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Yeah I am the knuckle

Bow down and buckle

Hold your breath

Your world is running down

Live for the family

Die with the family

All is the family

My gun is running out.

Hell doesn't want them

Hell doesn't need them

Hell doesn't love them

This world rejects them

This world rejects them

This world rejects them

This world rejects them

The devil's rejects

The devil's rejects

.The Devil's Rejects (Rob Zombie)

Chapter 1

Raven Dixon wiped away a stray piece of hair from her sweat covered brow. Her lips moved silently as her eyes and fingers traced the words on the packages of food in front of her. It wasn't very often they ran across a store that still had food in it that wasn't spoiled. She picked up a container of peanut butter pushed to the back of the shelf against the wall and put it in the plastic basket on her arm. Lori would praise her as a hero when she returned with it, remembering it was just yesterday the very pregnant woman proclaimed she would take on a herd of walkers for a spoonful of peanut butter. She had heard of pregnancy cravings before and assumed that their usual canned mush and squirrel meat didn't match that criteria. She had just begun looking over a box of rice when the sounds of footsteps grabbed her attention. Her fingertips slid down to her waist, grazing the end of the blades secured in their holster. She pushed her back to the shelves and peaked around the corner. The early afternoon sun lit up the aisle down the front of the store, highlighting the dust and blood on the floors and register belts. Just as soon as the footsteps started they stopped and Ra found herself holding her breath as she waited to pick up their position again.

"Find anything good?"

Ra let out a yelp and fell back onto to her behind. She looked over her shoulder at the man standing at the other end of the aisle. Daryl Dixon stood holding his ever present crossbow in front of him, his finger resting idly on the trigger. His goatee and hair were disheveled and his clothes were tattered and worn from the last couple months on the run. Still, Ra's heart skipped a beat when he smirked at her.

"The girl can hear a deer a mile away in the forest but she can't hear her man inside an empty grocery store?" He mocked.

"Not when her MAN is supposed to be outside with everyone else." She playfully flipped him the bird and he laughed in response.

"Rick wanted me to come in and check the pharmacy over and get ya. Don't want that herd catchin' up to us."

"Find anything?" Ra grabbed the last two cans of hash as Daryl walked up behind her.

"Found a couple bottles of some shit I've never heard of that Hershel will have to look over. Shampoo, lotion, aspirin, cold medicine…Condoms."

"Condoms eh?" Ra quirked an eyebrow and turned to look him up and down "Well, what's her name Mr. Dixon cause I know you and I not only don't use them but lately have had no reason to need them"

"Yeah I know" Daryl wrapped a finger into her belt loop and pulled her closer to him, still holding his crossbow in his other hand "Ain't like I haven't wanted to."

"I know." Ra sighed "Not like we've had a lot of options with your new place in the group and the fact that we're never alone."

"We're alone right now." Daryl smirked and rested his forearm on the shelf next to Ra's head, pushing her back and dropping his head to capture her lips.

"Ra. Daryl. We gotta move!" Glenn's voice echoed through the abandoned store.

"You were saying?" Ra laughed against Daryl's mouth.

He grunted in response and let out a frustrated breath. Ra grabbed the basket off the shelf and winked at him.

"C'mon" He slapped her on the ass and walked down the aisle in front of her "Let's get the fuck out of here."

Daryl and Ra came out of the small grocery store to the awaiting cars and motorcycle parked out front. Everyone glanced at the pair sideways for just a brief moment before returning to keeping their eyes to the empty streets around them.

"Dunno if this is anything but it's all that was on the shelf." Daryl tossed one of the bottles from his bag to Hershel.

The older man caught it with both hands and read the label on the bottle carefully. He nodded his head and pushed his lips together. "Hydrocordone" Not a bad a job Daryl. Pain medicine will come in useful pretty soon."

"Think I got something that will come in pretty useful now." Ra said, walking to the open window of Rick's truck and shaking a jar back and forth in her hand.

