- Hey guys, what's up? I want to first mention the fact that this is the first story I've written for this site so I just want to ask that you take it a bit easy on me when it comes to pointing out the wrongs that I may have done here. I guess the reason I wrote this was because I was not happy with the way the "Ends of the World Arc" in the Amazing Spider-Man series ended. I pretty much stopped reading the comics after that because I do not like how they're handling Peter Parker's character the way they have so far. Another reason would be that I'm a fond fan of Peter Parker and Silver Sablinova as a couple together and other than Maximus Reborn's story "Everyone Loves Spidey" and BlueInfernoX's story, "Tainted Web"; there are very few other stories out there that feature them as a pairing together. (Both fanfics are great by the way, take the time to read them if you don't read my lack lustre writing).

- This story in a quick overview is pretty much my interpretation of how the Ends of the World arc should've ended with Peter Parker being able to save both Silver Sable and the world. If you're reading this, I assume you already have read the Ends of the World arc in the Amazing Spider-Man, if not, be wary of some spoilers. Note the fact that Sable during the course of this Arc tries to tell Peter Parker her true feelings towards him and that in a sense is where my story branches off from the comic. The only part that will follow the basis of the comic arc is the main idea of the Ends of the World one, after that the story will be shifted into something more original of my ideas in how Peter Parker and Silver Sablinova will end up together.

"God damn it" was all Peter Parker could mutter before returning to catch his breath and reassess the grim situation before him. His mind rewinds back to how this crisis began in hopes of finding something he missed that could help him now...

Many hours ago, Doctor Octopus in his reduced physical form had taken control of the Earth's atmosphere with his Octobot satellites and claimed to the world that he did so to solve the problem of global warming. Many of the world's leaders and the respective people they represented were convinced that Ock was telling the truth. Worst yet was the fact that he had reformed the Sinister Six and the majority of the world was now calling them heroes while Peter aka Spider-Man was the bad guy this time courtesy of Doc Ock telling them that he was a terrorist to his plan. The many years of experience Peter Parker had in fighting the good doctor made him realize that helping the world was the last thing Ock wanted to do. Peter knew that this time he could not beat Octavius on his own and first sought out the Avengers for help in fighting the Sinister Six. Spider-Man's first attempt at beating Ock and his tools was simply to strike at them with a sudden attack courtesy of him and the Avengers...only for the plan to completely backfire. While they were able to get rid of Electro with relative ease, the Avengers were quickly defeated in succession by the others. Peter himself was left temporarily paralyzed despite his Anti-Six suit's efforts and would've been finished off by Doc Ock himself had not one of his old allies, Silver Sable, come to save him albeit discreetly. Secretly blowing up the Quin-jet that was close to Octavius from afar, Sable managed to fool Ock into thinking that reinforcements had arrived to help Spider-Man and as such he promptly retreated. Silver Sable later revealed herself and told Peter that she was there to help and along with the only uncaptured Avenger, Black Widow, Spider-Man set out to destroy the bases that Ock lead them to believe was needed to construct his missiles.

Amongst the many fights that followed, Peter and his two allies were able to defeat and confine Sandman (a member of the Six) within a single grain of sand and interrogate info out of him as well as Spider-Man somehow convincing Mysterio to help them find Doc Ock. When they arrived at the location Mysterio told them, Spider-Man and Co soon found themselves fighting against the captured Avengers who were under control by Octavius with help from his Octobots. Peter managed to subdue the mind controlled Spider-Woman while Sable was able to knock out the similarly controlled Captain America. Black Widow was able to take down Hawkeye but she was rendered unconscious by Ironman. Peter took a right punch by the mind controlled Thor before Mysterio managed to remove the Octobots from the conscious Avengers.

Right then and there, Octavius launched his missiles into the atmosphere which lead to having the freed Thor, Ironman, and Red Hulk promptly take to the skies in an effort to intercept the missiles before any could cause damage. Mysterio, the slippery bastard, deserted them after telling them where Ock's underwater base was and weakly wishing Peter and Sable good luck...

Realizing that nothing he learned could help him now, Peter brought his mind back to now and immediately his thought was that he and Sable were in a very bad way. While they had largely defeated the Sinister Six, Rhino was still unaccounted for and Spider-Man knew for a fact that Ock kept him behind in his base as part of his unknown final plans for the world.

