Ch. 4

Hello everyone, before I begin I guess I got a review from some guy named Appledoom last night asking me to change some things, and he was wondering who the t-1000 is and why he's doing what he's doing. Well I'm going to continue making this story the way I want to, but I guess I owe everyone a backstory since I'm sure no one's read my other story with the 1000, the terminators. So here's the backstory.

The t-1000 was the bad guy in the game Terminator 2 Judgment day. He loved his job and he loved fighting, his life was perfect. Until one day Vanellope became a new player in sugar rush, and because of her special ability to glitch, sugar rush became one of the most popular games in the arcade. T2 was being played less and less each day. It wasn't making enough money so litwak unplugged it. The only characters known to survive were John Connor, Sarah Connor, and the 800. But the 1000 survived and disguised himself as other characters to survive. He blamed Vanellope for ruining his career, and the entire arcade for having good lives. So now he's out for revenge against the entire arcade, and he won't stop until the arcade is completely destroyed.

Now that I've shared his backstory, here's chapter 4

(Sugar rush entrance)

Vanellope was standing by the entrance of her game with a disguise and a gun. She waited for Mario and Luigi to exit tapper so she could stop the 1000. Rancis, Ralph, and Felix ran up to her

"Vanellope, you can't do this" said Rancis

"You don't understand, I need to stop the 1000" said Vanellope as she kept her gun aimed at tappers

"Why don't we just drop the guns, forget this ever happened, and we head to tappers and I buy us all round of root beers. No kidding, my treat" said Ralph

"Put down the gun kid" said Felix

"No, this must be done" said Vanellope

Mario and Luigi were exiting tappers and were heading back to their game

"You better be right Vanellope, or else I'll turn you in and this friendship is over" said Rancis

Vanellope had her gun aimed at Mario but she didn't pull the trigger

"What are you waiting for the surge protector isn't even looking, he's busy letting people exit pacman with cherries, assassinate away" said Rancis

"Letting people exit pacman with cherries? That's not the surge protector I know" said Vanellope as she aimed her gun at the surge protector and fired

The protector was shot multiple times until he showed his real self, the t-1000

"It's the 1000, and he's alive" said Felix

"Of course, he was trying to get me to kill Mario for real" said Vanellope

The 1000 took out a gun and shot the entrance to sugar rush but missed hitting Vanellope. He ran into tmnt

"I must stop him" said Vanellope as she ran towards tmnt

"Wait, don't do this" shouted Ralph as he ran after her

Felix and Rancis went up towards the portal where they saw Ralph standing there because the train left

"We need to save her before the 1000 kills her" said Ralph

(New York City, TMNT)

Vanellope and the 1000 were in a shootout on top of a warehouse. The 1000 was out of bullets and Vanellope was almost out. The 1000 turned into Vanellope and ran up to her

"This ends now, I win" said the 1000

"Never" said Vanellope

The 2 got into a fist fight. Vanellope threw quick punches at the 1000 while the 1000 tried to stab her with his arms that he turned into blades. Felix, Ralph and Rancis got to them with another gun, but they couldn't figure out who to shoot

"Good you made it, kill him" said Vanellope

"What, I'm not the 1000, she is" said the other Vanellope

"Which one is the real Vanellope?" asked Rancis

"I am" said both Vanellopes

"Kill him Rancis before he kills us all" said Vanellope

"No, she's the 1000" said the other Vanellope

"No, she is" said the other Vanellope

"No, you are" said the other Vanellope

"This could be a problem" said Rancis

It seems like we have ourselves a standoff. Which one is the real Vanellope? I'm going to have Rancis ask them questions to see who the real one is, I can't think of any so I need your help with this. Review or pm me a question with the answer and tune in next time to find out who the real Vanellope is