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Fang woke up the next morning with a resounding, miserable, formulaic groan. She felt bloody awful. Her limbs ached, her throat was sore, her tongue felt thick and fuzzy. In fact she quickly assessed, everything felt fuzzy especially her head. It had a hazy undercurrent mixed with a persistent throbbing that felt like she had a couple of Gremlins dancing on her brain. She knew exactly what to call her current unpleasant ailment (having experienced it on more than one occasion) but no one ever thinks about its inevitability when you're enjoying its pleasurable source.

Sitting upright she scratched her head through the knotted mess of her morning hair. Where the hell am I? The huntress wondered not recognising the immaculately tidy, white-walled bedroom. How did I even get here? The last thing she remembered was sitting at the bar at Lebreau's, downing her third drink and then everything after that point was a complete blur. It must have been something strong because she couldn't even remember why she had started drinking in the first place.

She wasn't worried about her temporary memory loss, it was a typical side effect of her hangovers and it eventually came back, what was concerning her was that she didn't have the slightest clue where she was. Going home with a stranger even when she was drunk was definitely new, and it had to be one of the stupidest things she had ever done in her life.

And what the hell am I wearing? She thought looking down at her strange clothes. That is one tight t-shirt, she concluded as she pulled at the limited amount of lose material.

Strange clothes, unfamiliar room and no memory of how I got here? Her muddled mind tried to solve the mystery of her situation. What if I've been kidnapped? She suddenly catastrophes and the thought filled her with dread. Drugged and kidnapped by one of those Fal'cie sympathisers or a serial killer. Or…it could be much worse…it could be, she gasped in horror at the very thought of it, …Etro, it could be one of those fans! One of her L'cie fanatics. Not the sweet ones that sent her lovely complimentary letters or adorable little hand-made presents. But the other ones that sent her packages that looked so innocuous and intriguing until she opened them to find creepy, horrifying things like their used toothbrushes, toenail clippings, and hair. What was it with all the hair?! What did they even expect me to do with it?!

She looked at the glass of water and the two suspicious looking tablets on the bedside table beside her. Nice try whackadoodle, she sneered, but I'm not touching anything you've left for me. She stood up on wobbling legs determined that hangover or no hangover, she was going to kick their arse for having the audacity to try and cage Oerba yun Fang. Marching towards the closed door her step faltered as she caught something familiar in the corner of her eye. Curious she turned fully towards the scene and her mouth dropped open in astonishment. There were photos covering the right-hand wall and every single one of them were of her and her friends; on holiday, during celebrations, even their reunion. There was even a picture of Fang by herself, eyes crinkled as she laughed into the camera, highly amused by whoever was behind the lens.

There was only one possible explanation.

This guy is one crazy fuck!

The images hadn't quelled her anxiety but fed her imagination giving it the energy it required to run away with her. Consequently in her mind all the photos covering the wall in a strange room were like something out of a horror movie: like a bloody serial killer's shrine. The evidence was mounting (or rather mounted), anyone who stalks her or her family had a death wish and she was going to enjoy every minute of bringing him or her some Pulsian pain.

Enraged by the apparent threat to her family, she stomped towards the door tearing it open (too agitated to consider that it was unlocked) and burst into the hallway battle ready in cat stance.

"Lightning's house!" She exclaimed aloud as she immediately recognised the corridor. I'm at Lightning's house! She could hardly believe it but as she looked around the soldier's hallway, still frozen in cat stance, she reasoned that it had to be true. Reckon she must have found me drunk somewhere and brought me home to look after me, she quickly assessed, fully aware of how caring and protective Lightning can be. It certainly made more sense than the serial killer theory. So that's all you have to do to get an invite into her fabled spare room – get drunk as a skunk, she chuckled a little self-consciously. Lowering her arms she stood upright while thanking ever deity she could think of that no one had witnessed her dramatic exit from the bedroom.

Moving to the top of the stairs Fang could hear Lightning moving pots and pans around in the kitchen below. The radio was playing and Fang could just make out Lightning's soft voice quietly singing along to the music. Sunshine sings! Fang smiled and mentally added the new information it to the list of things she loved about her. Her smile widened she couldn't believe her luck. The woman she was in love was downstairs making her breakfast. It was only breakfast but Fang reasoned that if she behaved and played her cards right it could be breakfast, all morning and even the entire day!

