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I Wear This Crown Of Thorns

Upon My Liar's Chair

Full Of Broken Thoughts

I Can Not Repair

Beneath The Stains Of Time

The Feelings Disappear

You Are Someone Else

I Am Still Right Here

What Have I Become?

My Sweetest Friend

Everyone I know

Goes Away In The End

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Ra knelt down and rocked back onto her heels. Despite the slowly rising temperature at such an early hour, there was a gentle breeze coasting through the field that was almost breaking through the layers of sweat on her body. Almost. She wiped the moisture from her head with the back of her hand and tossed her long hair up as high as she could get it. The earth was warm underneath her hands as she dug in to the dirt to retrieve the roots from the ground. She had woken up early with Daryl to hunt for some herbal remedies to help with Hershel's pain and bleeding. Thankfully they didn't have to go to far outside of the gate to find what she was looking for. Daryl hesitantly left her at Rick's request to clean up the yard with the notion that Glenn and Maggie would keep an eye out from the guard tower. Ra smiled to herself while shaking out the excess dirt from a handful of stems. Glenn and Maggie were definitely in the guard tower but the last thing they were doing was paying attention to anyone else but each other. She couldn't blame them. She and Daryl already knew what happened when they were left alone to their own devices. She often wondered how she was able to get through the day without passing out from exhaustion since he had made it deliciously difficult to sleep as of late.


Ra's eyes snapped up to the sound of Daryl's voice. He jerked his head towards the prison as he undid the cord around the fence. She dusted her knees off and tucked the herbs gently into the pouch on her arm.

"Find anything?" He asked while stretching the gate apart.

Ra squeezed past the links of the fence and stood, stretching her back out with a loud huff "I actually found chamomile over by the stream. I think I saw yarrow back in the woods but I can't be sure."

Daryl grunted and pulled on the cord laced through the fence to gauge the stability "Gonna have to wait till later. Rick wants us to move some of these cars. Set them up out near the field where the fence is a little weak."

She couldn't help but smile as she watched him out of the corner of her eye while they walked. He was business as usual but there was a change in his voice. The gravel in his tone a little softer than normal.

Daryl noticed her looking over at him with a sideways smirk and cocked his head to the side "What?"

"Nothing" she shrugged, her smile growing a little bigger.

"Then what ya grinnin' 'bout?"

"Just not used to seein' you in a good mood is all."

"Good mood?" Daryl scoffed "Yeah, been up all morning pickin' off walkers over by the fences and now it's damn near a hundred and fifteen degrees outside and I get to move a bunch'a cars 'round. What makes ya think I'm in a good mood?"

Ra rolled her eyes and turned on her heel, wrapping her arms around his neck and taking him off guard. His hands remained on the crossbow strap around his shoulder as Ra pushed her lips to his.

"Well apart from what we did last night. Twice." She said against his mouth "You're actually pretty tolerable to be around."

He turned his head away and chuckled in spite of himself. Ra unhooked her arms and playfully slapped him in the arm before turning back on the path up to the prison. Daryl remained still, the smile on his face slowly fading as he watched her tread ahead of him. Sensing his absence, Ra turned around and looked at him curiously.

"What's wrong?"

Daryl ran his tongue back and forth behind his teeth a few times and squinted back at her through the glare of the sun "I been thinkin' 'bout somethin'"

"Oh yeah? What's that" She smirked, toying with some loose stitching on the bag.

He thought for a long moment again and let out a heavy breath "Been thinkin' 'bout what we talked about the other night. Ya know, 'bout kids."

Ra frowned and turned back around "Ya what about it?"

She didn't want to discuss it anymore. She had been in too good of a mood to ruin it by talking in circles about something he had already made up his mind on. Before she could take another step she felt Daryl's hand wrap around her arm, spinning her back to face him. His finger gently tapped under her chin to prompt her to look at him.

"Was kinda thinkin' it's pretty shitty Rick and Lori's kid ain't gonna have no one its own age to play with. Bad enough it's gonna have to deal with all this" He said, gesturing to a few walkers outside the fence.

"Yeah it would be pretty lonely" Ra tried to hide the excitement in her voice when she caught on to what her husband was hinting at.

Daryl took a few steps closer and looked down into her hopeful eyes "Well I ain't makin' no promises but maybe if everything really does work out here and we really can make a home..Maybe havin' a kid ain't.."

"Daryl! Ra! Come on ya'll! Got work to do!"

