Who framed Vanellope Von Schweetz

I don't own wreck it Ralph

This is a story I came up with the other day, it's based off the movie who framed Roger Rabbit and the Buzz Lightyear of star command episode, Conspiracy. I hope you enjoy it. I don't own any of the characters, games or things used in this fanfic

Ch. 1 game central station (Sunday February 10, 7 am)

Ralph and Zangief were walking out of Tappers after passing out from a long night of drinking when the surge protector stopped them

"You, guy with no shirt on, you can go. Big guy with red shirt, wait a minute" said the surge protector

"What? That's ridiculous" said Ralph

"Name?" asked Surge

"Wreck it Ralph" said Ralph

"Coming from?" asked Surge

"Tapper" said Ralph

"Heading to?" asked Surge

"Fix it Felix Jr." said Ralph

"Do you have any fruit or drinks with you?" asked Surge

"No" said Ralph starting to get angry

"Anything to declare?" asked Surge

"I hate you and if you weren't just code I'd crush you right now" said Ralph

"That's a new one go on" said Surge

Suddenly a laser went right through surge and almost hit Mario who was exiting tapper

"What was that?" asked Ralph

"It came from over there" said Mario pointing to the sugar rush portal.

Ralph couldn't make out who it was but he looked closely and saw Vanellope running back into the game with a gun

"Vanellope, why would she do this?" asked Ralph

"Maybe the pressure of candy got to her" said Surge before disappearing

(Sugar rush castle, 1 hour later)

Vanellope had just woken up and was ready for another great day. She grabbed the newspaper that was outside her door and sat down in her throne while sour Bill came up to her with a big cup with the letter V on it

"Thanks bill" said Vanellope

"Whatever" said Bill before walking away

Vanellope threw the news section of the paper away not noticing her face was on it and it said 'Assassin still at large'

"Nothing like the candy crosswords, comics and a good cup of chocolate milk to start my day" said Vanellope as she took a sip of her chocolate milk

"Let's see, a 6 letter word meaning to make something cold. That would have to be-

"Freeze" said an armored guard with a gun as 6 more guards surrounded her

Vanellope sipped more of her chocolate milk and said "Nice job on the whole sneaking up on me thing, if you want to get me you're going to have to be quieter than that"

A guard grabbed her and took her away

(In the Fungeon)

"There seems to be some sort of mistake, I didn't try to kill anyone" said Vanellope

"Maybe, but there were witnesses" said Felix

"Witnesses?" asked Vanellope

"Only me, Mario and the surge protector" said Ralph

"You guys got to believe me, I didn't do anything" said Vanellope feeling a little scared now

"I wish we could kid, but the court will decide if you're innocent, not us" said Felix

"Luckily there's one person in this game who's willing to help me" said Vanellope

"Who's that?" asked Ralph

Just then Rancis came through the doors wearing a black suit and opened Vanellopes cell

"Sorry I'm late Ms. President, but the court's ready for you" said Rancis

"Are you sure you can help me Fluggerbutter?" asked Vanellope

"I'm sure this'll work out just fine" said Rancis

(30 minutes later)

"President Vanellope Von Schweetz, I hereby find you guilty of trying to assassinate other arcade characters" said the Judge

"Rancis, I thought you could handle this" said Vanellope

"Your honor, Vanellope isn't the type of person who likes to kill, she's innocent" said Rancis

"SILENCE" yelled the judge "Vanellope, I sentence you to one of the 5 most dangerous games in the arcade. Taffyta, bring the wheel out"

Taffyta brought out a big wheel that had the names of 5 of the most dangerous games in the arcade, CarnEvil, aliens extermination, house of the dead, hero's duty, and terminator salvation. The judge spun the wheel

"Please land on hero's duty, please land on hero's duty" pleaded Vanellope

The wheel stopped and landed on the game she feared the most, Terminator Salvation

"Vanellope, I hereby sentence you to life sentence in terminator salvation fighting the machines. Don't worry, it won't be long for you anyway. Guards, take her away" said the judge

Vanellope tried to run away but she was stopped by 2 Oreo guards. They dragged her into an armored truck and drove her away to the exit

Before they could get to the exit Vanellope glitched out of the car and ran into the forest.

"I need to find out what's going on, but I need to lay low for a while" said Vanellope as she wandered into the forest

(Game central station)

The oreo guards drove up towards the entrance to terminator and opened the back of the truck. They saw that Vanellope has escaped

"She escaped, but how?" asked one of the guards

"She must've glitched out, we need to find her or we don't get Twinkies for lunch" said the other guard

The guards got back in the truck and drove off back into sugar rush

Vanellope is now a wanted fugitive. Who framed her and will she clear her name before the guards find her? Find out next time on Who framed Vanellope Von Schweetz