle of a jungle, inside some tent. The tent's main entrance was open, showing him a path to a campfire and several men in strange uniforms eating and speaking to themselves in a language he didn't understand at all.

That's when he first noticed someone standing by his side, reading a light porn magazine, and with his legs crossed. Sergeant Emil Blonsky, currently enjoying the new catalogs of furnace in the Playboy mansion, sensed something was off. He put down his reading and looked at the boy his captain, fellow soldiers and he found that morning floating down a river. The Russian man cracked a large shark-like grin. That unnerved the blond a bit as he inspected the guy for any threat, his hair was slicked back, he needed a shave, and he was dressed as a soldier: green pants and jacket, a camouflage green vest with several pouches, black boots, and a Saiga shotgun being carefully cradled in his arms.

"Who are you, old man?" the boy asked curiously.

Blonsky's grin disappeared as it was replaced with a perplexed look, "Umm… What?"

"Say what?"

"Maybewe could talk." Replied another man.

The newcomer was big. Big as in built like an ox, carrying what had to be around fifty pounds worth of armor, and several more in the broadsword and assault rifle on his back, the dual machine guns on his hips, the pistols on his thighs and the pouches filled with ammo and grenades. Naruto could see the man had gone through a battle, he was breathing a bit unevenly and some sweat covered his forehead but that was it. And he was obviously a veteran, he had to be in his early forties, had white hair, a beard and an eye-patch covering his right eye to show he had gone through a lot to make his very presence intimidating. The man was also clad, as said before, in a strange body fitting armor, it was mostly black but its knees, ankles and gauntlets were painted orange (Young Justice armor with the weapons from Injustice: Gods Among Us)… Naruto liked Captain Slade Wilson's taste.

But the kid mentally slapped his forehead, remembering what he had to do now, "Hey, so do you know where am I? I need to get back to the Elemental Nations. If you're from the Iron Country, could you tell some guy named Mifune… Mi… Did his name have 'Mi' in it? Man, I was never good researching for big shots in foreign countires… Anyways, could you tell the leader of your village to inform the Leaf where I am?"

Slade looked down at the boy, feeling a slight dread of telling him, "I'm sorry, I don't know what you're talking about, kid… Do you have a home address, something we could go by to return you home?"

"They can't."

Naruto suddenly snapped his head forward to see a strange boy maybe a few years older than him walk into the tent. The boy was very, very skinny, and had on a three pieces suit with a black tie: dress black pants with matching shoes, a white buttoned shirt and a black over-coat. The kid had an angular face, weirdly arched eyebrows and the weirdest hairstyle the blond had ever seen: it was a bowl-haircut and with two bangs at the side of his head that looked like devil-horns. He also had long, sharp, black fingernails. And last but not least he was holding and petting a cat in his arms, a domestic cat with ginger fur, tiger stripes and white underbelly wearing a simple black collar to label it to its master.

But what terrified the blond was how Slade had stopped moving, and he noted how the magazine Blonsky had read had been thrown aside, finding itself floating in the air. Time was frozen.

"Who are you?" Naruto asked/ordered, "Where am I?"

"Such an unfortunate anomaly… And those damn geezers forced me to take care of it..." The boy said, trailing off cryptically before bowing to Naruto, his cat still being petted in his arms, "My true name, if you must know, is Klarion the Witch Boy. I am a Lord of Chaos…"

"What kind of title is that?" Naruto asked, seriously freaked out by someone who could freeze time. He wanted to leave but he didn't know where he was. He was surrounded by trees with this strange teen as his only moving company, "Tell me where I am! I can't afford to be lost right now, I need to get back home and tell them- Ack!" the kid found that he had a few cracked ribs due to his sudden movement.

The black haired boy shook his head, "You are more lost than you realize, and your fight with your opponent has indeed ended. You weren't even among the living, kid."

