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Chapter one

Light shifted in his chair uneasily. His eyes drifting down to his cuffed wrist, then to the raven-haired man. The handcuffs were uncomfortable, but the person he was handcuffed to made it even more uncomfortable. He straightened him self out in an attempt to refocus only to disturb the chain causing his mind to once again wander off with thoughts of the man sitting next to him.

Light's pov

'I need to focus!' I thought shaking my head slightly and frowned. I turned my head to catch a glance at L only to find him sitting much too and staring at me with those big eyes.

"W-what are you doing Ryuzaki?" I stammered and nearly fell out of my chair.

"Are you alright Light-kun? You seem very distracted," L said cocking his head to the side.

"I'm fine," I said turning away from L. 'why is it that the only man I like is extremely strange and suspects me of murder? Why do I have feelings for that odd insomniac?' I thought turning my face further away from him when I felt my face heat up 'I can't let him see me blush! And how the hell am I going to hide my feelings when we're handcuffed?!' my frown deepened this thought.

"Light-kun are you sure your ok? You're frowning and your face is red do you have a fever?" L said raising an eyebrow. He put a pale cold hand to my forehead which made my face go a deeper shade of red.

"I'm just tired, maybe we should go to bed." feeling my face redden even more (if possible) at the thought of sleeping in the same bed as L.

"I agree. You're of no use to me when you are tired." He said and he pulled his hand away and stood up. 'Thank god!' I thought.

When we laid down L started working on his laptop and I just scooted as far away as possible and squeezed my eyes shut trying to block out any and all dirty thoughts sprinting through my mind about L.

I felt him shift behind me and he lightly tapped me on the shoulder.

"Light-kun, are you still awake?" he whispered.

I sat up and looked at him he was sitting in his regular strange crouched position.

"What is it? What do you want? I had almost fallen asleep." I said annoyed while i sat up.

"I'm 95% sure I've fallen in love with you Light-kun" he said with his dark eyes wide and cocked his head to the side.

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