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- - Caught Before Fallen - -

Chapter Two

I felt the air leave my lungs as if I got slammed in the stomach. I felt my eyes open wide at the news. I felt him gently pulling away from me, his hands holding my shoulders. I felt his eyes finally meet mine.

In the dark, mysterious orbs that I loved to get lost in I saw sadness, pain, and anguish reflected.

The same feelings throbbed in my chest.

"Why… Why didn't you tell me sooner… Did these past two months mean nothing to you? Do I mean that little to you that you didn't even consider telling me that you're going to the states for college!?" I yelled, my face mere centimeters away from his face. I was furious, but my anger served only to mask my true pain. How could he withhold such important information from me?


"You know I actually thought you loved me even though you never said it. I knew you weren't the mushy type that would say that kind of stuff but I believed you expressed it through your actions and I was satisfied… I can't believe I fell for you, you inconsiderate bastard."

Before I can stop it my fist flew forward into Aomine's stomach and he doubled over, his knees dropping to the floor. I felt a brief twinge of guilt which I quickly brushed aside. No amount of pain can compare to the emotional pain he has caused me, I reasoned. Tears were threatening to spill over the corner of my eyes and I quickly uttered a firm

"Get out of here."

and stepped back into the comforts of my apartment, slamming the door shut behind me. With my back to the door I slunk down to the floor as sobs raked through my body. I didn't even remember when was the last time I cried.

Unbeknown to me, my lover that I had just punched slunk down and was leaning against the other side of the door, mumbling the words "I'll be back for you. You just wait."

[End Flashback]

"Why are you back? I had finally forgotten about you and moved on after you… after you left me…" Kagami started with yelling but his voice faded into a whisper by the end. He hated feeling this weak. His eyes broke away from the intense look the other was giving him.

"That's a lie."

Kagami gritted his teeth, his anger returning. How can that bastard accuse him of lying?

"It's not a lie you bastard. Which unfortunate cop did you even forcibly take the car and the uniform from?"

"Look me in the eyes and tell me you hate my guts, Taiga."

Great. He would just ignore my question… the red haired man sighed. No problem. I'll tell him that I hate him and that'll get him out of my life. He looked back up and immediately got recaptured by the powerful, dark eyes. Suddenly his throat dried up.

"I ha… I hate… I h…h…"

Why can't I say it… I hate him… but he's so real right now. He's here… his body pressing into mine… I've… I've missed him. But I can't just forgive him for leaving me-

"I love you."

Kagami froze. The sound of his rapid heartbeat echoed loudly in his ears. He said WHAT? No way did the Aomine I knew just say that…

A pair of familiar strong arms wrapped around his body and he felt the ace of the Generation of Miracles plant gentle, soft kisses on his neck. Heat blossomed from every kiss and Kagami shuddered. Not really having had any intimate human contact for the past five years… tonight his body was going on sensory overload from the attention lavished onto it. He also had no idea how to respond to those three words that he had always wanted to hear from that sinfully deep voice… but never did he imagine that he'd hear them said while he was pinned to the side of a police car.

"I can feel you blushing."

Kagami shuddered one because of the sexily playful tone evident in the voice he loved and two because when the other spoke his teeth brushed unintentionally against the red head's skin.

"I still hate you," Kagami said half-heartedly and beat against his leech's back absentmindedly, the three words spoken earlier just replaying themselves in his head. His face was red and heated but he hadn't even noticed it.

The blue haired returnee detached himself from the motorcyclist and walked to the back of the cop car.

Kagami blinked when the other patted the car's butt. Oh he's motioning me to go over. His body started moving by itself before he realized and hesitated. Why am I still so obedient to him even after these five long years… why am I still so desperate for his affection?

"Come on. I have answers."

Kagami walked over and pushed himself up on top of the car trunk and glanced to the side. I don't want to feel this way… but I do… and I didn't hate the contact… or the kiss… my body missed it all, but how do I feel about Aomine being back in my life? The cold steel of the car felt refreshing against his butt and the underside of his thighs in contrast to the heat coursing through his body caused by Aomine's previous ministrations.

After he settled sitting on the car, the blue haired cop leaned in between Kagami's knees and put his arms down on the car to the left and right of the delinquent's long basketball legs. Kagami's face remained flushed.

"I'm sorry that I didn't tell you I was leaving five years ago," the other started, genuine regret and sadness in his eyes, "I didn't want anything to change about the relationship we had, so I kept that information away from you. Looking back I realize that was really selfish of me, and you didn't deserve it."

Kagami felt like his heart was in his throat. He felt his eyes tearing up and he tried to will them away. But it was so hard since those exact words were what Kagami had only imagined to hear only in his dreams.

"You threw a pretty solid punch that day," the ace said jokingly as he pried open Kagami's clenched fists gently and intertwined their fingers together. Kagami let him, finally giving up on resisting his body's desires, which were also slowly becoming his heart's desires.

"I deserved that," he added, "But you didn't finish hearing me out."

Kagami glanced down to his hands, which fit so snuggly in the pair of tanner hands, then back at Aomine and nodded, beckoning for him to continue.

The other took a deep breath.

"I wanted to tell you that… that I'll be back for you. That if you're willing to wait until I'm done with college in the states I'd definitely come back to you. I wanted to say those three words to you that day as well…"

"Why didn't you?!" Kagami blurted out. Tears of anger couldn't be stopped anymore as Kagami spilled out the feelings that had been pent up in him for the past five years.

