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- - Caught Before Fallen - -

Chapter One

The wind whipped and danced around a fiery, red haired man in his early twenties as he sped down the empty freeway on a roaring piece of machinery. Three A.M. in the morning on an early October night… morning? Whatever. Kagami Taiga loved the night, the absence of life on the normally bustling streets brought about this sense of freedom he never felt during the busy times of the day where everybody always had to be somewhere at some specific time. Freedom existed at night when the rest of the world other than misfits like he himself were fast asleep in the comforts of their homely homes.

Kagami snorted. Don't get the wrong idea he wasn't the slight bit jealous of the successful lives of others who fit into society, played by its rules, reaped the benefits, and all that shebang. Life after college hasn't exactly been smooth sailing. He didn't graduate from the best university nor did he have the best grades, but hey, he was still alive and that's all that mattered, right?

School never was his thing. Basketball was his thing, and it was taken away him in seconds. His entire basketball career that he had worked so hard in building up had crashed down during a college match up. It was purely accidental and he held no grudge against anyone. Of course, he was very depressed after hearing from the doctor after surgery that he could no longer play basketball anymore. He was thankful though that he can still perform most things like ordinary people.

His one passion that he had was taken away from him, and sometimes he felt quite aimless. Before he had a goal to work for, to become the best basketball player the world has ever known. Now he had no dreams, no aspirations.

Kagami sighed. Enough thinking about depressing things, he told himself, there's no use thinking about the past when it can't be changed.

…and sometimes, he can't help but miss the people that aren't a part of his life anymore. He shook his head. When did I become this pathetic? The red haired delinquent thought to himself, a bitter smile on his face. Then there was that sketchy drug dealing offer that one of his college acquaintances offered him because he looked "strong and tight-lipped." It would pay good money. Illegal, but good money. Living on a little more than minimum wage does make one thirst for the finer things in life... which can be provided with the money from selling hallucination-inducing powder and pills to spoiled kids with rich parents. Kagami shook his head. He refused to sink that low... yet. A deep down part of him, however, knew that if his life didn't start changing positively, soon he might be more inclined to take up that offer. He shook his head violently. Focus, Kagami, on the thrill of the wind and the freedom it provides. It was during these moments that he felt truly unshackled.

Nothing could stop him as he accelerated on the motorcycle, pushing the vehicle well over ninety miles-per-hour. The road was familiar and straight and he held not a single ounce of fear, too busy drowning in the exhilarating rush of adrenaline given by the thrill of danger.

So enthralled was the twenty-three year old in the moment that he didn't register the bright flashing white and blue lights behind him until the source was literally right behind him.

Maroon eyes widened as realization hit him head on like a semi-truck. Shit… He didn't have to turn around to check that he was being chased by a police car, his motorcycle clocking over holy one hundred miles per hour. Fuck… where did the police car come from? Even cops aren't usually out around this fucking time…

With his heart beating louder than the drone of his machine, he gritted his teeth and pushed down on the brakes, making sure to decelerate slowly so that the cop car behind him that was matching his current speed doesn't smash into him.

After what felt like an eternity, his motorcycle finally came to a rest on a grassy opening to the right of the cement that he was just a moment ago racing on, free. Now, shackles of dread draped over his body and his heart threatened to beat out of his chest. With a numb feeling washing over him, he twisted the key in the ignition and quieted the machine.

Thump. Thump Thump Thump Thump. Quiet down and stop being scared, stupid heart…

Why tonight of all nights… Kagami thought. He had ridden down this highway at this time of night so many fucking times without anything happening. Plus he was driving over eighty… This… counts as a f-felony doesn't it? Shit…

The lights blazing behind him burned his eyes even though he wasn't facing them. He heard the door open and a deep but commanding voice shout,

"Step off of your bike kid and put your hands above your head. Don't turn around and hurry if you value your life."

Kagami obeyed, his legs shaking slightly as he raised his arms high in the air. A bead of cold sweat trickled down his temple. What's going to happen to me?

He heard steps as the cop approached him, the sound stopping right behind him.

For a few seconds, nothing moved other than the flashing lights. Then he felt something wet and warm smooth over the patch of skin directly behind his right ear and he yelped and he whipped around, out of pure reflex his right fist launched itself at the offender. W-what the hell?!

His fist was caught and stopped effortlessly by a hand bigger than his own. His eyes had shut themselves as soon as the violating lights from atop the police car had reached them. …Shit I just raised a fist at a police officer…

"Reckless driving, riding on an unregistered motorcycle, AND assaulting a police officer…" the voice somehow sounded very familiar but it was probably just his imagination. He wasn't given any more time to think about it before he was dragged to and slammed against the side of the police car. He winced expecting the impact when his face connected with the hood, but… it never came.