"I just had to knock out Jessica" thought Peter. He knew that him and Sable could use her or any of the unconscious Avenger's help right about now and silently cursed himself for not holding back enough to have that situation.

Peter moved his face to take a look at Sable who looked as though she was ready to fall asleep. It was understandable as both of them had been fighting together against many of Ock's allies from the start of this crisis. The exhaustion and pain was evident in both of them although it was more so in Sable's case as she in all respects was still a regular person.

"...A very hot mercenary who is still a normal person yet still helping me despite the craziness in my problems" Peter muses to himself. He was not an idiot, despite many convincing arguments from his many acquaintances, he knew that Silver is in all regards a very attractive woman but also the fact that there was more to her than just looks. The fact that a woman like her was still willingly standing by his side despite the overwhelming odds was someone that Peter could not help but respect, although she had long won Spider-Man's respect in the years they've worked together.

Spider-Man walked over to where Sable was and promptly asks "Are you alright now, Sable? Old Ock wouldn't want us to keep him waiting for his overdue beat down."

Silver on her part smiled mentally at Spider-Man's attempt to lighten the situation, the habit of making light of anything with a joke or quip was something she had come to expect from him and while others weren't fond of his need to do so, she secretly enjoyed his jokes every now and then though she would probably never tell him that.

"I'll be fine, Spider-Man. Let's finish this with our victory." Peter simply nodded at her in response and both made their way to the vehicle that Mysterio left for them to use in getting to Ock's base.

After a brief ride in submerging towards Ock's underwater base, Peter and Silver found themselves looking at Ock's base or Octahedron as the doc named it in plain view. Peter was preparing everything that was left in his Anti-Six suit when he found himself thinking about the recent losses he had suffered. Marla Jameson's violent death was still vivid in his mind, not because of how it happened but it was the fact that he had been right there with her along with the other New Avengers and was still unable to prevent that tragedy from happening right in front of him.

Peter quickly shook his head to get rid of such thoughts. "I won't let that happen again, I've already vowed that no one dies under my protection. I won't fail", Spider-Man said to himself.

Sable took notice of this and asked "Are you al-" only to be cut off midsentence by him. Silver to her surprise saw him place his hands on her shoulders and heard Spider-Man simply say "Sable...please be careful".

As Peter said this, Sable knew that he was looking right into her eyes despite the mask and although she was curious as to why he said such words to her, she felt the need to reassure him that she would definitely do what he told her of. "I will, Spider but please remember that we are here for the sake of the world, we have to win this." Silver stated while gently placing a hand on his shoulder.

"I know and...thank you" Peter replied before removing his hands from her shoulders.

For some reason, Sable found herself a bit disappointed that his hands were no longer on her person but she quickly refocused on the task at hand as their vehicle was coming to a stop at the Octahedron's docks.

Both Sable and Peter knew that time was of the essence and as soon the vehicle landed at the dock and the doors opened, both sprinted out in order to find and stop Octavius before it was too late.

"We should've brought reinforcements" shouted Sable as she ran through the corridors of the Octahedron with Spider-Man.

"Who? three unconscious Avengers? Spider-Man replied. Peter had thought of the same thing before they got to the base but as all three remaining Avengers were still out cold and with Mysterio running out on them, he and Sable had no choice but to go it alone with just the two of them.

"The Sandman? After all, you convinced Mysterio to help us" Sable continued.

Peter sighed to himself in his head before replying "Only for about ten minutes before he left us out to dry and the fact that we poured acid all over Flint's one grain of thought for info tells me that he isn't too keen on the idea of helping us".

Sable cursed silently in frustration as she knew Spider-Man was right, they were going to have to win this by themselves.

They ran through the halls of the empty corridors for six minutes and when they turned at a corner, Peter's spider sense warned him that danger was coming for them. He quickly stopped to try and see where the danger was coming from. Sable saw Spider-Man stop and slowed her pace, asking "Why are you stopping?" "Something's coming for us right now, I'm trying to figure where it's coming from", Peter said as he was intensely trying to pinpoint where the danger was coming from.

