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First Christmas‚̧


A time for happiness, celebration, presents and most of all family. You wait all year for this one day and when it comes it is well worth the wait. You stuff yourself with delicious food and you laugh and talk and share stories. This and much much more is what makes Christmas universally loved.

But there is a young boy somewhere who has spent the last three hundred Christmases alone, watching other people celebrate and enjoy but never being able to join in. He watches from the windows as children tear open presents while their loving parents watch over them. He longs for a family of his own, for friends, for a tree with presents underneath it. But every year he is disappointed, yet he never stops hoping that next year will be different.

Who is this mystery boy?

He is Jack Frost.

Jack watched the snow fall, swirling around and around in little flurries as it fell. The ground was already covered in a thick layer of soft, pure snow.

"Jack are you ready to decorate the tree?" Jack glanced away from the window to where North, the Yetis and dozens of elfs crowded beneath a huge, naked Christmas tree.

Jack stared in trepidation at the tree, this was his first Christmas in over three hundred years and everything that he knew about the holiday he had learn from watching through windows, although he was centuries old, when it came to Christmas Jack was severely lacking.

"Jack can you fly the Angel to the top, the ladder doesn't reach." Jack took the beautiful, delicate sculpture from North and flew to the top where he placed it in the place of honour.

"Good, good, now can you take this tinsel and drape it around the tree please?" Again Jack took the offered item from North and flew to the top and decorated the higher branches.

"Thank you Jack, the others should be here soon, would you like to continue decorating or just watch?"

I'm response Jack grabbed some more tinsel and a traditional model of Santa Claus (white beard, fat belly, no tattoos, you get the idea) and once again flew to the top.

"Merry Chrissie everyone!" Bunny's loud entrance startled several of the elves that were balanced precariously on branches at various heights in the tree and many of the elves toppled backwards (luckily elves are very hardy and they simple giggled in delight before scampering straight back up the tree again)

"Foolish creatures." North chuckled deeply as he watched the cute little creatures. Bunny laughed guilty.

"We're here." Tooth's announcement was hardly necessary as her whole flock of mini-fairies immediately swarmed around Jack, swooning and making eyes and kissy motions at him.

"Girls stop that!" Tooth blushing furiously but laughing all the same attempted to scold her fairies but it all failed when she burst into fits of laughter.

Everyone looked up as the steady 'chugging' of an engine became audible.

"Sandy, dear friend you made it!"

Sandy's sand plane appeared over the top of the tree with a beaming Sandy sitting in it and waving furiously at everyone.

Sandy's plane dissolved half-way down and he floated gently down on a cloud of sand before being swarmed by a crowd of elves (who loved the silent, friendly Guardian of Dreams)

Sandy went down under a pile of elves and the other Guardians almost collapsed as they struggled for breath. North pulled out a high-tech camera and immediately there were several rapid 'clicks' as some more memories were saved.

"Now that everyone is here and the tree is decorated, it is time to eat this way everyone, follow the yetis!"

A long line of yetis made its way out of the room and down a corridor then turned left.

Jack followed a little behind the others. As soon as he entered the room his senses were overwhelmed.

There was the smell of chicken, beef, bacon, turkey (of course) and about every other type of meat you could think of.

For Bunny (who was of course a non-meat eater) there was fruits and vegetables from all around the world, melons, strawberries, coconuts, mangos and hundreds of others.

Rows and rows of cheeses, cakes, biscuits and other various puddings and treats lined the sides of the room. From a huge oven right in the corner of the room there emitted the most glorious smell ever. Inside the oven was the biggest, most chocolatey cake ever to have been baked. That wasn't all, different pastries, several various types of potatoes and bowlfuls of fruits and vegetables all weighed down the huge table that stood in the very heart of the room.

"You like Jack?!" North clapped Jack on the back, drawing him forwards at the same time.

For Jack, who had been born in a time when food was scarce and had spent several centuries not needing food, the amount of food in front of him was almost unimaginable.

"North I didn't think that you could have done it, but you did, you made it more impressive than last year!" Bunny was the first to sit down and immediately he bean to load his plate with everything on the table ( or as close to it as he could get)

"Come on everyone tuck in!"

North needed no further encouragement, he quickly drew up a chair and joined Bunny in his quest to clear the table of food.

Sharing incredulous looks with Tooth and Sandy, Jack sat at the table and stared, unsure what to start with.

"Jack try the turkey, its to die for!" At North's suggestion Jack grabbed a slice of the fresh, juicy meat and took a bite.

Moments later and Jack had a pile on his plate that was beginning to rival North's.

For several hours there was nothing but companionable chat as everyone inquired about how the Christmas and Easter deliveries had gone and how beautiful the children's teeth where, there was even an hugely entertaining game of charades, which became even more hilarious when the yetis and elves joined in with their un-understandable languages.

Finally when every plate was scraped clean, every belt was undone and every belly was full North led the way back into the tree-room. Where every one settled into a chair and waited for the presents to be sorted and handed out.

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