"I'm going out mom" I called to my mom.

"Ok honey, be back by dark." She called back.

I walked into the forest. It felt like someone somewhere was watching me. I kept walking maybe the feeling would go away. I was 15 and in my first year of high school for all you nosy people who want to know. I was your average "Emo" teen with dark clothes and black hair. My name is Violet. My favorite bands are Slipknot and Marilyn Manson. I sat down on the leaf littered ground. The thoughts I had gotten. My sister Elena moved to New York with her boyfriend Stefan. I lived with "my mom" who wasn't at all she was a social worker working for the state to take in orphaned kids. I hated it to say the least. I stood back up my ass was getting wet because of the wet leaves. I adjusted my beanie and headed back "home."

"Violet." One of the volunteers called.

"What?" I asked going out of my room to see what was up.

"Someone is here to see you."

I walked downstairs, to see a man roughly about 25. He had raven black hair and blue eyes he reminded me of Andy from BVB. He was beautiful. "Hi I'm Damon." He said. His voice wasn't deep nor was it high. It was in the middle. Why would he be here to see me? This must be a mistake. I walked up to him and shook his hand.

"Hi. Why are you here?" I asked gingerly.

"Why my dear girl I'm a friend of your sister's and she wanted me to take care of you now." He's an angel. God damn it. "How about you get your things and we'll go to my place." He said. I smiled I was finely leaving. Hallelujah.

I got my pack of my belongings and met up with Damon at his car. Is it too early to be crushing on him…? I don't think so. "So, I'm Violet Jessie Gilbert." I said trying to make small talk.

He said nothing and chuckled a little. "I know." His blue eyes meeting with my hazel. "So what school do you go to?" he asked.

"I go to school?" I joked. He looked at me weirdly.

"I mean it, little Gilbert"

"Mystic Falls High and really little Gilbert," I inquired.

"Yes, I like it." He smiled.

"Ok," I smirked. The rest of the car ride was pretty quiet. Only the song of music quietly coming through the speaker. I knew it. It was the song Elena used to sing for me when I had nightmares. It was a soft tune. The only somewhat mellow song that I liked.

"Here we are." Damon pulled up to the Salvatore boarding house. It was a nice old house probably built in the late 1800's. I bought my pack inside. "You can just put your stuff on the couch for now." He said. I nodded putting my bag on the couch. I looked around this place was huge. I looked to Damon his piercing blue looked at me. I think I may love him.

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