Naruto wasn't the brightest, but it didn't take a genius to understand that he was being told that he was dead, "I'm dead?" He said in disbelief, "Th-There's no way… I know that Sasuke-."

"-Is dead. By your hand." Klarion said solemnly.

Naruto looked down with a sigh, grabbing his own hand with which he had ended his enemy's life, "Good… I didn't want him to hurt anyone out of some stupid vengeance… Wait a minute! Where's the damn fox?!"

"Inside you, as a part of you." Klarion said, moving a finger at the blond boy's gut. It soon flashed red, illuminating the mark that once sealed the demon, but it immediately died out, "Such a strange anomaly in the ripples of chaos… You are no longer human, and yet still have your humanity in you…"


"You're, as your people would say, a hanyo."


"You're a half-breed demon, kid."


"STOP IT WITH THE 'HUH', YOU MORON!" the Lord of Chaos roared, crimson fire surrounding him as his eyes shrunk, turning into beady white objects that stared right into his soul.

Naruto's brain could only give one response at his most eloquent moment in a situation like this: "Huh?"

Klarion face-palmed, "Teekl, I'd say those old geezers want me to suffer an aneurism if I weren't an embodiment of chaos…"


"Ugh, fine…" the witch boy said, sighing inwardly before snapping his fingers. Instantly, Naruto found himself staring at a floating contract with a brush floating at its side. "Kid, I am sorry but you'll have to sign that. This contract strictly bounds you to this world or else you may die. But your stay comes at the cost of never returning to your own world."

"What?! Wait, no! I-I…" Naruto looked down, trying to think of some reason to stay in his old home. He'd certainly miss a lot of people, his dream may never come true, and he was terrified what the Akatsuki could do to… wait, the Kyuubi was no more. He had killed the only thing Orochimaru wanted. And at least Tsunade had grown to be quite responsible. It was tempting, very tempting. But, "What if I want to return… There are some assholes where I live and I don't want them hurting my friends."

Klarion sighed, snapped his fingers and used one to point a scar inside Naruto's main of hair, "You don't remember, do you?"

"What are you talking about?" the blond asked as he pushed the hand aside, now feeling the scar with his own hand.

"It seems he did hit you hard enough… The memories from two years have vanished."

"Two years…?! Wait, does that mean… what does that mean?" he asked, genuinely confused to levels the Lord of Chaos had to face-palm to.

"You didn't kill Sasuke at the Valley of the End… You killed Sasuke at the Valley of the End as well as the ones pulling the strings that made your life so miserable." Then the scrawny boy tapped his own head, "But when you delivered the final blow, they also tried to kill you… Hmm, could it be that to prevent yourself from dying, the fox healed you to the point of making you two years younger, the point where your memories are still intact?"

"What?" Now Naruto's head was hurting.

"Perhaps it is for the best, kid… I'm gonna be honest. Even if you wanted to, there is no home for you to return. Not even friends."

"W-Wait, you mean they're all…"

"Yes, both the world and their lives. You went berserk when that brat proclaimed that to fulfill his destiny he'd have to kill everyone. And that's what he did. Kids, women, you name it, all of them died at his hands because he saw them all as traitors and unworthy of HIS Uchiha clan. That's when you snapped and killed him… He tried to kill you back, but you were faster. And now, here you are…"

"I… I need to sit this through…" the blond said, massaging his damaged scalp. He then smiled sadly at the witch boy, "Thanks, nii-san… But, could you give me some time to think? You said I need that contract to stay here, right? But what if I want to meet the others?"

"You'll die if you stay here too long, if you return to your world there would be nothing but a wasteland, and if you wanted to meet your friends, that'd mean crossing to the other side, and there's no turning back from that." Klarion said, straight to the point and in the off-chance the kid felt sentimental.

"No… I wouldn't return to my world… Memories and emotions would weight me down." the blond curled his hand into a fist, "But, I know my friends, as few as they were, would want me to keep on fighting… I want to fight, but… for what?"