Friend or not, if T-Dog had been standing within arms reach she would have strangled him. True to form, Daryl trotted up the walkway, their conversation being thrown on the bottom of the list. She groaned and clutched the bag of herbs tight against her chest as she followed behind him. She just wanted to hear him say it. Wanted to hear him say he was at least entertaining the idea of kids. She would remind him later. Hopefully in a way that wouldn't make her sound like she was pushing the idea on him. The sooner they got this over with the sooner they could return to the conversation.

They both passed through the main gate and Daryl got right to work with moving one of the pickup trucks. Carol flashed Ra a smile as she stepped out of a dirty Buick and adjusted the scarf around her head.

"Wow. You found a lot out there huh?" She gestured to the bag in Ra's arms.

"Yeah. Found a ton a chamomile. Daryl and I are going to go out a bit later and get the Yarrow I saw near the tracks we were by. For now the chamomile will help Hershel's nerves and healing." Ra said, wiping the sweat from her forehead.

"Where's Glenn and Maggie?" Rick interrupted, joining Daryl and T by the two women.

"Up in the guard tower" Carol answered, trying to hide her smile.

"Again?" Rick shook his head and put his hands to his hips "They were just up there last night."


A not so patient or subtle Daryl called up to the young lovers in the tower and waited for a response. There was movement happening behind the windows before the security door creaked open and a shirtless Glenn stepped out still buckling his belt.

"Uh..he..hey guys. What's up?" He squeaked.

Even at a distance, Ra could see the rose color rise up in the Asians cheeks in his attempt to act nonchalant about his activities.

"You comin'?" Daryl yelled up with a smirk.

Ra scrunched her face and squeezed her eyes shut while the group let out a collective fit of giggles at Daryl's innuendo.

"What?" Glenn's jaw went slack from embarrassment.

"You comin? We need help moving these cars out the way."

"Oh! Yeah. Yeah. We'll be right down."

Maggie stepped out behind him. Her hair was disheveled and her shirt hung loosely off one shoulder. The sight causing another eruption of laughter from the five friends down below.

"Ah young love." T grinned.

"Yeah well they can do that kinda stuff when they're done helping us with our shit." Daryl mumbled back.

Ra put her hand on his shoulder and rested her chin on top "Does that mean you're not going to keep me company on my watch shift later? She pouted, batting her eyelashes at him.

Daryl gave her a sideways smile but his eyes suddenly jolted upward and became focused on something in the distance. Ra's eyebrows knitted together and she followed his gaze.

Judging by the mustache it didn't take but a minute to recognize Axel and Oscar cautiously heading in their direction. Daryl tensed under her hand and Rick's jaw tightened as he ran his own across the butt of his gun.

"Come on." He said, not taking his eyes off the inmates.

Carol and Ra watched Rick, Daryl and T head up the side of the hill to meet them. She couldn't hear the conversation being had but she could tell Axel was visibly shaken by the way he wrapped his arms tighter around himself. Oscar winced with every word that came out of Rick's mouth and she tried craning her neck to overhear what was being said.

"What do you think they want?" Carol whispered behind her.

"Dunno. They have no weapons and it's down to just the two of them. Not like they could be making any demands."

"I don't trust them" Carol said sharply, slapping the dirt off her pants.

"You don't know them." Ra shot back.

"Neither do you."

She turned to meet Carol's stern face. Maybe she was right but Carol wasn't with them when Oscar saved her life. She turned back to the men. No point in arguing now. Ultimately the decision would be Rick's. By the way she watched him repeatedly shaking his head she could tell he already had made up his mind. T-Dog and Daryl walked Oscar and Axel towards the outside fence while Rick walked back over to the two women.

"We had a deal" Rick must have seen the questionable look on Ra's face. He put his hands on his hips and watched Daryl locking the convicts out of the yard "They can't stay with us. We don't even know what they're in here for."

"You heard Axel yesterday. Drugs and a break in. I don't think that.."

"Yeah that's what they told us" Rick interrupted "Doesn't mean it's the truth. We can't take the chance that something might happen."

"We've worked too hard for this" Carol sighed.

"So that's it then?" T-Dog came up behind Ra, rolling his head from side to side "We let them live then send them on their way to deal with the walkers they know nothin' about?"

"I know these guys." Daryl said rejoining the group "Hell Ra and I grew up 'round'em. I could be in there with them just as easily as I'm out here with you."

Ra couldn't help but feel happy something she had said to Daryl resonated with him. Maybe she did have some influence over him after all.

"So you think we should let them stay?" Rick asked.

"Hell no." Daryl responded quickly.