Lori"s head perked up right away from the passenger seat and her eyes lit up. Ra could swear she saw drool forming at the corner of her mouth.

"Oh my god Ra." Lori opened up the lid and ripped away the film on top. She inhaled the contents before running a finger through the thick cream "I don't think anything has ever tasted better."

Ra tapped on her window and smiled, walking back over to Daryl's bike where he and Rick looked over the map. She reached into her basket and began putting the canned food into the saddle bags.

"Couple cans of food. Not a lot but more than we found at the last place."

"Good." Rick nodded "We'll see if we can find a place to hunker down for the night. Hopefully something away from the road."

Everyone climbed into their cars as Daryl started up the bike. Ra took her spot behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist. He revved the bike twice, signally the cars it was time to leave. Rick pulled away first followed by the two trucks and Daryl's motorcycle trailing behind.


Despite the fact Spring had just begun to usher itself in, there was a chill in the air the minute the sun began to make it's journey back below the horizon. Daryl could smell it in the wind as it rushed passed his face. Ra's weight had shifted heavier on his back minutes ago and he smirked running his hand across hers, still holding a fistful of his flannel. She must have fallen asleep. An ability that even surprised Daryl considering she never lost balance sitting behind him. Rick flashed his headlights in front of him and he waved him over to the window. Daryl sped up past the other two cars.

"We came this way two days ago." Rick yelled out "Wanna check the map and make sure there's nothing we could've missed."

Daryl nodded and raised up an arm to signal the other two trucks to come to a halt. The motorcycle roared to a stop and he felt Ra rub her face back and forth against his leather clad back. She moaned and slapped both hands to her cheeks, trying to wake herself up.

"Sorry 'bout that darlin" Daryl dismounted the bike and grabbed the crossbow from the side "Rick wants to find a place for the night. Can get more sleep then."

"Promises, Promises" She mumbled, stretching her arms over her head. She got off the bike and followed Daryl up towards the front of Rick's truck, passing Carol on the way.

"Looks like you were getting some pretty good sleep there." The older woman said with a teasing smile.

"Oh yeah GREAT sleep." Ra groaned, fixing her hair "Ya know all this time I thought my old memory foam mattress was the greatest thing ever. Turns out there's nothing better then your husbands hard back and a worn down leather motorcycle seat that hugs your butt in all the right places."

Carol laughed and rubbed Ra's shoulder as they walked up to meet everyone else looking down at the map. In the last couple months, Ra and Carol had gotten to be like sisters. Carol was there for her when she needed advice and Ra was there to teach Carol about using weapons. She had good aim and though the pain of losing Sophia would never go away completely, it was replaced with an eagerness to learn

"We'll push West. We haven't been through there yet." She heard Rick say, his fingers tracing the red and black lines marked on the worn map. " We can't keep going house to house. Need to find someplace to hold up for a few weeks." His eyes landed on Lori still sitting in the passenger seat of their car.

"Alright. Is it cool if we get to the creek before we head out? Won't take long. Gotta fill up on water. We can boil it later." T grabbed at the bag of bottles and canteens.

"Knock yourself out." Rick said passively, his eyes still not leaving his wife.

Ra watched Daryl walk back to his bike and begin checking the bolts in his weapon.

"Hey, while the others wash their panties, let's go hunt."

Rick and Ra both nodded at him and did one last attendance of everyone heading towards the creek before following the path down into the woods.

Daryl led them silently alongside a hidden set of train tracks.

"Maybe we can follow these tracks. See if they lead us to some abandoned train carts we can hold up in for awhile like last month." Ra ran her hand along the thick metal and looked up towards the men when they didn't respond. Rick and Daryl's attention was focused on something just passed the trees. Daryl turned and waved his hand for her to join him near the hill. Past the branches and across the mote that wrapped around it like a fortress from a long time ago, sat a large prison protected by brick walls and tall fences. Walkers in blue jumpsuits roamed scattered through out the field. They came and went through a open gate leading into the prison yard.