"I loved you, but you left me without telling me anything ahead of time. I thought… I thought you ditched me and I felt horrible. Even though I told myself that I hate your guts I couldn't get over you and whenever I felt attracted to someone at college I couldn't act on it because your face popped up whenever I tried to think about them. I even tried… tried to have sex with people but it never worked out because I see you, and I feel you not them. It wasn't fair to them…"

The other's eyes shone with happiness and sadness; happiness at the fact that Kagami retained those feelings and sadness for the pain he had inadvertently caused his lover.

"When I first got to college I felt like shit. I couldn't focus on anything because every time I closed my eyes I saw you, hurt, angry, and bitter, standing in your doorway right before you punched me in the gut. I felt the pain too. For a while I tried to get over you too. I told myself that you most definitely hated me after I just upped and left like that but I knew that wasn't true. You couldn't hate me because you loved me just as much as I loved you."

Kagami rolled his eyes, the corner of his mouth lifting upwards in a smile, "Don't be so full of yourself." Just because he was attracted in a certain way to Aomine's pride and cockiness doesn't mean he has to feed his ego. He had certain ego regulation duties when it came to the blue haired man.

"One day though, I realized something. Instead of trying to deny the power you had over me even when you were thousands of miles away, I turned around figuratively and embraced it instead. I made you my motivation and I told myself that I'll get you back no matter what it took. First I had to do actually try for once in school, and that once I was out I would get a job that can support both of us. Then… I had to come get you. So here I am."

Kagami wanted to pinch himself but his hands were still enclosed by the blue haired man. He hasn't ever even dreamed of something this good happening. He's won. I don't have any reason to not be with him. My heart and my mind are his now and I haven't felt happier that I feel now since the day he left.

The redhead smiled a genuine smile that shone in rare occasions when he played against basketball players of his caliber and of greater frequency during the brief time five years ago with Aomine. He slowly leaned down and brought his lips to the others in a gentle, accepting kiss.

So into their emotional high and feelings of happiness and contentment in being in the accepting presence of each other that neither noticed the passenger door on the other side of the police vehicle opening until confetti rained down on them. They broke away sputtering and trying to wave away the colorful paper pieces that were getting stuck everywhere.

"W-What the hell was that!?" Kagami yelled, having pushed off the butt of the car and is now standing, moving his arms back and forth. He turned his head to the side to spit out pieces of dry paper that had flew into his mouth when he spoke just now.

"I don't know! What could- Tetsuuuuuu!"

Kagami's eyes widened as the cloud of confetti cleared and he made out a second man dressed in similar policemen garb. The light blue hair and the inexpressive face; there was a twinkle of mirth in the usual deadpan eyes. What's Kuroko doing here? And then it all clicked in the red haired man's mind. Kuroko became a cop after college… He was really the only person he kept in touch with after college…

He ran up behind the shorter cop and caught him in a headlock, giving him a hard nuggie.

"You were behind all this weren't you! You little scoundrel," Kagami yelled playfully, unable to be any more than irritated at his closest friend.

"Ow. That hurts Kagami," Kuroko protested and attempted to break out of the brazen headlock but to no avail. He didn't expect the hold to loosen in the next five seconds and something wet and warm touch his forehead lightly.

"Thank you, Kuroko," Kagami whispered to his teal haired friend. You really overdid yourself this time.

"You shouldn't flirt with me when Aomine-kun is standing right there, Kagami-kun," Kuroko accused, a bit of playfulness in his tone as he touched the spot on his forehead that his red haired friend's lips had just grazed.

"It's because I love you more than this bastard," Kagami joked, punching Kuroko's arm playfully. He was still wrapping his head around everything that happened tonight and his head was feeling light. He was on cloud nine and it was hard to rein in the grin stretching his face muscles from side to side.

Aomine rolled his eyes. "Hey I'm still here you two jokers," he said, also smiling. He approached Kuroko and leaned down, placing a peck on the same spot Kagami had moments earlier.

Kuroko blinked in surprise.

"My forehead feels particularly violated tonight…" he muttered in fake annoyance. Like the other two basketball idiots, he also couldn't help but smile. This was how things were supposed to be. The two stubborn lights that he had the pleasure of supporting over the years belonged nowhere other than with each other.

"Wait a minute," Kagami exclaimed, a thought suddenly hit him, "You're not a cop are you. You just borrowed one of Kuroko's co-workers clothes… you… woooooooow Aomine!" He charged towards the tan man in an attempt to tackle him. The attempt was easily stopped by a pair of stronger arms.

"Hey this wasn't my idea! Blame Tetsu it was his idea," Aomine laughed as he restrained his lover from pummeling his lights out. He was glad that the years hasn't taken out the pure life force the red head extruded, for it was precisely this energetic personality that made him fall so hard.

"What? Stop lying Aomine-kun!"

"Kuroko! Did you know how fucking terrified I was!? I thought I was going to jail!"

"It was to teach you not to speed Bakagami."

"Who are you calling Bakagami you Ahomine!"

"What'd you call me you stubborn basketball idiot!?"

"The actual stubborn basketball idiot can't accuse others of being basketball idiots!"

"You two are BOTH basketball idiots. Let's go home Kagami-kun, Aomine-kun."

"…Why does Tetsu always get the last word."

"Oh Kuroko. I'll get you back for this."

The End

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