Klarion smiled, "There's always a reason to fight for." He then snapped his fingers, the contract disappearing, "If you want to stay, then call me and we'll sign the contract."

"I never said I wanted to leave." Naruto said, stopping Klarion dead in his tracks, "I just felt that… at least, I wanted to meet my friends again, shinigami-nii-san."

"I'm a Lord of Chaos." The witch boy corrected, "I control chaos, making sure it doesn't go haywire. I don't have any real control over death, the only reason I'm here is because you have broken several laws of chaos and physics to get here. I don't have the heart - metaphorically, since I don't possess a physical heart – to leave you to your luck roaming in a new world where you'd die." He handed the contract to the blond, "Now, will you sign, kid?"

"Hey, I have a name. It's Uzumaki Naruto." The blond said, putting his name on the paper.

Klarion bowed once again, "That'll be all for now. I have cakes waiting for me… And… good luck…" the witch boy said, starting to leave but awkwardly stopping to wave goodbye over his shoulder to the blond.

"Hey." Naruto said, stopping Klarion for a second time. "Tell me, what do you think I should do?" he motioned to the still time-frozen soldiers, "Should I trust them?"

Klarion pondered for a good five seconds before being honest, "Well, I suppose. These two soldiers have worked their entire lives to protect the innocents. That's the reason why I dropped you nearby… Though as near as I could." He said, not wanting to bring in the fact that the boy had landed on a river face-first. Dimensional trespassing wasn't an exact science for someone with magic. Even this time stop spell was made by greater forces, AKA, his bosses.

The blond then nodded, "Thanks."

With that, Klarion banished, and time once again flowed forward. "Kid?" Slade asked, confused by the slightly far-off look the blond seemed to have for a second.

"I… I don't have a home." The boy finally said.

"I see…" the captain said. He then turned to his sergeant, "Blonsky, could you bring him some food?" the soldier nodded and went to fetch some bowls of soup and roasted beef. The beef came from any animals the soldiers could hunt to regain strength. Naruto discovered that roasted snake tasted good. He ate until he finally felt some energy returning. It helped now knowing two years of his memory had been wiped, he had killed someone he once saw as a rival, and that he was alone. Slade had another question, though, "How did you end up in the river, kid?"

Naruto thought it best to tell the truth, but strain it as realistic as possible, "I was in a war in my own homeland… Everyone's dead." He said, helping himself to another serving of anaconda.

"So you're a child soldier." Slade said, trying to get into another topic.

Naruto nodded, "Yes, I've trained my butt off since I was a kid to be the best. But… we were betrayed… I killed the one responsible, but a bit too late…"

Slade hummed to himself, 'He has an interesting emotional strength if he can say that. He's gone through a lot, that's obvious with how we found him. He must be skilled if he went to a war and survived most of his bones being broken. I wonder… Well, he doesn't have a home, and he is a soldier with potential.'


A few days later, in the airport of Alaska one Rose Wilson, daughter of the fearsome Slade Wilson and currently working as a "Private Security Provider", AKA, a mercenary. She, like her father, had white hair, hers was long and fell to the middle of her back. She was currently dressed in a three piece suit: gray pants, coat, a white shirt and a yellow tie. On her feet she had high heel shoes, and on her right hand was a large suitcase that while disguised to look like a case for some musical instrument, it held weaponry she'd never leave at home. And she was just a sixteen years old. Being given birth by one of the best soldiers to live and being trained by said best soldier to ever live do make anyone very dangerous.

However, Rose was certainly unprepared to watch the cargo helicopter her father arrived in drop not only his father and his subordinates, but also a whiskered blond boy. Said boy was cue, she had to admit that, and he wore some of the soldiers' spare clothes, making him look ridiculous with the very baggy uniform. At least it was better than his shredded clothes.

'That explains why he asked me to make sure the guest room was ready.' She said to herself as her dad walked to her, wearing a simple black suit with a white shirt, and hugged her.