Ra looked at Rick out of the corner of her eye and noticed the smile begin to spread across his face.


"You don't think even for one second that this might be suicide?" Ra looked over at Daryl pulling his two hand guns out of the saddle bags and checking the rounds.

"Rick's got a plan. Don't think he'd risk a pregnant wife and son if he was only hopin' it would work." Daryl paused and looked over at Rick, standing in front of his SUV running over plans with everyone "Don't think he'd risk all of our lives either."

Ra sighed and tossed her hair up and out of her face. She watched Beth and Carl standing watch next to the cars, their young faces marred with months of worry and sleep deprivation. If this did work, it would put an end to the constant moving around and grant them the kind of security that even the farm didn't fully offer.

"Hey" She jumped at the sound of Daryl's voice moving closer to her ear. He wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her closer. "It'll be okay. I trust Rick. We just gotta be careful. Gotta stay focused and look out for each other."

The corners of Ra's mouth twitched upward in an attempt to smile. "You're right." She strained her neck up and kissed her husband on the chin.

"Here" Daryl slipped one of the guns into her empty hand "Chambers are full. You got all your blades?"

Ra did a mental checklist and nodded while running her fingers along the butt end of all her blades in the belt around her waist. She began to walk towards the group huddled around Rick's car when Daryl's hand shot out and caught her by the wrist, pulling her back to him. He cupped her chin and pressed his lips gently to hers. She sighed into his mouth. It was a sign of affection that he only recently had become comfortable showing when the group was around. He had figured he would have to get used to it knowing if he had to wait till they were alone, he'd never touch his wife. It was bad enough they hadn't made love in over a month. Her body reminded his every time they shared a moment like this and he grew instantly hard at the slightest touch or look on her face. Before releasing her, Daryl's lips moved back to her ear.

"*Gv-Ge-Yu-Hi" He whispered.

"I love you too." She smiled back.

Daryl squeezed her hand one more time before allowing her to head over to the rest of the group while he loaded the other hand gun.

Just as Ra passed Rick's mint green SUV, a hand reached out clutching a half empty peanut bar jar. She laughed as the hand danced it back and forth in front of her, playfully asking to be taken.

"That was supposed to be your baby shower present" Ra teased, cupping the jar in her hands and leaning against the car door.

Lori laughed and sat farther up in her seat "I shouldn't get special privileges just cause I'm knocked up." She laughed "So is true?" Rick really wants everyone to do this?"

Ra cocked her head to the side "Yeah. Didn't he tell you he…"

She paused when Lori's eyes wondered down to the floor of the car and she pulled her lips together tightly. Ra mentally slapped herself. Since the day they left the farm, Rick and Lori communicated only when necessary. He no longer explained his decisions to her and she never asked questions. The tension was so heavy at times you could almost see the resentfulness behind their eyes when they looked at one another.

"Sorry" Ra said embarrassed

Lori shook her head and gave her a little smile "It's alright. But just for that you're only allowed a spoonful of the peanut butter."

Ra chuckled and handed the container back to her "How about we save it for a victory treat when this is over?"

Lori nodded and smiled, leaning back in the passenger again with her hand on her large belly. Daryl came up behind Ra and nodded at Lori before ushering Ra with him towards Rick and the group.


Everyone silently followed Rick back down the tracks to the opening in the woods just above the mote around the prison.

"Looks like it's overrun" Glenn said, eyeing Rick skeptically.

"Even if it ain't, we're gonna need a lot of ammo to clear it out" Maggie added.

"I know" Rick shook his head "I know it looks bad but if we can do this right, we won't have to waste to much ammo. If we can get that gate closed we can take the field by sundown. It'll at least give us a place for the night and I can get close enough to check the perimeter and see what we'll be dealing with if we can make it inside the walls."

Every nodded in silent agreement.

"Alright then" Rick checked the ammo in his gun "let's head back and load up the cars. We're gonna have to be quick. Sun's gonna start going down."


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