Title: Theoretical Numbers

Prequel: This is a prequel to "Black Carnival", "Poker", "What Lies Hidden", and "Line of Sight"

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Info: Each part of Theoretical Numbers will be a short story and more like clips of before and during evens and such of the "What Lies Hidden" universe in other character's POV's. The point of this story is to get my writing groove back.

Also JediClaire asked quite a while back if I was going to do a chapter in Tyki's POV for this universe. The only reason I have not is because all but "Black Carnival" are in Ellen's POV and that is how, in my mind, it is supposed to be. I wanted to write a story where you only see things from one characters POV, basically the opposite of "The Joker, the Jack and the King".

For this universe I never intended to write anything outside Ellen's POV, I had written "Black Carnival" as something only for me to ever see and a way to flush out back story. But as a writer I have a hell of a time not sharing what I have written and hearing what others think, that is why "Black Carnival" was posted.

This was posted on DeviantArt a while back, but has now been flushed out.

If there is a character POV you would like to see in a short story, please ask. I'll give it a try.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Katsura Hoshino owns it… I just enjoy twisting Katsura Hoshino ideas for my own warped amusement…


Spoilers: Not really

POV: Mana Walker

"Is he dead?" a young and childish voice asked softly. The other boy, being no more then a few years older then the one that had spoken, frowned. Grey eyes looking at the body that sat slumped against the dying willow tree.

They were a few miles away from the nearest town, the two brothers had been making their way down the winding roads and open fields, trying to reach the rather large town off in the distance before nightfall, when they had come across the older man in question sitting underneath the old dying tree.

The man looked to be in his late fifties and was dressed in fairly new looking clothes. Eleven year old Mana Walker stood next to his young brother, Neah Walker. Eight year old Neah turned curious grey eyes to look at him questioningly when no replay was heard after a long stretch of silence. "Mana, is he dead?"

Neah, who was small for his age, had short dark brown hair that fell in lose spikes around a childish face, where Mana's was long and black. His hair fell to his mid back and at the moment held back by a simple fraying ribbon. The two were dressed very similar, both wearing old worn brown pants and shirts that were just as shabby.

Sharp grey eyes continued to watch him, the younger Walker waiting for Mana to speak. Mana turned his narrowing grey eyes back on the man that looked like he was simply sleeping, the older boy not yet answering, but instead reached down and picking up a short branch from the ground.

Mana then proceeded on poking the man's booted foot, first gingerly, then with more force.

The man didn't move and Mana sighed in irratation. "Yes Neah, he's dead." The eleven year old said in a short tone, the older boy not liking the fact that his younger brother seemed to simply nod at his replay…

Mana glanced at Neah, his dark grey eyes widening in alarm at seeing his little brother picking through the worn and torn duffle bag at the body's side. "Neah!" Mana hissed out, "What are you doing? That's not yours!"

Neah paused and turned his grey eyes back on him, the eight year olds pale mouth twisting into a confused frown at his older brother's words. Mana balked as Neah simply shrugged a second later, going right back to rummaging through the bag. "If he's dead then he doesn't need his stuff anymore… We might be able to sell some of his things and buy some food…" Neah mumbled softly, leaving Mana to frown at him in disapproval.

Though, when his brother pulled out a faded yellow toy chicken, the older Walker found himself blinking in curiosity. "Mana, look at all this stuff! He must've been a clown or something!" Neah breathed out in excitement, the eight year old pulling out a set of juggling pins and balls next, then a set of rather sharp looking knives.

Mana Walker was quick to snatch the knives away from his brother before he could hurt himself. The older Walker sibling looking the items over with appraising eyes, most of the things that Neah was throwing carelessly on the old grass was old and worn. Years of use showing, but most of the props were in decent enough condition. "We might be able to sell some of it… but not for much…" Mana said at he looked the well kept knife set over.

"Mana!" Neah called out, the boy turning and offering out his hands to his brother. There sitting in his younger brother's hands was enough money to feed them for a week. Mana blinked and took the money, counting it and frowning, not believing his eyes as he counted again…

"He made this much money by being a clown?" Mana said aloud, though he wasn't really speaking to anyone. Neah smiled as he pulled out a hat, the eight year old looking the unimpressive item over in disappointment. That was until it popped out, causing Neah to jump, the rather ordinary looking hat becoming a nice black top hat.