"It's been a while, Rose."

"Did you bring me anything?" she asked with a playful smile before looking at the boy.

"He's Uzumaki Naruto, our new guest and, for the time being, a disciple."

Rose's eyes widened, "Wait, what?! I thought you never took disciples!"

Her father chuckled, moving an arm up and rolling his sleeve to show a cast, "Well, it goes like this…"


"So, how about a little fight, kid?" Slade asked out of the blue as morning rose.

"Why would I wanna fight you, old man?" the kid asked as he looked lazily at the older man, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

"I'm curious as to how good you are as a soldier. How about this? If you can hit me, you can come with me to my own home and I'd willingly teach you some of my techniques. If you were to lose before laying any harm on me, well, I'll leave it up to you to decide what to do."

Naruto froze in his tracks and turned towards Slade with a questioning look, "Really? You want to fight me?"

"Hand-to-hand. It's the basis of all combat after all. Since I'm not using my weapons that'll even our fight seeing as you're injured." Slade said cracking his knuckles as Naruto – still in his shredded clothes - started stretching himself out, "Give me your very best shot. I'll tell you when to stop."

Blonsky instantly grew excited, "Ladies, the captain's gonna fight, come here this instant and don't miss it!" faster than one could say "Ready" the soldiers ran out of their own tents and formed a circle around the campfire where Slade and Naruto would fight.

Seeing that Naruto was ready to fight the captain proceeded to bark the order to go, "Begin!"

Hearing Slade say to begin, Naruto wasted no time and went right for the knockout right off the bat. Slade grunted as he immediately sprang to the defensive, surprised at Naruto's speed, 'I know grown men don't even move that fast!' He avoided a wild right hand directed at his head and decided to see how the boy took damage, lashing out with a tight jab-hook combination that took advantage of the older man's height and reach.

Naruto took the two punches right in the face and let out a growl signifying that he acknowledged taking the damage before coming right back in for more. He was fast, but Slade was sharp and precise with his moves, 'He's fourteen yet moves fast enough to be considered a metahuman.' He mused, keeping away from Naruto as the boy threw everything he had at Slade. Kicking and punching from every angle, but his attacks were all far too straight, 'My brother may be this fast with his healing factor. Still the kid's no slouch. But his moves are pretty much his own instincts at work. That's no good.'

'Who is this old guy?' Naruto thought as he pressed his attack forward, which was a bad idea as the white haired man took his chance to deliver a solid jab, but it didn't stop the boy. Slade wasn't trying to actually knock him out or hurt him, he was testing the kid, 'Damn it, he's really good. The guy's playing with me!'

That time was very bad to be distracted by one's own train of thought, as the blond discovered when Slade thought the test had given him all the information he needed and delivered a deep, powerful hook right to the boy's gut, knocking him on his backside. The whiskered youth hacked out a cough or two, but got back up and set himself in a defensive stance, deciding to make Slade attack him.

"Your mistake, boy. An opponent must never set the pace." Slade advised before taking the opening in the boy's sloppy stance. The kitsune dodged a jab, but the elder man soon round-kicked him in the ribs. The kid tried to counter with a punch but there wasn't enough room to do so. Soon Slade grabbed Naruto's punching wrist and wrapping his free arm around Naruto's neck from the front, a quick pop of his hips led to Naruto being thrown over Slade's body to the ground hard. Slade backed away and crossed his arms, "Is that your best? I told you to go all out." The older soldier taunted, all too see Naruto's true strength.

Naruto growled again, getting upset. He understood from the talks they had been having that Slade was a soldier, one of the best, and losing a fight against this guy without even hitting him… there was no way in Hell that'd happen. "You want my best? I've still got my own tricks!"

Instead of charging him again as Slade expected, except with more ferocity than before, Naruto lifted his hands, putting his fingers in his best technique.