Maybe not she thought, quirking an eyebrow.

"Just cause I understand'em don't mean I want'em around my wife or the group. Ya remember what happened last time we took in people at the farm? Ra almost got killed."

"So that's it then." T-Dog shrugged in annoyance.

He shook his head and walked off, Rick following closely behind him. Ra took her hair down and walked back to bag of plants lying in the dirt.

"You don't agree with me?" Daryl asked behind her.

"You know how I feel. We talked about it yesterday." She gathered up the bag in her arms and continued up the field towards the prison.

"Rick's doin' it to keep everyone safe Raven. Ya wanna see somethin' happen to Carl or Beth or Lori?"

Ra rolled her eyes and looked over her shoulder at Daryl "I don't wanna see anything happen" She bobbed her head in the direction of Oscar and Axel "To anyone."

Daryl followed her gaze through partially lidded eyes, shifting his weight from one side to the other.

"I'm gonna take these to Lori. I'll be back to help move the cars"

She walked away shaking her head without sparing Daryl another look.


Ra locked the gate behind her, still turning over the events in her head. The door to the prison groaned open behind her and one hand immediately shot straight to a blade on her hip. Her body relaxed and she smiled at Lori, Carl and Beth filing out the door. To her surprise, Hershel came out behind them. For someone that had just lost his leg, he took to the crutches under his arms like he had been on them far longer then when he acquired them.

"Well. Well. Well. Look whose up and about." She smiled.

"We found some crutches in the infirmary" Lori helped Hershel down the last couple steps to the prison yard "He's moving pretty good on them."

"Hey Hershel. Wanna race?" Carl joked.

"Give me time" Hershel said coolly "I'll take ya on."

"Well I found what I was looking for. I'll go clean the plants off and boil some water. Make ya a nice tea for later. Should help the clotting and relax ya a bit."

Hershel nodded, surveying the open bag on Ra's shoulder "I'm grateful Raven. It'll have to wait though. I've done all the relaxing I need. Now I need practice on these things."

Lori and Ra grinned at one another. In spite of his age he was just as tough as any other member of the group and just as strong willed.

"Way to go Hershel!" Glenn called from the other side of the field.

There was a hiss and the excitement from his face dropped at the visible reprimand from Rick. With a grunt, Ra swooped the bag back up and had just turned to head to the cell block when she noticed Daryl, Rick and Glenn gathering by the fence, the smiles on their faces dropping and being replaced with a mixture of shock and a fear she hadn't seen in a very long time. The lines in her forehead deepened and her head tilted to the side as if silently asking what the problem was.

"LORI!" Rick took off down the side of the fence leading to the walkway of the prison. Daryl following closely behind at a frantic pace.

"RAVEN! Get everyone inside!"

Daryl's voice sent a ice cold chill up her spine. There was panic in his voice. The sound of a gun ripped through the air and upon turning back to the prison yard she understood why. In the short time she had been surveying the field, she hadn't realized the chaos that had broken out behind her. It was as if every nightmare they had all shared had crossed the threshold into reality and was spilling out through an open prison gate. Dozens of walkers pulled themselves along the cement in her direction. She found herself frozen to the spot, her usual swift reflexes suddenly abandoning her to make room for the fear that gripped her body.

"Raven! MOVE!"

Daryl's voice sounded a million miles away and when her head jerked in his direction he might as well have been. The length of football field was like a stone throw now but with the locked gates blocking the way, made it feel like she was on the other side of Georgia. Something latched on to her arm, vice like and damp with perspiration. It was the thing she needed to snap her back to reality as she looked up into T-Dog's frantic face. Ra's head swiveled side to side, noting that in her moment of suspension Lori, Carl and Maggie had gotten back up to their cell block and both Beth and Hershel were locked behind the gate near the other cells, staring on her intently through the links. Her body sprang back to life under the weight of responsibility that had been placed upon her to defend what she could till Rick and Daryl were able to join them. She pulled one of her blades out and brought it down into a walkers head, turning as Carol joined she and T with a pistol. It was too much though. They couldn't make it across the grounds to close the gate and they couldn't stay in the yard any longer as more and more walkers piled out from behind the previously locked fence.

"There's to many of them!" Carol called out, her gun firing once again into a prisoner.

"We have to get outside the gate or go back into the prison!" Ra called back "The fence needs to be closed."

T-Dog followed her gaze to the security gate, his face hardening in determination as he rushed passed the two women. They watched wide eyed while T fought his way towards the fencing, pausing only when his hand gripped onto the busted lock that had released the walkers. A moment was all it took.


