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So, I'm super happy to present to you my first multichapter story that I'm actually planning on finishing that isn't a oneshot collection! WOOHOO

I know what I want to do with this story, but I haven't worked out the smaller details like POV's yet. I was planning on making everything but the prologue Alec's thrid person POV, but I haven't decided. Thankfully, though, I actually have a plot for this one! xD

Anyway, I'm not so sure how I feel about this little prologue. I mean, it needs to be hear, and I really, really like the end just not the first bit or so. But it's important. Bear with meh here people!

Anyway, favorite, review, enjoy! :D


Magnus' POV:

Magnus usually liked colorguard.

It was not only fun, but the flags were also very, very glittery. Today, however, was not his day.

"BANE! I said second position, not first!"

"BANE! I remember telling you it was a double fast, not two drop spins!"

"BANE! I told you, it's a prayer toss! Pay attention!"

Magnus gritted his teeth. This was so not his day. Not only was he screwing up the routine he'd choreographed, he also had a severe headache from Remmy accidentally bashing her flag onto his head. It had been an accident, and she'd apologized about eight times before running back to her friend Melody, but it still hurt like hell. The sun was at the point where it was no longer a warm glow, but a vicious burn. Still, he continued to do as their instructor told him, and ignored every taunt she threw his way. He wasn't going to lose his spot as guard captain just because she was trying to mess with head.

Usually, Magnus loved Faith (the instructor) but really hated her teaching methods sometimes. She would find out what would make you tick, and assault you with it when you were least expecting it so you would be ready for everything. The only time this ever worked was the one time Remmy had accidentally set her flag on fire somehow. Magnus still wasn't sure how she did that.

Remmy was one of Magnus' closest friends, and she was a year younger than him. She was a sophomore, whereas Magnus was stuck in junior year of high school. She was pretty enough, with long brown wild hair and a tan complexion. She had eyes that were literally the color turquoise, which Magnus was insanely jealous of. He wasn't thrilled with his, although it wasn't like he hated his yellow-green eyes. He just thought they were a bit odd, and looked like they belonged on his cat.

Magnus typically liked the way he looked, though. He was extremely tall, clearing 6'2". He had dark skin, but it was more like he was extremely tan than anything else. His eyes, the weird cat color, had a sleepy droop to them, thanks to his Asian heritage. He had black hair, which was spiked except for two extremely long and skinny strands than reached his mid back. They were naturally in the front of his head, and he'd dyed the tips green and blue. He also liked to add glitter to his whole look, and it looked much better on him than it did on other males, if he said so himself.

Except for band camp. The one time of year he got to go out and practice with his flag and saber- he thought rifles were ridiculous, besides his saber had glitter on it- from dawn to dusk. Plus, they got to finish writing the show, and then came the best part in Magnus' opinion. Designing the years uniform. Being the captain, it was left to Magnus to pick the outfits, which meant they were automatically fabulous. Anyway, although he loved band camp, it made Magnus sweat bricks and thus, ruining the make-up he spent hours on. He learnt that the second he got there, all right.

To Magnus, it didn't seem like dusk could come soon enough. Since it was the end of summer in New York, that was right around nine o'clock. From his spot center field, he had the sun in his eyes. That in itself was a pain, but it gave him a chance to watch it's progress as it started to droop in the sky. From his point of view he'd say it was about eight forty-five.

He was right, because about a minute later Faith's voice rang out across the field, "Okay! Guard go home! Magnus, stay a minute, I need to speak with you."

Magnus wasn't shocked, he knew he'd been horrible. However, there was no way he was going to admit it. He walked over to his instructor, who was about two feet shorter than him, giving Magnus the feeling over literally towering over the small girl. He carefully twirled his flag so the silk was wrapped around that before looking down at Faith with a bored expression. "Yes?"

"I want to talk to you about the show."

A bit surprised Magnus repeated, "The show?"

"Yes, is it that much of a surprise? You haven't finalized the choreography with me yet, I want to know when you'll be getting that to me," Faith said, rolling her blue eyes.

"Oh, that. I have it all mapped out, I'll show you tomorrow," Magnus said with a shrug of the shoulders. His loose fitting shirt was almost falling off his left shoulder, while it was hugging his right. He liked loose fitting shirts; they hung nicely on him and went great with skinny jeans.

"Thanks. Go home, Bane," Faith smiled at him, reassuringly for some reason. "Also, I saw a really cute kid drive up. He went over to the soccer field. Maybe you'll be able to catch him before he leaves."

Magnus grinned. Faith was one of the many people who knew that Magnus was bi, and was always on the lookout to set him up with the next guy she saw. Magnus didn't mind, he was rather thankful for the fact that Faith had a good taste in boys, though. "How do I look?"