Slade's good eye widened as he saw four identical copies of Naruto suddenly appear, indistinguishable from the original, "What the fuck?" Slade said in English, this being the first time he said such a blasphemy due to him now being purely shocked. 'What is that? Magic? No wait… he said he was a ninja… I didn't know the folklore could be accurate on something like this.'

"I'm ending this fight." The blond said with determination as he and his clones charged at the elder soldier. The soldiers were just as shocked as their captain.

'You gotta be shitting me!' Slade thought. The five blondes rushed towards Slade, forcing him to rapidly backpedal away from the wave of punches and kicks coming relentlessly against him.

The fight continued on for hours. And Slade felt truly terrified at the thought that Naruto was injured, if he had been at his full health and his clones were too he would have had to keep his weapons. He had his armor on, but the kids punched and kicked with the force or an adult rampaging rhino. He fought back as best he could, the soldiers cheering for both of them and placing bets. The fight lasted until both the soldier and the kid had burned all their energies.

Dropping to the ground, Slade saw that once Naruto was out of energy so where his clones, which banished in clouds of smoke. The kid was on his back, panting heavily, and the experienced soldier had worked a sweat, "Damn… it... You're certainly stubborn… trying to beat me… no matter what…" He panted at the unresponsive Naruto, who was too busy getting some air to his aching lungs, "Still… you are one scary kid. I wonder what kind of weapons training you have."

"Just… my… fists…" the kid panted.

"I can see that…" Slade said as rubbed his stomach, he could swear a rib had to be cracked, and his right arm also sported a very serious bruise, "You're not human, are you?"

The kid smirked to himself, "What of it…? I still won… the bet… old man…"

"Point…" Slade admitted; he thought over Naruto's abilities as his soldiers picked him and the boy, 'He's fast, he's strong, but he's too straight forward, his technique is lacking and he doesn't use anything but his own animalistic instincts for anything that comes his way. Those clones make up for that. But if I could exploit that sixth sense he seems to have when dealing with nearby danger…' He shook his head in disbelief, he didn't get any answers out of the fight, just a whole new set of questions about Naruto.

However, he made a bet, and the idea of this kid being stronger with proper discipline was terrifying and awe-inspiring.

(Flashback end.)

"You have got to be kidding me." Rose said as she and her father walked in their home with Naruto following. She and her father spoke in English to avoid making Naruto feel uncomfortable. "An injured kid managed to give you a fight? Even if you held back, that's just… wow…"

Her father nodded, "Yes, give him some time to adapt, grow, and even understand his own powers better and… Well, this kid could be our savior against the Justice League." The then let out a weary sigh, "Let's just make sure he doesn't meet your uncle."

Rose's eyes widened, her uncle and this kid together… "Oh crap…"

Screams were heard from the kitchen. Slade face-palmed as he walked to find a man wearing a black military uniform with a red bulletproof vest, a red mask all over his face with black spots around his eyes like a raccoon's and a blond kid holding him in a headlock while he held said blond kid in a headlock too.

The man's eyes widened from his mask, "Yo, bro! Hey, say… is this kid yours? Because his headlocks are as strong as yours…" he said in his last breath while applying more pressure to the blond boy's neck.

"Wade…" Slade muttered with a glare that made both the kid and the man loosen the grip on their headlocks.

"Slade…" the man identified as Wade said, he waited, but with the silence he shook his head as best he could in the headlock. "No, bro, you got it wrong! You're supposed to say my name next, then I say yours and so on- Ack! You sure it's not your kid?!" the man in red and black asked when said boy applied pressure once again.

"Hey, old man! This guy popped out of nowhere and said something weird about 'chimichanga' or whatever he calls it, and then he attacked me when I was eating." The kid said in Japanese.

"He ate my chimichangas! I mean, I don't like them, I just like saying it. Chimichanga, chimichanga, chimichanga… Man, it never gets old! Wait, what was I saying again… Oh yes, he ate my chimichangas!" he then looked at the kid with a doubtful expression, and spoke in Japanese too, "You speak weaboo?"