Giddy at the thought of spending some time alone with her favourite person (or perhaps from the hangover) she began gleefully wobbling her way down the stairs until halfway down she caught sight of herself reflected in the glass of a photo frame. Woah, she grimaced leaning closer to get a better look at her dishevelled appearance; red eyes, dark bags beneath and hair so matted bird's could happily use it as a nest. Fang was naturally beautiful but she still took some pride in her appearance and she certainly couldn't let Lightning see her looking like death warmed up. Breathing against the glass she caught a whiff of her morning breath and snapped her head away in disgust. And her halitosis was toxic enough to bring down an Adamantortoise.

Bathroom, she decided stumbling back up the stairs and, as an afterthought, made a quick detour to the spare bedroom to take, what she now realized were, the painkillers (and noticing her own clothes on the chair by the bed made her feel even more stupid for her temporary paranoia).

After attending to her headache she entered the large, spotless bathroom to find that Lightning had thought ahead and laid out a bath towel and unopened toothbrush for her to use. She knew they were meant for her because on top of the pile of necessities was a piece of paper with 'Fang' written in Lightning's neat handwriting. She picked up the note and smiled. The note was simple, concise and practical just like Sunshine. And the gesture… caring, she added to herself - it was one of the things Fang loved about her.

Being in love with the soldier wasn't exactly easy, she mused as she undressed and took a shower. She'd tried everything to attract Lightning's attention by means of flirting, gifts, even pranks when she became frustrated and desperate. But despite what Fang considered to be subtle attempts to woe the soldier, Lightning remained completely oblivious to Fang's real affectionate intentions.

But Fang was a persistent romantic (or romantic fool, she hadn't quite decided), the relationship she envisaged between them was just too promising to abandon so easily. In Fang's mind they were meant to be together, she knew it the moment they met. Well, she corrected herself, not exactly the moment they met but the first time they entered battle and brought down their opponent in a matter of seconds; complete strangers and with barely a word spoken between them but they were able to bring down their enemies because of this rare connection between them. She had seen, felt it...she scoffed and shook her head at her own unsmiling reflection as she brushed her teeth, I'm starting to sound like the letters from my psychotic fans.

She just needed to let Lightning know how she felt in a way that wouldn't permanently ruin their friendship. And if Lightning didn't feel the same she'd get over the rejection…eventually. But today she wasn't going to think about that instead she was just going to enjoy the woman's company. However, she had to admit that she kind of liked placing the toothbrush she'd just used into the holder next to Lightning's. She left the bathroom humming 'You're a pink toothbrush'.

The humidity of the shower hadn't helped her general fuzziness at all but at least the painkillers had taken the edge of her headache. So, still feeling like crap but at least looking a little more human, Fang plodded down the stairs and into the kitchen where Lightning stood over the stove frying something that smelt delicious.


"Morning Lightning," Fang greeted through a yawn.

"Etro!" Lightning gasped in surprise as she jumped, dropping the fish slice she was holding in the process.

"Sorry, must have crept up on ya there." Figuring that the Cocoonian probably wasn't used to having people in her house. "It's these darn huntress genes of mine that makes me extra stealthy." She demonstrated by comically tiptoeing further towards Lightning and scooping up the utensil from the floor to return it to the red-faced soldier. She furrowed her brow when the soldier didn't react to her teasing; she didn't retort, didn't scowl, she didn't even give her characteristic 'tch'. She just looked dumbfounded at Fang for a second before turning back to the kitchen counter and replacing her utensil with a clean one from the drawer.

That was weird.

Lightning reached out to turn of the radio before clearing her throat. "I've made breakfast would you like some?" she asked without turning around.

Fang dropped into a seat at the kitchen island and snorted in amusement. The answer was pretty obvious. Hangovers always made her hungry (if she didn't feel queasy) and her stomach was grumbling loudly in anticipation of the appetising smells emanating from whatever Lightning was cooking. She leaned or her elbow. "Does a bear shhh...ssssure," she quickly modified her crass response as she remembered that she was trying to be on her best behavior. "Thanks," she added politely.