"Like hell," Faith replied. "But still fabulous."

Magnus rolled his eyes. "I, my dear, am always fabulous."

She smirked, and he turned away. With long strides, Magnus headed for the soccer fields. He wondered who Faith had seen. It would probably be like last time, where she thought she saw a new kid and it turned out to be the class president. Whom Magnus would rather throw a brick at then date. He was an optimist by personality, and couldn't help but let his hopes get slightly up, though.

He really hoped that this wouldn't turn out like Camille did, though. He would not go through a repeat of that. Ever again.

Magnus reached the outskirts of the soccer field, and shoved Camille Belcourt out of his mind. He couldn't change things by thinking more about her.

To his surprise, he actually saw someone on the soccer fields, kicking around a ball. For once, Faith was right; Magnus didn't think he had ever seen the kid around school before.

Magnus, as silent as a CIA agent, walked towards the boy. He could see only the outline of his back, and his very fine ass. He had a lean build, and was extremely tall. Maybe as tall as Magnus, but he couldn't be sure. The kid was wearing a baggy sweatshirt and jeans, complete with combat boots. It was nice enough, and actually seemed to suit him well, from what Magnus could see. The boy's hair was a mess in the back, shaggy and choppy. Yet, again, it seemed to work from what Magnus could see.

Deciding on how to approach the boy Magnus settled for, "Ahem. Are you aware that these soccer fields are public property?"

The boy jumped, and spun around faster than Magnus' eyes seemed to follow. However, when those eyes did catch sight of the boy again, he was very thankful they had. The boy was gorgeous, even by Magnus Bane's standards. Which are hard to meet, by a long shot. However, this boy exceeded those standards and then some. He had a thin face, with slightly noticeable cheekbones. His eyebrows were arched, like he was either amused or scowling. His nose was nothing special, for a nose. There was a light blush on his pale cheeks, like he was embarrassed. His eyes were breathtaking. They were a light blue, that Magnus didn't even know was possible to have as an eye color.

Magnus' heart skipped a beat, which he chose to ignore. After all, he's only just met the boy.

"Um, s-sorry," the boy stuttered. Aw, he was stuttering. It was extremely adorable. "I thought i-it was public and-"

"Shh, blue eyes," Magnus grinned like a cat, cutting the boy off. "I was only messing with you. It's perfectly public."

"Oh," the boy said, looking at the ground. Magnus could see a small smile playing at his lips.

"Although," Magnus said, a bit over dramatically. "What are you doing out here this late?"

The boy looked back up and shrugged. "Picking my sister up. She's here for cheer camp, and I decided to do some practice while I waited."

Magnus then noticed the soccer ball at the boy's feet. He was a bit shocked he hadn't seen it- he was usually over perceptive- but it made sense. "I'm Magnus, by the way."

"Alec," the boy replied, looking up at Magnus. "So… what were you doing here this late?"

"Oh, just band camp," Magnus sighed. "I'm in the guard. Although, it ruined my make-up."

"You look fine," Alec said, before looking down again and blushing.

"You should really keep your head up more, you look so adorable with that blush," Magnus said. It was the truth, and he was rather satisfied when it got another blush from Alec.

He was going to say more, but just then a girls voice cut through the air, "Alec! There you are! I've been looking everywhere for you!"

The voice's owner came running down the hill, and Magnus got a better look at her. He couldn't help but see the resemblance between her (she had to be his sister) and Alec. She had the same arched eyebrows, and high cheekbones. She had a long, black, glossy mane of hair that was just as dark as her brother's. She was wearing the tight, short uniform of the cheer squad. However, where Alec's eyes were blue her's were a dark brown, almost black.

Alec looked up at her sheepishly. Damn, he's adorable, thought Magnus.

"Sorry, Iz, I got bored waiting for you."

"Whatever," the girl said with a smile, before turning to Magnus. "And, who's your new friend."

Alec smiled shyly. "This is Magnus… What'd you say your last name was?"

"Magnus Bane," Magnus said, shaking hands with Iz.

"Isabelle Lightwood. And it seems that you've met my brother," Isabelle said with a cheerful smile.

Wait, they were Lightwoods? Like, the Lightwoods?

Magnus kept his posture, and smiled. Sadly, he could tell the sky was getting darker and did not want to be caught out to late. "Well, I'd love to stay and chat," he dropped Alec a small wink, "but I have to run. It was lovely meeting you, Isabelle and blue eyes- Call me."

Before either could respond Magnus took out a piece of paper, scribbled his number on it and handed it to Alec. He left both the Lightwoods staring after him as he walked back to his car in the school's parking lot.