"What's a weaboo?" the kid replied.

Slade turned, looked at his daughter and let out a sigh of dread, "I'm gonna go get me some alcohol in my office. Do me a favor, if your uncle tries to influence the kid into his antics, cut his legs off."

Rose, a bit unnerved, spoke as best she could to try to avoid upsetting her father any further, but someone ruined that, "Hey, pops! Where are the chimichangas?!"

Rose chuckled, "Hehe… Uncle Wade invited his daughter… Wanda's using your office right now to watch TV."

Slade glared at his brother, as if the man in the mask had committed the worst of sins, "What did I ever do to you? Honest, what did I do to deserve this?"

Wade raised a brow, "Being an awesome and loving big bro?"

Slade turned to the boy, "Naruto, strangle him."

With a strong choke Wade was passed out on the floor. Needless to say, the kid hadn't needed to be told twice.


(Three years later. Naruto, age 17)

By this time, Naruto's understanding of the world he lived in was as good as it was going to be. The strange things that people used to move around such as automobiles and aircrafts threw him off (When first riding the chopper that brought him to Washington the boy had held a bag the entire travel to deposit his stomach's contents from time to time), but it took him some time, and knowing Wade a bit better, to enjoy it all. His first experiences of fun could be mostly related to Wade bringing him to town when Slade wasn't teaching him about combat.

He learned much of the country he was residing in, the United States of America which Alaska was a part of, and what being from another country, or dimension in his case, meant. His education involved a lot of educational videotapes, but once again Wade came to the rescue for some fun. Naruto learned to like the insane red and black clad man, who like someone the blond had met in his life never took off his mask. Naruto once tried to take it off, but it resulted on a fight that somehow included a rubber chicken and pie as weapons before Slade put both his brother and disciple through some serious grinding sessions for messing his living room for the eighteenth time that year.

Speaking of training, Naruto was learning both from Slade and from his own memories. He had consulted the man about having lost some memories from his past, the doctors said it would come either eventually or through some trigger. Strangely enough, the trigger was meditation. If he focused, Naruto could make out vague hints of his own developing power, there for him to grab, but it took time and effort to regain his abilities. He also remembered most of what he did, his training, making friends, meeting his family… and even the bad parts when Sasuke and Madara ruined his life like it was their job.

Currently, he was cross-legged outside of Slade's house. The place was as secured as Fort Knox, despite being in the middle of a snowy forest. As he focused he calmly raised a hand and watched a perfectly crafted Rasengan in it. It took him a year to do it, but it was worth it and perfect for experimenting new tricks and train his own chakra control.

He smiled, it had been a long time since he arrived, he hadn't met that Klarion boy again. For now it felt good to train, to keep his mind off serious things. He had also changed greatly, even losing his baby fat and growing five feet and ten inches tall. His physique was stronger, a bit buffer but he was still lean. His hair had grown longer, neck-length, and was always on a mop hair-style while still having some of its former spikiness here and there. His clothing had been replaced: black military boots, pants and opened jacket with an orange muscle shirt hugging the well developed body of a martial artist. He carried his necklace all the time and, due to the damages his headband had, he wore a black military hat, but with a certain metal plate on its forehead.

He was also armed, having a simple wakizashi on a holster in his right thigh. The short sword was rather simple, it didn't have a guard, its handle and sheath were red and the blade was made from a strange metal alloy he didn't understand well what it was. Slade, Wade and Rose taught him how to fight with it, making him spare with Wade's daughter, Wanda.

Wanda was… Like they say, like father, like daughter. She was playful, energetic and loved to have fun over work despite working along her cousin as a private army who protected any country in need of their aid. She was actually his age, and a bit unnerving. Supposedly, her mother was some Inez Temple, also known as Outlaw, a mercenary who loved money and her father had an affair with. Details were never explained to him, but he knew when to shut his cake-socket.