Mana frowned as his brother got that look on his face, the one that said he had come up with yet another plan, some kind of scheme, that Mana would regret being a part of later…

In one quick movement the top hat was on Mana's head, the older Walker frowning even deeper as Neah tilted his head to the side and looked him over. "I like it." His brother said in an approving tone, his grey eyes turning to look at the other items laying on the ground.

Picking up a one of the light blue balls and also a red ball, Neah then proceeded on trying to juggle, though the attempt failed rather badly as the red ball landed on his head.

An amused chuckle made it past Mana's lips before he could stop himself, Neah fixing him with a pout. Though his brother didn't let his mishap stop him from trying again, and again. On his fifth attempt, Mana finely let himself laugh as the blue ball landed and bounced off the top of Neah's dark brown spikes with an audible thud.

"What are you doing Neah?" Mana managed to get out between his amused laughter, his brother fixing him with another pout, before his mouth twisted into a mischievous grin. The younger Walker then chucked to red ball at Mana, the ball smacking him right on the forehead and knocking the black top hat to the ground.

This effectively ended Mana's laughter, the older brother reaching for a usable weapon. Mana smiled a nice and wide smile, before using the yellow toy chicken to thwack a giggling Neah over the head.

A half hour later found the two brothers back on the road, the worn duffle bag over Mana's shoulder. "You want to do what?" Mana asked in confusion, Neah frowning as he walked at his older brother's side.

"I said we should become clowns, if we do, we could make enough money for new clothes, food and a place to sleep." Neah said thoughtfully. Mana sighed and shook his head, the older Walker knowing that his little brother wasn't going to let the idea go anytime soon.

And really, what was the harm…?

It was much harder then either brother thought, because later that night the two had picked out a corner with a nice and bright street light, and had given a try at performing…

They had definitely been quite the sight to see, making fools of themselves like they had, but in the end Mana and Neah only made a few coins in profit.

"You both suck." A young voice spoke up as the small crowd that the Walker brothers had gathered started to disperse. Mana frowned and turned his narrowing grey eyes on the one that had spoken.

A young boy that about the same age as Neah stood before them, his hands in his pockets and his mouth twisted into an arrogant smirk. The boy's brown eyes were cynical and his bright red hair pulled back into a short ponytail. The boy was dressed in a pair of bright green trousers, a dim yellow shirt and a green vet.

"Well, the way you dress sucks!" Neah spat back, Mana's brother glaring at the other child with burning grey eyes. The red haired boy's eyes narrowed, his mouth pulling into a wide and colder smirk.

"What was that you little brat?" he hissed out, the red head looking ready to step forward and belt his brother at any moment. Mana sighed and pulled Neah back to his side when his little brother's mouth opened to fire off another insult.

"I'm sorry about Neah's foul mouth…" The older Walker sibling said, his tone conveying that he didn't want the two to get into a fist fight. That, and if they did get into a scuffle, then it would definitely be two against one.

The red haired boy scuffed and crossed his arms, his brown eyes turning from Neah's angry grey to meet Mana's equally grey eyes. "I was just saying, you suck. It's obvious that you have no idea what you're doing."

Mana nodded and sighed, "Yes, well…" he started, though he didn't get very far because the red head interrupted him with a laugh, Mana looking down to find the younger boy shifting around the three cold coins that Neah and him had earned within their collection hat. "Hey!"

"If you want to make more money, you need to join a circus." The odd boy said off handedly, once again standing and now tucking his hands into the pockets of his pants. His light brown eyes meeting Mana's grey once again. "Clowns make more if they're part of a troop." he continued like he didn't really care.

Mana blinked and the red haired boy tilted his head to the left and fixed Neah and him with a thoughtful look. A long moment later a look of contempt and irritation was twisting the other boy's features, though Mana didn't think the look was directed at the two brothers. "Damn it… I hate it when she's right…" he mumbled out, like the red head wasn't really talking to them, merely muttering to himself crossly.

Neah looked confused, his younger brother blinking. "Who's she?" the younger Walker asked, his eyes narrowing when the other boy sighed heavily and then let out a aggravated chuckle, shrugging his shoulders in dismissal of Neah's question.

"My names Cross." The red haired boy said, his brown eyes flashing with annoyed amusement. "Assistant to the resident Gypsy of the Four Star Circus." Cross added, his smile twisting into a sly grin a second later. "If you want, I could introduce you to the ring master, for a small fee of course."