Feeling tired, hot and hungover Fang lay her cheek on the cool island surface and watched Lightning finish cooking. Lightning looked unusually casual and very cute dressed in grey yoga pants and an oversized white t-shirt. I could get used to this, the brunette sighed contentedly. Don't get used to this, she immediately warned herself; such thoughts were dangerous.

Lightning plated up and placed the huntress' food in front of her. Fang sat bolt upright. "Gee Light," she commented from behind the huge food mountain, "that's quite a plate-full." Scrambled eggs, sausages, fried tomatoes and mushrooms, bacon, French toast, black pudding, baked beans - it was a veritable feast.

"I didn't know what you liked to eat for breakfast so I went shopping this morning and got everything," Lightning simply explained as she made poured Fang a cup of coffee.

"Well luckily for me I like everything, and everything looks delicious," Fang chuckled her eyes never leaving her quarry as she licked her lips. It was going to be quite the struggle but Fang never turned away from battle especially when it looked so yummy.

Fang smiled as Lightning followed up with the coffee. "Thanks mate," she said her eyes fixated on her breakfast. Ravenous the brunette quickly loaded her fork with as much food as it could take. Already salivating at its potential satisfaction she scooped it up and paused with it halfway to her open mouth as her eyes wandered from her food and noticed that Lightning hadn't moved from the spot in front of her. Wondering what the soldier was doing she looked up and caught Lightning's puzzled expression as she looked down at her. As their eyes met Fang lowered her fork, and Lightning's expression quickly changed from bewildered to nonchalant before she span back towards the counter and began tidying away the breakfast things.

"Bloody hell Lightning, you look how I feel!" Fang commented on Lightning's red eyes and drawn, tired features. "Were you drunk last night as well?" Fang asked suddenly wishing she could remember more of what had transpired last night. And also wondering what a drunken Lightning would be like.

Lightning's body flinched, just slightly but enough for the observant huntress to notice. "No just you….you don't remember?" she asked still with her back to the huntress.

"Nope, hangover," she explained with a shrug. "It'll come back eventually." She raised her fork back towards her mouth and paused to watch Lightning wipe down the kitchen counters. "I must have been really out of it last night so thanks for looking after me. It was really stupid to get so drunk alone, I mean anyone could have taken advantage...and...I…" she trailed off dumbfounded as Lightning's cleaning began frantic—leaning down until her nose was almost touching the kitchen top she was now rigorously scrubbing.

"Alright sunshine," Fang said throwing her fork down, she couldn't ignore Lightning's strange behavior any longer. Lightning was always terrible at hiding things (subterfuge was never the soldier's forte), and if the introspective woman wouldn't tell her what was wrong then Fang was determined to extract the information one way or another. "What exactly did I do last night?" She pushed her plate away and leaned backwards crossing her arms.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Lightning feigned ignorance, poorly.

"I must have done something because you're acting sooo...," she waved her hand around as she tried to think of a good word, "...flighty. You're avoiding eye contact, you're more quiet than usual and you're scrubbing that counter so hard you're going to wear a hole down to the kitchen floor," she accused. Lightning immediately stopped cleaning and stood upright. "It couldn't be something you did because you were the sober one," Lightning flinched again. "So out with it soldier what did I do? I will not stop asking 'til you tell me. "

Lightning sighed, her shoulders lowering dejectedly. Clearing her throat again she turned to face the huntress but kept her eyes on the floor as she leaned against the counter. "I found you drunk at Lebreau's late last night." she started. Fang tried not to seem smug as Lightning gave in and simply nodded to show she was listening.

"I brought you here because you didn't want to wake Vanille…"

Makes sense, Fang thought, rudely awoken Vanille can be quite terrifying.

"…we started talking,…"


"…and you told me you were in love with me."


"And then…," Lightning said quietly, "you kissed me."

Woo hoo-I mean - shhhhiiiit!

Fang's mouth hung open. Shit, shit, shitty, shit, shit! What is it about drink that makes me so honest? Honesty was the exact reason why I never get drunk around Lightning and now honesty had ruined everything. Judging by Lightning's anxious demeanour Fang was going to have to do some major damage control if she had any hope of saving their friendship. She was completely devastated by the soldier's rejection but to lose Lightning entirely was inconceivable. So outwardly she hid her emotions while internally grieving the end of something that never began. She had a plan and it was her most deceitful trick yet.