Also, it seemed about time he got moving. He was told that there was a mission for him. He had been asked by Slade if he wanted to join him in his little defense mercenary group called the Fatale Strike. With a name that kick-ass how could Naruto say no? That and it'd give him money and would stop Wade from calling him a freeloader.

Fatal Strike was basically a mercenary organization that worked with the government and the world to give them protection from threats far beyond simple human capabilities. Naruto had already been asked to join in, but he said no. First he wanted to have his strength back, and now that he had it and more he felt excited about a real mission.

"Hey, nee-san!" he shouted to Rose, who was busy sharpening her own katanas, "Where's the old man? I wanted to go to my mission as soon as possible."

Rose smiled, "Down the hall, Naruto. And be careful, this will be a solo mission. If my father trusts you this much, then please don't let him down."

The blond smirked, "Hey, when did I ever let him down?"

Rose raised a finger as she listed the following, "The BBQ last year when you took gasoline instead of oil, then there's that time you were supposed to keep my uncle locked and he made a rave party in here, oh, and my favorite, that time Wanda taught you how to dress properly and you walked out in-"

"Yeah, I'd rather not remember that last one." The boy said with a sigh.

A few moments later, Naruto found himself in the spacious office Slade owned and that served as a briefing room for any member of Fatal Strike that had to talk to the boss, AKA, Slade. The kid sat in one of the comfy chair in front of the well elaborated ebony desk as Slade passed him a file. The mission was simple: protect a museum. Now, Naruto would have groaned in anger at having such a boring-sounding mission, until watching a picture: a red haired girl.

She was beautiful, though, her eyes were a beautiful emerald green and her crimson hair was in puffy dual pigtails. She was petite, about a head and half shorter than him, had a slim body, nice medium B-cups still developing and dressed neither unfashionable nor trendy: a black mini-skirt, a green long-sleeved blouse, ankle high white socks and black shoes. But what stood out the most was her exotic green skin; the same green one would see in plants and leafs that was some shades darker in her lovely lips (Her looks from The Batman but the hair being in those puffy dual bun like pigtails).

"That's our client." Slade stated, "Her name is Pamela Isley, along some of the humanitarian environmentalists in Gotham she managed to make a movement to return the flora to the parks of the city as well as many other places. The city's mayor, Oswald Cobblepot, is also on this. However, they seem to have trouble with some of the junkyards owned by one Bruce Wayne. The guy is fishy as he is, but now he plans to make a meeting with Miss Isley to seal a deal in the museum to promote the preservation of nature. Of course, she's smart and doesn't trust Mr. Wayne. Naruto, your mission is to protect her and that deal at any cost. It is one of our lower class missions, but since Gotham is not one of the safest places on this world, we can't be too sure. Don't let your guard down… Are you listening to me?"

Naruto had had his gaze fixed on the redhead, but he absentmindedly raised a thumb up, "Protect the redhead cutie, got it."

You see, despite being distracted, Naruto had learned how to get the information necessary for living and tune off the unimportant things. Such trick was mastered by Wade, who passed it unto his daughter and now unto Naruto. Since the man was known for being insane and annoying every living being he came into contact with, he decided to develop a method to get the important bits out of a conversation before being random and working on someone's nerves.

However, even when this method worked as a charm, it still make its user say something stupid. Like when Wade said 'Protect the big pair of jugs' when ordered to protect the queen from Bialya. Naruto soon found himself nursing his forehead as a fast jab had knocked him down and out of the chair he had been in. The whiskered youth then raised a thumb up as best as he could, "O-OK…no ogling the girl…sir…"

Slade nodded to himself, "Better."

