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(still light's pov)

L ran into the room and he scanned each pit until he got to mine. the look of utter terror on his face melted into joy and relief. "Light!" he yelled.

"L!" I said back, I said it more the myself then to him. he didn't bother using the stairs into the deep pit, he just jumped in from the high wall and barreled towards me. when he saw the wounds misa had inflicted he gasped.

"oh god, light! what did that bitch do to you!? are you ok to walk?"

"i think so" I replied and he slipped his shoulder under my arm to help me. I winced every step but we managed to climb out of the pit.

We got outside and he helped me into an ambulance he climbed in after me and we just looked at each other. He was holding my hand and stroking it with his thumb, I felt joyful tears well up in my eye. I got my love back! "I love you L! oh god i'm so glad I got you back!" I said breathlessly, then the memories of the last words we shared came crashing back, "I'm so sorry for wha-" he cut me off with a pale finger pressed to my lips.

"Don't light, I love you and you never have to apologize for anything that has happened this week. I'm so sorry this happened to you." he said, his eyes roaming from wound to wound.

The next month ( I didn't want to write about Light being in the hospital, so let's just assume he was kept for a while. plus I wanted his wounds to be healed:D)

I stepped into the familiar hotel room I shared with L and sighed. it felt like it had been years since I have set foot in this place. L grabbed my hand and kissed my cheek.

"I love you light," He said squeezing my hand.

"L I missed you so much," I pushed him onto the bed and kissed him passionately

"I missed you too, and guess what?" L asked me as he flipped our position.

"I'm totally getting laid tonight?" I asked in mock hopefulness, I already new the answer to that.

"well yes. But also i spoke to your father," I winced and he smiled gently, "He said he approved of us he was just surprised when he found out about you and i were together by walking in on us." he giggled and lowered himself to kiss me once again.

I tangled my hands in his hair and deepened the kiss, licking his bottom lip. he parted his lips giving me entrance into his hot mouth.

He moaned into the kiss and arched his back into me. we pulled away for air and he grinned unbuttoning my shirt and running his hands over my chest.

he kissed and licked his way down my neck to my collar bone, sucking and leaving a mark. as he kissed over my chest he licked ever scar as if to show me he still loves my body even if it's cover in pink scars. he made eye contact with me and smiled sweetly he made his way back up to my lips.

he captured them again and slid his hands to tweak my nipples, I moaned and wrapped my hands around his neck. his hands slid lower and undid the button on my jeans sliding them down. He took my erection in his hand and pumped it a few times. when he brought me to the edge of my orgasm and then pulled away leaving me a moaning quivering mess.

He chuckled and put three fingers in front of my lips. I took them in willingly and sucked on each one coating them in saliva. when he was satisfied he pulled them out and yanked my boxers off my body and probed my entrance, I moaned and looked at him expectantly.

He push one finger in and thrust it in and out, I moaned loud. a few minutes later he had put all three in and I was begging for him.

"Please!" I yelled

"please what?" he panted grinning.

"I want you inside me please!" I moaned. he didn't even respond. he pulled his fingers out and I whimpered at the loss. he positioned himself and push himself in. once he was all the way in I looked at him and said, "move now." in a very firm voice.

He wasted no time and thrust into me fast and hard hitting that one special spot over and over like only he can do.

I screamed and moaned and he did the same. he nuzzled into my neck and let out a throaty groan as he came inside me. I came also and for a few moment i was in utter ecstasy. After we had both calmed down and caught our breath he pulled out of me and snuggled next to me.

"I'll love you forever and always Light," L whispered in my ear.

"I'll love you forever and always too Lawliet," we then drifted into a deep sleep. Both at peace knowing we had each other forever.

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