When his spider sense gave away a vague direction as to where, Peter became shocked and yelled out "Sable, Get away from that wall!"

Sable, taking heed of what he said, was about to do so when the wall behind her suddenly broke apart and a large shadow of a giant hand grabbed her by the waist, preventing her from moving at all...

Peter immediately rushed to her and tried to remove the grip that was kept around Silver's waist. Despite his super human strength, Peter found himself unable to even budge a finger on the hand. Spider-Man quickly looked up to see that it was Rhino who was holding Sable fast to her spot.

"Alexei, please don't do this, Ock isn't helping you at all. He's trying to end the world!" Peter pleaded.

Rhino in response simply stated "I know...and that's why I'm helping comrade Octavius."

"What!?" was all Peter could say at his shocking statement while still trying to wrench Silver free from his grip.

"When I realized that my beloved Oksana died in our world, I asked myself how such a world could exist where that is allowed to happen. To that end, when Octavius asked me to aid him in destroying that world...I agreed to do so. As it was your fault that she died, my only wish for you is to go through that same pain I had when I lost my Vozl├╗blennyj."

As he said this, Peter realized that the base's foundations were weakening and sea water was slowly but steadily filling up the base.

"I will hold your comrade here and not move. I will do so until this place is submerged. I will die but so will your friend...and you will undoubtly blame yourself for that. I want you to suffer from that guilt." Rhino stated to Peter as more water began pouring in from the sides and ceiling.

"Alexei, please don't..." Peter pleaded to no avail as he was still trying to free Sable with everything he had.

"Sable, he's too strong! I can't-" Peter was cut off when he heard her say something, something he would never want to hear.

"Go! Stop Octavius, please..." Silver asked Spider-Man who was still trying to free her. "No," Peter replied, "I can get you out of this!" Silver Sable knew that Spider-Man would never leave her behind to die and felt glad that he cared for her, but she also knew that time was running out. Octavius would no doubt execute his nefarious plans soon and someone had to stop him.

"Please go, for Symkaria, for your beloved New York and for that girl you mentioned, find Octavius and stop him!" Silver pleaded to Spider-Man.

As past mistakes began to creep back into his mind, Peter quickly stated "I've already vowed that no one dies under my protection."

"Everyone will die if you don't go, please!" Silver pleaded, imploring desperately for Spider-Man to go and save the world from Octavius's madness.

However the memories of all the losses Peter had suffered due to his mistakes quickly came back to remind him that his responsibility would not let him do so. Something else, tugging at Peter's heart, was also telling him to save her though that something was largely dwarfed by his sense of responsibility. The vow that Peter swore upon Gwen, Marla, everyone else he had failed to save, and his Uncle Ben's name would lead him to state his next words, words that would leave Silver Sable to be completely astounded and even more impressed by his character.

"Silver...I am not leaving you here!" Peter, with determination and assurance in his voice stated.

Peter's simple statement immediately stopped Silver from telling him to go; amazed at the fact that Spider-Man would risk losing more time to save the world just to save her was enough to invoke a seldom felt feeling of warmth in her heart. Something within Sable told her to believe that Spider-Man will find a way to both save her and stop Octavius and though she wanted to reply with something strong to his statement, she found herself only being to nod in agreement with Peter's words. Finally making Silver Sable understand that he'll find a way to save her, Peter quickly used every bit of his brainpower into finding a way for Alexei to relinquish the grip around Sable.

He knew his strength could hurt Rhino as he had done so before but that was through the few exposed areas that his suit did not protect, Spider-Man hurriedly scanned Rhino for any exposed areas that he could hammer with his punches and force Alexei to free Sable from his grip.

"I really wish his current weak points were right in front of my eyes right now!" Peter said...then stopped. "Wait, his eyes? Rhino's eyes are exposed, aren't they?"

Peter immediately saw the merit in that thought and took a look at Alexei's head. Sure enough, his eyes were about the only exposed weak points that Peter could exploit. The only thing that bothered Peter was the fact that in order to actually force Rhino to relinquishing his grip on Sable, he would have to punch both his eyes with all his strength which he meant he had to not hold back.

While the thought of permanently blinding Rhino was something Peter would never do in normal circumstances, he quickly faced the fact that his situations were never normal and Silver Sable's life, someone Peter had grown to care about, could be saved overrode that hesitancy.

