Hi fellow readers…. So we are saying this with an armada in front of us and a gigantic titanium wall in between. Yeah… we are terrible people. It's too late to apologize ( It's too laaaaaaaate ) LOL okay, but seriously, we really are SORRY that we could not post this sooner. Windy-san finished her bachelor's degree and we couldn't meet each other since we live so far away from the other and have different lives. We tried to star writing by phone but no inspiration came whatsoever. We tried through google docs, but again we realized that it is our presence that actually got inspiration flowing. Windy-san got the chance to drop by and ideas just exploded like BOOM and POW! And I'm gonna stop this now before you hit us xD

Okay so here's the thing, we told you guys that we would post a message here for you to be aware of the sequel to Reasons why. WARNING, this is a complete PARODY, MAJOR OOC, MAJOR AU, just major everything. Nothing is safe from our comedic inspiration muahahaha. So for those of you that hate this sort of thing, well, we would like it if you at least gave it a chance, tried to laugh since that's what we want the most with this. There is going to be a variety of events that you will not be expecting. This is a list of crazy adventures that will hopefully make you laugh your butt off. We went all out with this one. It's just going to be crazy after crazy. We still take ideas and suggestions so don't be afraid to either review or PM me. We are always happy to know what you think.

If you do not like this sort of thing, PLEASE, we kindly ask you to simply not read it. No harm done, this is a parody and not everyone likes them, it's okay, just please don't read it and we can all be happy. Now, I don't know if you all know this but we can't put links on, so I will put the link on my profile. It will be on the top.

Without further ado, "The many adventures of Alex and Thranduil"