Fang laughed loudly pretending to be amused. "Really pulled a fast one on you this time didn't I sunshine?" she smirked. "I can't believe you fell for another one of my awesome pranks!"

Lightning's eyes finally met Fang's and narrowed. "You were joking?"

"Of course I was joking!" She lied. "I knew you'd finish your patrol at Lebreau's, your obsessive need to follow your internal timetable makes you very predictable by the way. So I waited for you to get there and pretended to be drunk. You don't really think I could be so drunk after only a few drinks!" Lightning furrowed her brow in confusion. "Awww Lightning," Fang teased, "your naivety is so adorable."

"You were joking," Lightning repeated pushing away from the counter and clenching her fists. Fang nodded. "YOU WERE JOKING!" Fang's blinked in shock as the stoic soldier raised her voice.

During her lifetime Fang had faced down Behemoths, Orphan, even a rudely awoken Vanille, but nothing had quite prepared her for a furious Lightning - even in battle the soldier looked upon her enemies with more mercy. She expected Lightning to be pissed, Lightning always was after one of Fang's practical jokes, but right now she looked at Fang like was about to tear her a new one.


"Owww, that did not help the headache!"Fang hissed. Lightning began stalking around the island towards the brunette and the Pulsian instinctively scrambled from her chair and away from the enraged soldier. "Now hold on a second there sweetheart," Fang said holding up her hands while simultaneously moving around the island to try and keep something between her and livid Cocoonian.

"Do you know how worried I've been?" Lightning growled slowly pursuing the huntress around the kitchen. "I've been going over and over every little detail, every conversation, and every encounter. Searching and analyzing and deciphering. I haven't slept. I haven't even eaten!"

"Here h-h-have a sausage," Fang stuttered quickly grabbing a sausage from her plate as they passed by and held it out to the soldier as a peace offering.

Not amused, Lightning's eye line barely glanced at the meat product before they were straight back to Fang. "Do you think that's funny?" Lightning repeated this time low and menacing as she moved towards the huntress.

The brunette felt like a dear in headlights. Lightning's gaze was piercing, searching. And even under its troubling, fierce condemnation Fang couldn't seem to look away as her eyes commanded Fang's attention. Entrapped Fang kept her eyes facing the soldier and didn't foresee that Lightning had been distracting her to force her into a corner until her back hit the fridge door. "Well, n-not really funny per se. It's just meat and a bit grizzle in a pig intestine. B-but I suppose if you hold it like this," she suggested holding up the sausage, "a-and imagine-" Fang stuttered into silence, pressing her back into the fridge as Lightning leaned closer invading her personal space until they were almost nose to nose with the sausage trapped between them. Fang's mouth went dry and her face immediately heated up her close proximity (under different circumstances it would have be kind of hot minus the sausage).

"I can't believe I felt sorry for you when all the time you were just pretending to be in love me. I was so, so worried that I'd …that we...Do you have any scruples or consideration at all for the people you're hurting when you play your stupid, childish pranks?" She yelled. She didn't wait for Fang to answer, "No, no," she shook her head chuckling mirthlessly, "it seems you find hurting people's feelings to be extremely entertaining." She looked Fang up and down. "You're not the woman from last night and you're not the woman I hoped you were." Her disappointed expression only lasted a moment before her features became angry again.

Fang breathed out a sigh of relief as Lightning pulled away. Without looking at her again Lightning rushed away from Pulsian and out of the open plan kitchen. Walking up to the front door she paused to angrily yank on the trainers she kept there. "I've got to go to work. You better not be here when I get back," she threatened as she slammed the door behind her.

Fang groaned miserably. Nice going dumbass, she congratulated herself, good luck mending that relationship. Grumbling she sat back down at the island and threw the sausage she was holding back onto her plate. Now she really felt like crap. Not only had she fallen out with the woman she loved but without her lovely distraction her hangover reared its oppressive head. Emotional and physically drained by their argument she didn't really feel like eating but she wasn't going to let good food go to waste. Plus she'd need the sustenance, she was going to eat this, go home, go to bed and wallow in self-pity for as long as she could. And there was nothing like a hangover to facilitate a good wallow.

