This idea came from my friend while we were talking. I told her I was sleepy and that a reason why I would never join the Fellowship of the Ring is because there is not enough sleep in that journey. She laughed and told me should write a "Reasons why not to join the fellowship", and she began to dictate a few. So that is when we started brainstorming and so came up with "Reasons why not to join the Fellowship of the Ring"

WARNING! This is all done merely for fun and humor so it will contain OOC characteristics so if you believe you will not like it you don't need to read it. It will start a bit normal but it will gradually grow in weirdness.

This is co-written with the unofficial writer of this net, Windy.

I never wanted to join the Fellowship of the Ring. I never asked for it, and if I had been asked, I would have yelled a big, fat 'NO!'. I've seen the movies and frankly, there is nothing about them that makes me want to jump right into a world of danger where walking is what you do for about 70% of your life and the rest is just sleeping in the dirt and not bathing for weeks on end. But it seems a force bigger than I wanted to have some fun with me and throw me into this situation.

My name is Alexandra, but people normally call me Alex. So this all began one day while I was crossing the street to my house. I was distracted while talking on the phone and I did not see this Van taking a fast turn towards me and so I was run over. I opened my eyes to find myself in the strangest of places. As time passed, I learned I was in Rivendell in Middle earth. Apparently, God did not want me in Heaven and decided to throw me somewhere else. I cannot blame him, I know I am the type of person who inspires creative cursing in others as well as a vast list of ways to kill me. To sum things up, Elrond could not stand me any longer and when he learned that I knew everything about the Secret meeting and Quest, he decided to take that excuse and throw me into the Fellowship in hopes that I would not make it out alive from the first battle we came across. He even told Gandalf and Aragorn that they could try to lose me during the night! I knew I had a whole month before we departed so I dedicated myself to training to make sure to have a way to defend myself.

Well, without further ado, these are my reasons why I never wanted to join the Fellowship of the Ring.

1- One does not simply learn to wield a weapon properly

So like I said before, I wanted to train to make sure I could protect myself from the dangers I knew were coming. For starters, swords are damn heavy, and don't be fooled, wooden war bows are heavier than they look. I can hardly lift the sword and I almost sliced myself in a half. A peanut could shoot a bow better than I! My aim is horrible and while releasing an arrow the bow bounced off my hand and struck me. I know have a scar on my left temple. One time Boromir came over to watch me train. In the end he came up to me and said "One does not simply learn to wield a weapon properly, especially if you are a woman." That night Boromir came out from his bath covered in leeches.