Ra whipped around to the sound of Carol's cry followed by the bloodcurdling scream that came after. It hadn't come from the other woman but from T-Dog as a walker sank its teeth into his shoulder. He had succeeded in locking the gate but the group of walkers was still to much to handle with no more ammo and only Ra's blades.

"Get out of here!" Ra yelled, slamming her blade down into a walkers skull while kicking another away "Get to the cell block! Help T!"

T's arm hung loosely at his side as he ushered Carol towards one of the cell blocks "Ra let's go!"

She didn't answer nor did she follow. The security fence burst open and Rick, Daryl, and Glenn came storming in, their weapons hitting the intended targets and dropping the walkers one by one. They fought with a new urgency and an all new purpose for their anger. Even if T-Dog and Carol made it to safety they would have to deal with the repercussion of the bite to his shoulder. He knew he was already dead and Ra saw it in his eyes before he and Carol disappeared into the prison. He had sacrificed himself for all of them by shutting the gate. The thought spurred her on to land blow after blow to the remaining walkers with more force than what was intended. The end of her blade pierced through the rotten flesh of a walkers chin curved upward towards the brain. When it fell to the cement with a thud, Ra knelt down next to it, slamming her fist down over and over again till the skull had practically turned to powder.


A hand clamped down on her wrist and pulled her away from the corpse. She fell back onto her behind and looked up into Daryl's face.

"T got bit." She whispered, tears welling up in her eyes.

"Lori. Did you see Lori!" Rick practically yelled with trepidation.

"Ya..Ya" Ra stammered "She made it into the cell block with Carl and Maggie."

"How did this happen?" Daryl helped his wife off the ground and looked around the prison yard.

"Someone opened the gate." Rick frowned and his eyes narrowed at the two men standing behind him. Ra didn't even notice that Oscar and Axel had been apart of the rescue team that had come from the field. Both the prisoners held up their arms in surrender and stared at the end of Rick's gun.

"We didn't have nothing to do with this man."

"That's bullshit" Rick spat "Then who di…."

He was cut off by the intrusion of the prison alarm. It blared over the speakers and only seemed to get louder and louder the longer it remained on. Ra covered her ears and flinched "What's doing that? We're gonna attract every walker in Georgia!"

"Where's it coming from?" Rick asked Oscar, jabbing the barrel of his gun to the side of the other mans head.

"Prison alarm." Oscar replied remaining stoic "Runs off a timer in the boiler room. I can show you where it is."

Rick nodded and gestured with his gun for Oscar to move ahead of him so they could follow.

"What about the others?" Glenn yelled over the howling alarm.

"We have to get the siren turned off first or we'll all be in trouble." Rick said over his shoulder as he followed the large man in blue.

Daryl stopped Ra from following and took her face between his hands, looking into her eyes and assessing the rest of her body "You alright?"

"I froze" Her eyes drifted away towards Beth and Hershel, unable to meet his concerned stare "Maybe if I hadn't..Maybe T-Dog.."

She choked back the words as tears welled up in her eyes again. Daryl grabbed the back of her neck and forcefully pushed her to his shoulder, placing a hard kiss to her forehead.

"Ain't your fault" He whispered simply into her ear.

Ra tried to focus but the prison alarm was deafening and sending unpleasant vibrations up her spine to the base of her skull.


Daryl pushed her in the direction Rick had gone and tossed a look over to Beth, Hershel and Axel for them to stay put.

Upon walking into the prison, Daryl and Ra quickly pulled their weapons at the sight of Oscar and Rick standing among a few scattered dead walkers,

"How'd they get in here?" Daryl asked, checking all the dark corners of the living quarters.

"Someone opened the doors up" Rick answered through bated breaths. His eyes narrowed back to Oscar accusingly.

"How could they have done all this if they were outside with us Rick? It doesn't make sense."

It wasn't the first time Ra tried to calm the officer down but just like the times before it, he was going to make his own assumptions and issue his own judgment regardless.

"If it weren't them then who?" Daryl looked at Ra over the scope of his crossbow and frowned.

"We'll figure it out later" Rick threw open the door leading to the halls they had been in the previous day with Tomas "Lori, Carl and Maggie aren't in the cells. They're somewhere in the prison. We gotta turn off that alarm and find them."

"Come on" Oscar crooked his finger towards the group "The boiler room is this way.