"Besides, a blind Rhino is better than a dead Rhino" Peter morbidly thought to himself.

He quickly jumped on the arm that held Sable captive and climbed up to his face to which then he shot two web lines from his web shooters and pulled back. Silver Sable saw this and immediately knew what Spider-Man was thinking and though she was surprised that he was attacking Rhino in such a brutal manner, she knew Spider-Man was doing so in order to save her and that made her appreciate him even more than she had before.

Peter in the midst of shooting his webs was a bit taken back by the fact that Rhino was not attempting to stop him, he just stood there with an expressionless face albeit still holding Sable down with the intention of drowning them both. Peter then realized as his web lines landed on the targeted areas of Rhino's body that Alexei did not have the will to live anymore and simply wanted to end his own life in a way that would make Peter's life hell. That was all he wanted now...either that or Alexei just wanted to be with Oksana while taking away someone that Peter cared for so he would suffer as he did in life.

"No more, I'm not losing Sable. Not now, not ever." Peter thought as he pulled the two shot web lines and pulled with all his strength until the last second, at which point he let go of the web lines and launched himself with his two fists clenched and extended aiming at their intended targets.

The second that Peter's fists made contact with Rhino's eyes, Rhino immediately screamed and launched his head back in incredible pain. Peter did not hold back at all with his blows, as he put all the superhuman strength he had in him within his punches...all of the 10 tons of strength that he possessed was directed in those two punches towards their targets. As Peter connected with his attack, he quickly leapt off and stuck to the wall on the side albeit with some difficulty as the walls were semi soaked with sea water. At this point, the water level was currently up to Peter's waist and was still steadily climbing. Spider-Man disregarded that thought for the moment and wondered if his strike worked.

Peter got the result he wanted when Rhino's left hand on instinct let go of Silver Sable's waist and went to cover his heavily indented eye sockets that was bleeding a fair bit in response to the brutal way Rhino's eyes were crushed.

Peter Parker knew that this was his chance and fluidly leapt off the wall to catch Silver Sable and put her on his back. She was understandably breathing in deep breaths as Rhino's grip had partially ensnared her lungs and ribs. Sable was still able to wrap her arms around Spider-Man's neck as he quickly left the area with her on his back, leaving behind Rhino who was writhing in pain on the partially flooded floor.

"Silver, Can you hear me? Are you going to be alright?" Peter worriedly asked as he ran down the corridor to where Ock was with Silver Sable clutching her arms tightly around his neck while on his back.

"I...I'll be fine, Spider. I'll be ready when we beat Octavius", Sable managed to mutter out, relieving Peter's worry for the moment. That relief was quickly overtaken by anxiety as Peter knew they were going to have to face Ock next and while the time it took him to save Sable was very short, every minute that Peter wasn't fighting Ock was another minute gone in delaying his plans and stopping him.

With that, he doubled the speed that he was running in until Peter found what most likely the control centre was for the Octahedron. "Silver? Get ready cause we're here" Peter told her as she got off his back and readied her weapons.

"On three, Spider." Sable said and with the count of that, both Spider-Man and Silver Sable stormed into the control room anticipating the worst...only to see in surprise that no one was there. No trap and no ambush awaited them and the villain that both Peter and Silver had come to defeat was nowhere in sight.

"What?" Sable asked, "Where is Octavius?" as she held out her guns in a cautious manner, ready to fire at the slightest hint of attack.

Peter looked around, using his Anti-Six suit's scanners to see where Ock was hiding. As he shifted his direction to the right, his scanners picked up something towards one of the chairs that looked to be seated to the main control panel.

Spider-Man made his way towards the chair and turned it around...to find the corpse of Octavius himself seated there with his metal appendages lying in the flooded floor lifelessly, blood flowing out of his lifeless eyes and mouth.

Silver Sable saw this and in shock, asked "how did he die?" Peter knew that some time before this, Ock was already dying from the radioactivity that bounded him to his metal limbs and in all likeliness probably succumbed to his death as Peter and Sable were making their way to stop his plans.

"He was already dying from radioactive poisoning that stopped his body's ability to heal. My guess is that he finally succumbed to the poison and died." Peter stated emotionlessly.