She pondered over the woman's reaction as she stabbed some items of food with her fork and brought it up to her mouth. What the hell was her problem anyway? It's my fucking heart that's breaking, the food halted in its journey (again) as she replayed their argument.

...Do you have any scruples or consideration at all for the people you're hurting when you play your stupid, childish pranks?...it seems you find hurting people's feelings to be extremely entertaining…

Such peculiar phrasing, people's feelings! What did that mean? Which people? Everyone always liked her jokes, didn't they? Something didn't add up. The cogs in her muddled, hung-over brain slowly began to turn. She glanced over to the mantle in the living room where Lightning kept her favourite gunblade. She's going to work without her gunbade and wearing tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt? Her brain hinted and suddenly the aloof woman's vague words made sense and everything just clicked into place. "People's feeling! People's! feeling! " she exclaimed excitedly, dropping her fork and jumping to her feet.

Headache and hangover suddenly forgotten she raced after the soldier and tore open the door grimacing as the bright sunlight hit the back of her eyes. Using her hand to shield her eyes she blinked rapidly as they adjusted to piercing light. "Lightning, wait!" she shouted at the soldier who had stopped to at the end of the path to check her mail box. Lightning glanced up from reading her mail and scowled at the brunette before turning sharply to march quickly down the street. Fang called out to her again, walking out into the front garden but instead of stopping Lightning's pace began to speed up.

"Oh, no you don't," Fang muttered to herself. She had to stop her quickly. If she allowed Lightning to run ahead she'd never catch up with the sprinter. Fang bolted forward running barefoot across Lightning's front garden on an intercept course for the soldier. Lightning's turned and realising she was being chased her fast walk turned into a sprint. Fang sped up, jumped over the neighbour's hedge took a few more large strides to get a little closer before leaping towards the fleeing Cocoonian.

Lightning's mail flew through the air as Fang dived towards the soldier's waist tackling her onto the grass verge beside the path. Lightning responded immediately, thrashing about trying to pry the huntress' strong grip from around her waist. "Just calm down for a second," Fang groaned with her arms still tight around her and her head flat against her belly as she tried to stop the soldier from escaping (and also have a little rest). All this exercise is not helping my headache. Her tired limbs felt even more sluggish after the exercise and so she was in no position to win a wrestling match against the soldier. Using her body weight to stop Lightning from standing she awkwardly shimmed up the soldier's body with her arms still around her until she was in a position to hold the soldier's arms and legs down using her hands and knees.

If Fang thought that Lightning looked angry before it was nothing compared to the irate, red-faced, snarling fury that lay beneath her now. "I'm sorry Lightning but I know what you're like. If I don't ask you this now you'll avoid the subject or me until we never talk about it ever again," Fang reasoned trying to appease the enraged Cocoonian. Lightning suddenly lay still appearing to relent but Fang was buying her surrender for one second. She still had a murderous look in her eyes that made Fang too wary to release her grip (she always was a terrible liar). They both breathed heavily as they tried to catch their breaths and Lightning's, once again turned her head to avoid eye contact with the Pulsian. Now it was Fang's turn to nervously clear her throat. "I'm going to ask you a question and then I'll let you go, but you've got to look at me first." So I can tell if you're lying, she added to herself.

Lightning slowly turned her head towards her. Their eyes met and Fang opened her mouth to speak but was silenced as the familiarity of the situation brought back a memory from last night - like a swift, hard kick to the back of Fang's head.

…soft lips unresponsive, you draw away disappointed. But softness peruses and then relentless warmth like fire. You're surprised, not for long. She always was a good leader…

Fang gasped and suddenly sat upright, pointing an accusingly finger at the warrior. "Youkissedmeback!" she managed to blurt in one syllable. Lightning remained silent but her bright burning red cheeks and guilty expression told Fang everything she needed to know. "I remember. I kissed you then you kissed me. You kissed me back!" She shouted again. Fang really didn't mean to be loud but she was in complete astonishment, and she was a little bit ecstatic. This morning the soldier hadn't been worried about breaking Fang's heart, she was feeling racked with guilt for making out with her friend while she was drunk. Fang was absolutely thrilled.