Their feet treaded lightly on the ground while they made their way down the dark hallways. Rick would hiss out Lori's name around every corner but only gained the attention of few scattered walkers. Ra caught the sickening smell of blood. The fresh copper and sour scent invaded her nostrils and made her want to vomit. The further they moved down the hall, the heavier the smell became and the closer they got to the source. It was far worse than a nameless face with a head wound and a vacant stare behind distorted milky orbs. It wasn't a reanimated corpse whose name or life previous to the apocalypse had any bearing on theirs. Two walkers content with the meal set in front of them than the six bodies closing in behind them, were quietly put down and pushed aside. To their horror, a bloody crimson colored pile of tattered hunter green cargo pants and remnants of dark flesh and stringy tendons and torn muscle lay outside the boiler room. It was all that remained of T-Dog. Ra covered her mouth with a shaky hand. She didn't know if she was going to be physically ill or if it was an ineffective attempt to stifle the choked sob emitted from behind her lips.

"This is Carol's"

Her head jerked towards the sound of Daryl's voice. Dangling loosely from his hand was the scarf Carol wore earlier around her head still damp with perspiration.

"Two" Ra whispered between trembling lips.

They had lost two of there own in a single breath. No matter how hard Ra had trained herself to not cry, she couldn't stop the tear making its way down her cheek. There was no time for that now however as Rick pushed them on towards the boiler room. Daryl remained still as stone with the bunched up fabric still clutched in his fist. Ra touched his shoulder and his eyes snapped to hers. He chewed on his bottom lip and dropped the scarf to the ground. It took a long time for Daryl to warm up to people. Especially under the circumstances of the last year. After leaving Ra and losing his brother at the start of the world's end, Carol was the only person that was able to make him hold on to the good person he was underneath his confrontational exterior. She saw in him what everyone failed to see in the beginning. She was the first friend he had ever had that never asked for anything in return except the same endearment. And now she was gone.


He looked down into his wife's mournful eyes. The compulsion to keep her safe suddenly bordering now on the brink of obsession. He was going to do everything in his ability to keep her from the same fate. No matter what he had to do.

The sound of the low humming of machines beyond the door was drowned out by the sound of moans and shuffling in the hall opposite them.

"MOVE!" Rick barked.

Ra's heartbeat kept pace with quickened strides as Daryl pulled her down the hall towards the boiler room. She barely had the chance to register the group of walkers reaching out to them before Oscar pulled the couple through the door and slammed it shut behind them, throwing all his weight against the large metal door along with Daryl. Ra looked frantically around the room for something to barricade the door while it jumped and slammed over and over again under Daryl and Oscar's hands.

"Oscar! I need you to turn the alarm off!" Rick yelled, pacing up and down the rows of foreign machinery. Giving up, Ra run full speed to the door, slamming her shoulder beneath Oscars outstretched arms.

"Go" She commanded "I'll help Daryl hold the door."

Rick and Oscar disappeared around the generators. Ra and Daryl tried to control the assembly of walkers beyond the door but the worn tread at the bottoms of their boots was making it increasingly difficult to gain stability on the slick floor.

"Can't hold it!" Ra stressed through her teeth.

Daryl looked around through the slits of his eyes "Get one of your blades ready. I'm gonna let go. Just gotta get rid of enough of'em to get the door shut and locked."

Ra's head jerked up to the sound of an unfamiliar yell. A voice she couldn't quite place followed by a loud clang that echoed through the room. She had no time to question anything before Daryl took the pressure off the heavy door and left them exposed to the couple walkers filing in to the boiler room.

"Now!" Daryl commanded.

His crossbow let loose a bolt before being discarded to the ground as Daryl rushed passed her wielding his bowie knife in his right hand. Ra's own jade blade slashed through the air and landed directly into the decaying ear of an inmate walker. Daryl was finally able to swing the door shut and direct their attention to what was going on behind the machine on the opposite side of the room.

"Dude! We can take this prison!"

Ra furrowed her brows in confusion. The voice was to high in pitch to be Oscar and to full of uncertainty and fearfulness to be Rick. Oscar came into view. The giant man held a gun resembling Rick's firmly in his hand but the machines in the way blocked his target. Daryl snuck up next to Oscar with his bowie knife still at attention while Ra dropped to the floor and crawled till her back hit the broad side of one of the generators. She peeked around the corner and her mouth went slack. Standing behind Rick with his arms up in surrender was Andrew. The convict who not just yesterday attempted to kill Rick. Now they knew who had done this. Who had gotten Carol and T-Dog killed by the walkers as if he single handedly done it himself.

"What ya waiting for? This is our house! Shoot him!" Andrew pleaded.