It wasn't Naruto's fault to like exotic girls. He always liked them different and eccentric for some reason. That and both Jiraiya and Wade had sadly rubbed a part of him that couldn't be washed no matter how much Slade tried. It was also the part that made him a doofus, for the lack of a better word. However, the doofus part served to hide what the kid was truly capable of. So, Slade said to himself, sacrificing seriousness for efficiency was good when the kid was capable of getting off his nice guy act and fight like a demon.

Still, his brain cells urged him to find a way to avoid migraines out of Wade's and now Naruto's antics. More like they begged for mercy.


Gotham City was, surprisingly, not as hot as Naruto thought it'd be when he first arrived. He had flown in a normal airline, and despite his costume he didn't call much the attention. His weapons, that is to say his wakizashi, kunais, shurikens and a few explosives, were safely transported in his bag thanks to Slade and his contacts. The flight wasn't bad, the movies were good and the food was decent, however the blond still found himself airsick whenever he was in a flying machine. Boats he could handle, cars got him a bit of time, but airplanes… he was thankful for barf bags.

Once arriving and getting out of the airport he stretched his limbs, cracking some joints as he grabbed his suitcase and walked to where he was supposed to meet his client. This wasn't so different to being a ninja, he just had to be more formal and respectful since the people running these places were some super-important… guys… Damn it, why was it so easy to take a snore when Slade taught him about politics?

The blond sighed, took out a paper from his suitcase and read its info:

Client – Pamela Isley.

Meeting place – Gotham City's Art Museum.

Mission – Protect the redhead cutie-pie and every single guest at the charity event, and get chimichangas.

Ok… it seemed that asking Wade to summarize anything would have to be taken from the desperate idea files and put in the never-use-it idea files. Well, he might as well go meet the cutie-pie.


And that's my rap! This is the prologue chapter.

Now, as you've noted, Naruto's already joined Slade, but do expect more fights between them in the future. And Wanda, Lady Deadpool – a Deadpool from a different dimension from the Marvel-verse – will appear in future chapters, but she won't be breaking the fourth wall with inner voices like in the first fic, neither will Wade/Deadpool here. However, because the 4th wall breaking is a must for any Deadpool, the jokes will be there, but not as often as the previous fic to avoid migraines. But when needing to explain something, you better believe they'll be there.

Also, the plot from here will be similar to the first fic, and then it'll be on the same route. Instead of a bank we have a museum, Naruto meets the Titans at this environmentalist event, and there will still be the Dark Hour show, a DC version of Mad World's Death-Watch.

Now, for the harem:

Poison Ivy – How couldn't I put one of the most charismatic and badass villainesses of DC in? She's a feminist, has great respect for herself and is very independent, a woman I'd have on top any day.

Blackfire – She wanted fun in Teen Titans, even if dangerous. In here, she'll be the same but more considerate and caring for a psycho sister. That and there's something about her free spirit that just…

Supergirl – Why? Just why not? I can't help but be completely fan-boyish when she's in my sights, and she has a personality, suck it Supes.

X-23 – There's no way I can let this lady out of my heart. She's badass, she is strong and she can kick my ass while looking so… so… I'm gonna let out a dreamy sigh here.

Squirrel Girl – Yes! I admit it! I love this chick! I don't know why, I just do, ok?! She has a great personality, she's always optimistic, and hey, she's changed greatly from her very ugly first design to a very cute and adorable girl in recent comics. She's the Makoto Nanaya of Marvel, though I might base Squirrel Girl's looks more on Makoto's for this fic.

Lady Deadpool/Wanda Wilson - Say what you will, when I first saw a female Deadpool in the comics I thought of Marvel making their own Harley Quin, and dear god did it make me happy! When I first saw her in that comic where Deadpool traveled dimensions with his zombie head... instantly favorited the girl.

That's it, no more girls. Don't judge me I just am different and am entitled to my own opinions of who my favorite comic girls are, and those are my top six, btw. Not because of looks, though those help, but because of their kickass personality and their drives to fight making me fall head over heels for them.

Swordslinger out!