Lightning looked mortified and her eyes nervously darting around as she tried to shush Fang's reminiscent babble. "Yes, I kissed you back," she hissed quietly. "Can you please stop telling the entire neighbourhood?" But Fang didn't seem to be listening and continued yelling the intimate details of their encounter. Lightning sat up and began trying to cover the huntress's mouth with her hand to stop her from speaking. But the brunette wanted to enthusiastically remember every incredible detail out loud. She pulled Lightning's hand away, which Lightning immediately replaced, so Fang pulled it away again and the cycle continued resulted in a garbled recount of their night together.

"Lips..mblurghmm…was sooooo good when…hmmbshy…where did you learn to...mmnbhguh…with your tongue." Fang's mouth dropped open and this time she held onto both of Lightning's hand to stop the soldier from silencing her. "Wow," Fang smiled blissfully as she suddenly regained the memory of Lightning biting her bottom lip, "you're really feisty." Her smile widening as Lightning's cheeks turned a darker shade of red.

The enormity of what last night had meant suddenly hit Fang and her smile faded. Does it mean she likes me too? Fang considered as Lightning kept her eyes trained on their joined hands. What if she regrets what happened last night?

She had to be brave and take a chance…warily.

"What if I said that I was lying?" Fang hypothesised. "Not last night but this morning," she quickly explained as Lightning began to pull her hands away. Lightning stopped and timidly looked up at the huntress. She still didn't say anything but Fang took her almost indiscernible eye twitch as a good sign. She continued, airily, as if nonchalant but inside she felt like her heart was thumping so hard it was trying to escape her chest cavity. "What if we forget about me prematurely dropping the L-bomb and just go on a date?"

Lightning blinked and began worrying her bottom lip with her teeth. "Errrmmm..." Fang's heart and hopeful smile simultaneously dropped as Lightning hesitated, "can I check something first?"

Great. Just bloody great! She must feel like the kiss was a mistake and she's dilly-dallying while she tried to think up some lame excuse to lessen the blow.

"Yeah, sure." What else could she say? She pursed her lips and released Lightning's hands to run a hand through her own hair.

I may be a romantic fool, but not an idiot. I see what you're doing. Making excuses to save my feelings...Ohhh I see now you're sitting up to get away from me, tilting your head slightly as you lean in, looking…at my lips…wait that doesn't seem right. Why is she closing her eyees…wait a sec is she about to- Oh-sssssssiiiiiighhhhhh.

The reality of kissing Lightning Farron was much better than the memory. It was wonderful. And the sensation that started at her lips spread down her body until her body tingled and melted. Even her knees went weak and wobbled as Lightning's lips moved gently over hers, and she wasn't even standing. It was so enchanting Fang hadn't even realized they'd stopped kissing until an unfamiliar noise pulled her from her ecstasy-induced haze.

Lightning was laughing.

She had pulled away from Fang and laughed, delighted by the goofy expression on the huntress' face. It was so carefree and utterly charming that Fang's dreamy grin widened at the sound and sight of it - it was more beautiful than she had imagined.

"You can pick me up tomorrow night. Dinner, a movie and you're driving." Lightning smiled as Fang nodded, enthusiastically agreeing to her every instruction. She had no idea what Lightning had found in the kiss but she wasn't going to stop to question it. "But first, how about we have some breakfast?" Lightning suggested. Wriggling out from under Fang she stood up, picked up her scattered mail and held her hand out to the dazed huntress pulling her onto her feet. "You must be hungry."

She laughed again as Fang's stomach grumbled loudly answering for the dumbstruck huntress. It was so beautiful. She was so beautiful, everything was just beautiful, Fang thought as she fell in love with the soldier all over again. The huntress wanted to pick her up in her arms and carry her into her house to spend the day talking, laughing and kissing. But she appreciated that Lightning always needed to feel in control so she kept her impulsive thoughts to idle musing and decided to let the soldier set the pace for now. Fang wasn't known for her self-control but she could show an abundant amount for patience when it came to Lightning. Especially if meant that this Cocoonian would finally catch up with her.

Fang smiled happily as Lightning shyly took her hand and led her to breakfast. After all, she'd waited over seven hundred years to be loved by someone like Lightning, she reckoned she could wait a little longer.

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