Oscar's stare was intense. A variety of choices visibly going on behind his eyes while his finger remained idle on the trigger. Whatever his decision, Daryl would execute him before Rick's body hit the ground and Ra would slit Andrew's throat before the inmate even saw her coming. She silently prayed that the man that saved her life yesterday didn't have a change of heart because of Rick's choice earlier. Oscars wrist twitched and the gun went off. The bullet hit Andrew right between the eyes with impressive accuracy. His lifeless body dropped to the floor. Oscar didn't tear his eyes away from Rick's as he released the butt of the gun from his massive fist and presented it back to Rick. Ra let out a sigh of relief and couldn't help the smile that ghosted over her lips. The former prisoner placed the gun back into the former sheriff's open palm.

"Come on." Rick said calmly "We have to round up the rest of the group."

Ra's mouth twisted back into a frown. The REST of the group. With everything that had happened, she hadn't noticed the alarm had abruptly stopped and all that was left was an empty silence slowly filling with remorse.


Moist heat hung heavy in the air as Ra, Daryl, Rick and Oscar filed out the cell block door to the courtyard. The usually unrelenting sun had hidden itself behind the grey clouds and caused a kind of appropriate dreariness to the outside despite the fact it was still the early hours of the afternoon. She took attendance of all the faces staring at them while they descended the metal steps. Lori, Maggie and Carl were still not accounted for.

"Lori and Carl? Has anyone seen them?" Rick hit the bottom of the steps and was already marching across the prison yard towards Hershel, Beth, Axel and Glenn whom Ra felt guilty for not realizing had at some point drifted off from their group.

"I haven't seen them Rick." Hershel tried to remain calm but his words were saturated with panic "What about Maggie?"

"No none of them were in the cell block." Daryl replied, already checking the bolts on his crossbow.

Hershel looked past the small group, the lines in his face deepening "Carol and T-Dog?"

Ra suspended her movements for a moment and visibly winced as if their names were accompanied by one of Daryl's bolts aimed at her heart.

Rick tightened his jaw and looked down at the ground, shaking his head "They didn't make it."

Hershel nodded and pulled his lips tightly together while his younger daughter shifted back and forth in front of him with fresh tears threatening to spill over.

"I'm going back in" Glenn announced, strolling passed all of them towards the cell block.

"We're all going back in" Ra put a hand to the young man's shoulder to hinder him from going any farther without back up. "We're all going back in" she repeated.

His mournful eyes tested hers only for a moment till he finally shook his head in agreement. Before anyone had a moment to catch their breath or Rick could come up with their new game plan of finding the missing members, there was a loud whimpering noise followed by what one could only describe as a baby's cry. Everyone froze and waited for the noise to repeat itself to make sure it wasn't an animal that had somehow found it's way in through the gate. The sound traveled quicker this time. It came in short high pitched bursts. Definitely the sounds of frustrated baby awaiting relief from hunger. The corners of Ra's mouth turned up and she reached out to squeeze Daryl's hand excitedly. That's why they didn't come back out. Lori had the baby. She was in a moment of temporary shock considering they hadn't been in the prison that long. Her happiness was short lived when she noticed Daryl looking past her with traces of grief beginning to etch his face. Looking first over her shoulder, she spun around completely to the sound of the gate to their private cell block creaking open. Carl's face was pale and expressionless in comparison to Maggie walking out next to him. She was trying to fight back tears that were already spilling down blood stained cheeks. Her body trembled uncontrollably while clutching the crying baby tightly to her chest. Ra's face dropped and sensing her slow realization to what was happened, Daryl's hand slapped around her wrist and pulled her to him forcefully.

The next few moments seemed to pass in slow motion. Rick pacing in front of Maggie and Carl. Maggie choking on her sobs so hard she couldn't speak. Carl unmoving and holding back tears.

"No. No. No. No. No"

It was the only thing Rick could say. The only word that he could force out between slow rising whimpering that soon turned into wailing cries. She watched their leader crumple in a pile to the ground. His sobs actually louder than the baby still being held in Maggie's arms as she to released the trauma of events in the form of tears against Glenn's shoulder. Ra was in need of her own support as everything suddenly caught up with her and her knees buckled.

"I gotcha. I gotcha" She heard Daryl say. She turned back and pressed her face into his chest, unable to watch any longer.


"Yeah" Daryl said sadly.

"Three" Her voice cracked barely above a whisper before the tears crept down her face.

T-Dog was dead. Carol was dead. Lori was dead. And Rick was a broken man.


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