Silver Sable was a little bit surprised to hear that bit of news but did not feel sorry in the slightest that the terror was dead. She was about to suggest that they leave when her eyes caught sight of what seemed to be a countdown meter.

At once after a second glance, she recognized in horror what it was. "Spider, this place is about to self destruct!" Sable quickly told Spider-Man as he rushed to see why that was happening and if he could stop it.

"Oh no", Peter said as he typed into the computer and saw why the self destruct sequence began.

"This base is set to ignite the Earth's atmosphere with the Octobot satellites in the event that Ock couldn't live long enough to do so himself, the self activating encrypted key code set them to do so at the moment this place begins to explode!" Silver was shocked to say the least when she heard this.

"Can you stop the sequence?!" Sable desperately asked.

Peter quickly began to work and see if he could, type madly away at the computer. He quickened his typing when the countdown meter was down to a minute and twenty five seconds and saw that there was a way to stop the ignition that would be triggered with the Octobot satellites but the self destruct sequence would still go off.

"One problem at a time..." Peter thought as he furiously typed the thirty six letter encryption keys that were needed to stop the igniting of the world's atmosphere.

With twenty seconds gone, he had already typed the encryption keys towards two of the three columns he had to by-pass. The last one took twelve seconds to shut down and Peter somehow sighed in short term relief. Silver Sable saw this as a sign that they both had averted the crisis and was about to congratulate the Spider when Peter suddenly took her in his arms and sprinting with all his might, sped his way towards their transport at the docks.

"Spider-Man, What's wrong, didn't you stop the sequence?" Sable asked in confusion as she was held tightly in Peter's arms, making her blush a bit at the close contact.

"You're half right, I only managed to stop the primary sequence of Ock's satellites incinerating the Earth's atmosphere but this place is still going to blow". Peter replied as he turned the next corner that faced the docks.

Even running at his superhuman speed, Peter guessed that they had no more than thirty five seconds as he entered the vehicle with Sable still in his arms. Silver Sable as soon as he let her go went to start the vehicle while Peter began adjusting the vehicle to top speeds so they could get away.

"We got about 20 seconds left, punch it!" Peter said. Sable did that just as the first minor explosion hit the base and their vehicle pulled away at its top speeds.

Even with that, Peter knew they were not far enough away from the base yet and hoped in the next ten seconds that their escape vehicle would be fast enough that they get far enough away. Silver Sable sensed his thoughts were not far off from hers and instinctively took Peter's hand with her own as the last ten seconds counted down in his head.

"If something does happen, Spider-Man" Silver Sable began with clear sincerity in her voice "I want you to know that the man you are is the..."

But Peter would not hear what Silver wanted to say to him as her words were drowned out by the noise of the huge detonation of the base. They were barely outside the range of the explosion but the ensuing shockwave was strong enough to knock their escape vehicle, sending Silver Sable flying into Peter. As their getaway transport was blacking out and knocked around, Peter wrapped his arms around Silver Sable and held her in a firm embrace so that no further harm would come to her. Even in the midst of the chaos that was happening around them, Silver Sable felt Spider-Man's arms tighten around her in an effort to protect her and Sable found herself relaxing into his body and held Peter just as tightly around his waist as their getaway transport was still being afflicted with blackouts and knocked around.

After what seemed like an eternity, their transport was finally free from the shockwave's after-effects and went back to a slower but peaceful pace in getting out of the sea. Even though the trouble was past, Silver Sable and Peter Parker still kept their arms around each other, neither individual wanting to part from the other's embrace. They would feel safe again only when they saw the light of day on land.

In case you didn't know:

- Alexei is the first and real name of Rhino and had a wife named Oksana before she was killed by another villain bearing the same name

- Vozl├╗blennyj means "beloved" in Russian

The statement that had Peter telling Sable that he would not leave her there was an idea I got from the ending of Halo 4 in one of John-117's statements to Cortana.

Well the first chapter in the story so far, folks, I hope it was at least decent enough to read. I'll try to update as frequently as I can. Best way to improve is from the fellow peers so I hope you leave some reviews. Please don't even try to flame me if you hate this, I'll simply just throw it down the deepest junk pile I can find and delete it.

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