Two weeks after the twin moon princess' were born, the one Princess Serenity was stolen in the night. Quietly the member's of the moon council are called to a secret emergency meeting and discuss the turn of events. The prophicised princess of peace- gone? The outcome would be terrible when the people found out. Coming to the conclusion to the answer of the problem, they agreed to say that it was Persaphone, Serenity's identical twin sister, who was stolen. Persaphone wasn't as important, not enough to cause trouble. Giving an oath of secrecy that the information was never to leave that room, they departed. Sixteen years later, the spoiled princess is assassinated, and once again they find themselves faced with the same situation, but there was no way out of it this time...or maybe there was... Seeing the mysterious orphan girl who looked remarkably like their princess, the answer was all to clear.


The Switching of a Princess


By Star


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* * *

Sun gleamed through the curtains of the surrounding trees, water from fountains flowing. Two toddlers padded happily through the soft grass that enveloped them, tiny white flowers tickling their arms and backs. Both boasted a sunny mop of curling blonde hair and wide blue eyes seeming to overtake their cherubic faces. One giggled and begun chasing a butterfly, short hands eager for the beautiful fluttering thing in the air.

"Serenity, Persaphone, not too far off!" called an elegant woman with a smile. Silver hair draped back into dual buns and poured a fountain of hair in streams down her side, twirling into her white ornate dress.

"Your majesty?" questioned a woman by her side with a curling wave of black hair. "Would you like me to go get them?"

The Queen brushed her offer aside. "No Luna, they'll be fine. Just as long as we keep them in sight." Her lavender eyes smiled joyously at the two little ones, the pride and love of a mother shining in their depths. "Oh look," she laughed," Serenity is chasing a butterfly."

Luna smiled by her side. "She is a joy, My Queen."

"Oh Luna, I wish Nikolas could see them now. How much they've grown in a year."

"He will be arriving within a few days," Luna reminded, not that she believed the Queen could forget.

"I know." And a smile rested on the Queen's face throughout the day that drifted by with fragrant breezes and rippling fields of flowers. All seasons were kind the moon's beauty, but there was something in the spring that lightened her heart. Duties still needed to be done, but she had no resentment to them. There was too much joy in her life to hold resentment. The main resource being the two year olds exploring the field with wide blue eyes. Their eyes were like their fathers, just as their golden locks of hair.

They could hardly talk yet, but she knew she would love them forever. And her little Serenity would be the heir of the kingdom. The Queen refused to let the prophecy of the toddler rule her daughter's young life. Serenity would be raised as normal as much any princess could be. She could feel it like sunshine in her bones. Serenity would be even a better Queen then she. For Serenity would one day accomplish what no other Lunarian Queen had; victory over the Dark Kingdom.

Later, the Queen Serenity I would hold this timeless day close to her heart. For little did she know that it would be the last she would see of Serenity.

* * *

A lone hooded figure made its way around the outskirts of the majestic palace; keeping within the shadows as if apart of them. If carefully observed one could detect a pair of eyes the color of rubies and whispery strands of hair the color of the darkest green pine needle that existed in the surrounding trees. Its body held curves of that of a woman, and her skin was a dark olive tan.

The night's cool air was thick with moisture, and a light breeze swept through out the Lunarian Kingdom, causing small ripples to grace the top of two blue pools of water, each reaching almost a mile wide. The familiar light of the green and blue planet that hung in the starry sky glowed peacefully down across the palace grounds. Large marble columns, alabaster archways, sculptured fountains, and other grand structures accented the ivory colored palace. The palace itself stood tall, one of its elegant ballrooms' ceiling looming high above the floor at sixty-feet.

Other than the casual guards that were located throughout the area, the place seemed deserted of people as they slept soundlessly in their beds; unaware of the of the mysterious woman that crept silently within the shadows outside. Among those that quietly slept were the royal family themselves.

As the woman continued to slip by two guards, it was the two toddler princesses who were consuming the thoughts of her mind. Or more precisely, Serenity, the girl of century old prophecies, was the center of the woman's thoughts. The little golden-haired princess was after all, the reason she was there.

Stopping, her eyes traveled up to the balcony she was now under. It was not even five feet above the ground. In one graceful leap the woman stood on the marble balcony. Smooth silk curtains that hung from the entrance to the room billowed in the breeze. Stepping into the large room, the woman's eyes gazed around. The room's ceiling reached high at twenty feet;

Dancing bears, singing angels, roses, lily's, winged horses, and so much more enchanting designs and scenes where painted

within it's dome shape. No expense was spared in making the room, even down to the smallest detail was done with perfection; intricately engraved designs of gold and silver decorating the walls and furniture. Even the rug that covered the marble floor was worth in itself a small fortune.