He felt a body pin his down and his arms wrenched behind his back in a not-so-gentle manner but in a way that inflicted no extra pain. A warm but strong hand gripped his wrists and secured them between himself and the cop. Another hand covered his eyes and turned his head to the side as the same wet and warm thing trailed up his jawline. That's a tongue. I'm being molested by a cop. What the actual fuck. …This is hot…

A moan escaped his mouth unknowingly when the sinful appendage licked a complete circle in the shell of his ear and blew a whiff of cool air, igniting sensations the red head hasn't felt in ages, causing his legs to go soft. If it wasn't for the hard body pressing him against the side of the car Kagami surely would have slipped and collapsed on the ground. Only one person knew of his sensitive spot… His eyes widened. It can't be…

"Taiga, long time no see."

And then it clicked. The hand blindfolding him was removed and his amber eyes met dark, lust-filled arrogant orbs.

"D-daiki?" he whispered in unbelief. Even from just the corner of his left eye he could see the familiar smirk, perfectly chiseled jaw, and the dark blue hair. And the way his name was uttered, oh how many years has it been since he had heard that succulent voice say his name … it was him no doubt. It was Aomine. What the hell is Aomine doing here?

As quickly as he had been pinned he was flipped so that his back was against the car. He gasped sharply when a muscular thigh lodged itself between his legs far enough up to press against his growing arousal.

"W-wait!" Kagami hated how weak his voice sounded right now, but such was the effect the blue haired man under the cop uniform had on him. In the other's presence his stupid brain never functioned properly. It didn't five years ago when it should've told him to not fall for the ace basketball player of a rival school and it was failing him now because it wasn't giving him the strength to push the tan sports genius away.

Whatever protest he was going to make vanished when a pair of predatory and velvet-textured lips descended on his with an intensity that made the red head feel as if he was being devoured. Before he knew his mouth was opened and the muscle invading his ear earlier was thoroughly mapping out every corner of his cavern. His arms no longer restrained, moved instinctively to grab a hold of Aomine's back, clenching the blue officer's shirt in a feeble attempt to find stability.

When they finally pulled apart, Kagami was gasping for breath. His ears buzzed so loudly that he couldn't hear anything and his cheeks were on fire.

For several seconds, neither one said anything, both men's breathing heavy.

"That was a h-hell of a way to greet someone you ditched five years ago," Kagami spat, breaking the silence after having collected his thoughts. His initial weakness in his old lover's sudden appearance forgotten as painful memories that he had worked so hard the past five years to bury resurfaced.

[Flashback – 5 years ago]

Pleasure as intense as white hot, burning passion rippled through Kagami as they both came together after a fitful bout of love-making.

His blue haired lover collapsed on top of him, finally exhausted after the fourth round of the night. Truth to be told the red haired teen was also struggling to stay awake, but he couldn't stop the huge grin forming from the corners of his mouth as he gently wrapped his arms around the tan, toned body on top of him.

The other propped his head and neck up with his arms to make eye contact with his lover, matching his expression. Both pairs of bright, energetic orbs were filled with love. However the dark orbs of the member of the Generation of Miracles also exhibited an unidentifiable emotion that Kagami didn't bother to question.

Screw the world, they were in love, Kagami thought.

And then his world was flipped upside down.

[Kagami's POV]

There's an annoying sound in the background… I blinked groggily and glanced to the side at my alarm clock. It's only 6.A.M… on a Saturday morning. Who the fuck is ringing the doorbell I'm gonna kill him.

Getting out of my warm, cozy bed I made my way to my apartment door, half tripping over nonexistent things on the way.


"I'M COMING." I shouted, angry at being woken up. Has the front door always been so freaking far away?

I grabbed the door handle and violently yanked it open,

"WHO THE FUCK- … A-Aomine? What are you doing here so early?" my bad mood instantly vanished upon seeing the figure standing in front of me. A surprise visit? This early on a weekend? Nah that's not like him. He loved sleeping in like me… Why does he have a that kind of look on his face…? What's wrong…?

"Hey… what's wrong? You look gloomy," I asked, my hand rose to cup his face gently. I noticed that his eyes weren't meeting mine and his brows were furrowed deeply in… sadness?

To my surprise, he leaned slightly into the touch and grasped my hand in his, pulling me into a tight embrace. I gasped, surprised at the sudden action and I reluctantly but reassuringly hugged him back.

We stood there for probably a solid minute as I waited for him to say something. I opened my mouth to speak when he interrupted me with a sentence that broke my heart.

"My flight to the states is in an hour. Taiga, I came to say goodbye."

- - - - - - - - - To Be Continued - - - - - - - -

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