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Sophie's Choice

"Stay mummy, just a little longer pwease." Sophie Bennett looked up at her mother, her green eyes large and pleading.
"Five minutes then I really must leave, ok treasure." Sophie snuggled up to her mother, burying her head in her mother's shoulder and feeling that familiar sense of safety that she always felt when she was with her mother. It didn't last long though.
"Sorry sweetie I have to go now I need to get up early for work, if you can't sleep then curl up in a ball and count sheep, good night sweetheart."
Anne Bennett turned down the light and blew a kiss to her only daughter before closing the door, leaving Sophie alone in the dark.
Sophie kept her eyes on her light bulb as the light in it became to flicker and dim. It was starting, he was coming.
As she heard the now-familiar voice she squeezed her eyes shut and pulled her duvet over her head, trying to block out the voice.
"Oh Sophie you know you can't hide from me I am always here and I always will be, just open your eyes Sophie, look at me. " Sophie knew that she wouldn't be able to resist the velvety voice, she never could, but she still tried to keep her eyes closed, but as the voice continued it was like it got inside her mind, convincing her that opening her eyes was a good idea so against her better judgement, Sophie opened her eyes.
Instantly there were terrifying shapes in her face, monsters with dripping fangs and glowing eyes and no matter how much she wanted to she couldn't close her eyes.
"Your brother is the reason I don't rule this world so I will continue to plague you with nightmares that he will not know about nor will be able to do nothing about, and in the mean time you will spend your every waking hour scared and every time you close your eyes, even for a second, I will be there." Pitch whispered to Sophie who whimpered in fear and pulled her duvet closer to her, trying in vain to seek some comfort.

Pitch and his nightmares had been haunting her for nearly five years now and each year it got worse as her fear fed Pitch's strength.
She was unable to tell anyone, Pitch had made sure of that and once they had started there was no way of stopping them. Now that Pitch was stronger (all thanks to her) he was now able to give his nightmares proper form again and they would all materialise in her room at night and traumatise her all night making it impossible for her to get a wink of sleep. At first she had believed that Sandy would know that her dreams were being interrupted and were being replaced by terrible nightmares but Pitch had soon convinced her that Sandy had no idea that she was having nightmares rather than dreams. Even now she still had no idea how Pitch had managed to trick Sandy, all she knew was that no one would be coming to help her.

"Oh Sophie I bet you wish now you had never gotten involved with the Guardians, if you hadn't then right now you would be sleeping peacefully rather than suffering, they clearly don't care, I have been here for four years now and how many times have they asked you if everything is alright if you have seen any sign of the bogeyman?"
Pitch leered at Sophie, still hiding beneath her duvet watching the terrors that crept silently around her room. His words were well chosen and powerful. Sophie had begun to wonder if the Guardians even cared that she was in trouble and Pitch's words had just strengthened this fear.
Sophie's belief, which had lasted through four years of terrible nightmares began to waver for the first time and Pitch could feel it.
Sophie began to wonder, the Guardians, although they visited as often as their busy jobs would allow had never shown any interest in her, it had always been Jamie. Precious little Jamie who had saved them all with his belief. They had forgotten that she had believed in Jack first but her age had stopped her from having the words to show it. Jack had carried her home that night and he would have been unable to lift her if it wasn't for the slim flicker of belief that there had been someone else present at the Warren that day, someone that she couldn't quite see but was always there nonetheless. Such was the potency of the nightmares that she forgot all about Bunny, how she had adored him and he her.

Pitch watched as the girl struggled with her belief and the doubt his nightmares had sown into her mind.
Her belief was strong but his control over fear was stronger still and she would crumble and her faith would shatter and what's more it would happen soon.
Pitch smiled and stood back to let his nightmares do their work.

Silent tears trickled down Sophie's face. She had made up her mind. It was time to let go of her childish beliefs and fantasies the Guardian's didn't exist and there was no such thing as magic. Although she was unaware of it, Sophie's choice was felt all around the world.

Russia: Jack almost fell from the wind's embrace as the loss of such a strong and dear believer hit him.

"San Diego, thirty-three molars, fifty-six canines and… oh." Tooth stopped mid-sentence, causing her daughters to look up from their work, only to see large tears form in their queen's eyes as she realised what had happened.

Sandy paused in his dream making as he felt the sharp stab of pain that always accompanied the loss of a believer and as he realised who it was a single golden tear trickled down his face.

North Pole:
North stopped mid-hum as he felt it. He knew immediately what it was and who had caused it and he smiled sadly as he remembered the small girl with the messy blonde hair and lively green eyes who had caused such a stir at the Warren, now she wouldn't again.

The Warren:
Bunny gently placed the egg back on the ground and it scampered off to re-join its friends. Then he felt it, a cold feeling spreading outwards from his chest until it echoed around his entire body. He knew what it was but he had never felt it to this level before, never had he felt so much pain from losing a believer.
He pondered on it and the thought occurred to him that one of the Burgess children had stopped believing but not once did he consider Sophie in that list, he believed her faith to be almost indestructible, so he waited until the pain was near enough bearable before setting out for the North Pole.

As soon as Sophie made her decision the worst of the sand shapes vanished, leaving Pitch and just a few of his most loyal nightmares behind.
"I knew you would make the right choice eventually, you just needed a little push in the right direction that's all." Pitch smiled at Sophie but it wasn't a kind smile, more of a leer really.
Sophie tried to smile back (it was only polite after all) but she didn't feel like smiling she felt all empty and cold inside somehow, like her decision had left her hollow and empty.
"That will pass don't worry, King of Nightmares remember I know everyone's fears and right now you are scared about the empty feeling inside, that was how I knew."
Sophie tried to think of something to say back but talking to Pitch was nothing like talking to Jack or Tooth nor Bunny and North, even Sandy in his own little way was a better conversationalist than Pitch was.
"How did he know? When will the brat be here? Right ok well done." Pitch was leaning down nodding to one of his nightmares, leaving Sophie to awkwardly sit on her bed knowing that she was missing out half of a conversation.
"Belief really isn't important Sophie without it the Guardians will fade away and…" Pitch hastily shut up as he realised his mistake, Sophie hadn't quite given up on the Guardians yet, there was still the tiniest glimmer of belief left inside and that was all that was needed.

Sophie's window flew open, inviting in a cold breeze and riding the breeze was a certain white-haired spirit.
"Sophie, kiddo I am so sorry it took so long for me to realise that there was something wrong but I am here now so what do you say we get rid of this boring old has-been?" Sophie smiled again and Jack took this as an apology accepted and turned and blasted Pitch with wave after wave of powerful ice attacks.
Not able to withstand against such devastating attacks Pitch quickly gave up trying to defend himself and instead slipped back into the shadows and disappeared.
"Now then kiddo how long has Pitch been bothering you?" Jack sat down and pulled Sophie onto his lap and the eight year old snuggled close, her belief already completely intact again.
"Nearly five years." Sophie felt Jack's arms tighten around her and she let out a sigh of relief, no longer would she have to dread the night now her Guardians knew they would always ensure that no harm came to her.
"I am so very sorry, I should have known, I should have done something, forgive me?" Jack sounded so young and so sad that Sophie couldn't refuse him.
"Of course Jack."
"I will make it up to you, how would you like to visit the Warren?"
"Can we go now? I've missed Bunny so much, I have missed you all so much."
"It hasn't been so long since you saw us all but let's go there now."

Two hours later and Sophie's nightmares were nothing but bad dreams once again and she was playing hide-and-seek in the Warren with a six foot three Pooka, an old Cossack, the Tooth Fairy, the Sandman and Jack Frost.

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