Everything in the room was centered around two silver and golden laced cribs. Walking up to one, the woman gazed at the small sleeping child that laid within it. Gently touching the toddler's cheek she soon found herself looking into the glittering blue eyes of Princess Serenity. Gingerly, the woman collected the child into her arms, smiling sadly as Serenity yawned and slowly closed her tired eyes, falling into a peaceful sleep within the stranger's arms, a small hand curling over the woman's cloak.

The woman wrapped the princess up within the soft silk lavender blanket from within the crib. Her footsteps echoing lightly

throughout the room as her form disappeared through the silk waves of the curtains that covered the way to the balcony. Only her faint shadowed figure could be seen until it too slowly faded away from view...

Tension filled the room, it's silence deathening as the occupants waited anxiously for the head administer to speak. In order for Cilas to call an emergency meeting for the council members at such an ungodly hour, the reason must be of great importance. So they waited with their silent questions, the dim light continuing to flicker across the dark room, dancing across their features. "The Princess Serenity has been kidnapped...most likely dead by now, I presume." The low voice sounded with authority throughout the tension filled room. Cilas' gaze traveled about the round table, silently taking in the gasps and horrified faces of the council members.

"If any of you do not realize the importance of this, let me remind you that for almost a century now it has been known of a moon princess who shall rise and will bring the ultimate peace to the silver millennium. Wiping out the darkness that continues to shadow our happiness, she will lead us into this new era of light. It was said that when the sun and the moon joined together the first new light will be this hope; translated it would mean when King Johnathon of the Sun Kingdom and the Queen Serenity of the Moon Kingdom join together, their first born daughter will be this legendary princess. Serenity, as you should know...was the first born." Stopping a moment Cilas made sure everyone's eyes were on him before asking his question, "What do you think will happen when the people find out that the princess is no longer?"

"Surely there will be chaos among them," exclaimed one of the men.

"Riots will start!" The room continued to erupt with all of the terrible outcomes that the situation could easily lead to.

Cilas leaned back in his chair, looking extremely relaxed and indifferent in the situation if not for the intensity that shone in

his eyes. The discussion of the members' had swerved towards more important matters; how to avoid the disastrous outcome. All their arguing, ponderings, and suggestions swept easily past Cilas' ears, but out of all of the blurred commotion one single comment broke through the barrier around Cilas and resounded in his mind as it seemed to echo above the others. 'Too bad it wasn't Persaphone.' Such a simple phrase yet it was the cause that jeered his thoughts into one direction. Silencing them with a simple gesture, Cilas turned to the man who had spoken.

"Crays, repeat what you just said." Crays looked at Cilas unsure.

"I was only commenting that it would have been better if it was Persaphone who was stolen, and not Serenity."

Cilas looked thoughtful a moment before commenting, "You know, I don't really see why not."

Crays looked at Cilas with pure confusion along with the other members before voicing the thoughts that occupied all of them. "I'm afraid I'm not following to what you mean."

Cila's thoughts were running wild, the solution to the situation seemed almost too simple. "I mean, that why couldn't have the captor have stolen Persaphone and not Serenity." Cilas knew they still didn't understand his implications from their blank looks. Sighing he continued, "Serenity and Persaphone are identical in almost every way, it would have been an easily made mistake to steal the wrong princess. All we must do is simply say that it was Persaphone who was stolen. No one will have

cause to not believe us, for it is only understandable that whoever it was to make that mistake. As long as the Princess Serenity is still safe, the people won't mind the absence of Persaphone."

It was a perfectly logical solution. It was very simple, yet it could save everything. After going into a minor discussion on

how to go about it, they were all ready to depart, satisfied that everything would work out. "There is just one more thing before we separate. Any knowledge of this meeting or what it contains, is to be strictly secret. What we discussed is to never leave this room, do I make myself clear?" Satisfied with their solemn nods and murmured agreement, he dismissed them with a wave of his hand.

Sighing, Cilas gently massaged his temples. "Tell me, did I do the right thing?" he asked out loud.

A voice answered from in back of him. "Yes, I believe that it is the best solution."

Cilas nodded, slightly reassured by the answer. "How is Luna taking all this?" he asked to the figure in the shadows.

"Not very well I'm afraid. She was quite attached to the little princess. When she went in as regular to check the twins before she went to bed, she was greatly distressed at finding Serenity gone."

Cilas took this in sadly. "You will relay the meeting to her, of course. She must understand how important this is. She is a good friend of her Majesty, and she mustn't tell her about this."

The figure in the shadows nodded. "She will not like the idea, but I know she will consent to it. And don't worry, everything will be all right." Cilas stared unseeingly to some point in the room.

"Oh Artemis, my friend, if only I could believe that..."


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