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Sesshoumaru stood tall and proud, looking at his brother. He thought that his brother became stronger than before. Could it be, that the main reason was, the fact that he had a family? Seshoumaru smirked. Pathetic, he could still use this word to describe his half-bread of a brother. Not that he admitted that he was his brother. He had come to see Rin and check on her well-being, since she was staying in this stinky human village. He could smell villagers' mixed feelings, hatred varied with fear and envy. He smirked again showing his sharp fangs. The reaction that fallowed pleased the Demon Lord. More fear was spread in the air, but he would care less.

However his brother never smelled with fear meeting him. Sesshoumaru was unable to understand the fact, that his brother wasn't afraid of him. He was now an Alfa; he had a pack on his own. He had his mate the miko, the little annoying kitsune, the monk and the slayer with their three children. He accepted them like his own pack; they also had that fire neko and finally Inuyasha's new-born pup. He would never call that quarto weakling his nephew.

His brother also stood tall and fierce, not a single muscle on his face daring to flinch. He had his arms folded on his chest and his proud look directed at him. Sesshoumaru actually enjoyed the heavy silence between them. They continued to look at each other, gold meeting gold and none of them flinched. The dense atmosphere was ruined by Rin's light laughter. She ran as fast as her still short legs could carry her. She jumed at him and threw her arms around his leg. He broke the gaze and looked at the child who was very pleased to see him, as always.

"Sesshoumaru sama, you came again!" yelled the little girl with her eyes shining like stars, poor adoration for his person, written on her face.

"Rin," replied his voice almost hardly melting.

He showed no emotions in front of others. His hanyoi brother had to be happy for the simple fact, that he allowed him to live. He walked away sure that the child will fallow.

"As cold and wordless as usual…" sighed his brother's mate, looking at him with a soft gaze. He needed none of this gaze; he needed no feelings or showing of affections, especially from a human woman. They should be already accustomed with his behavior, still the miko tried to befriend him more than a few times. She was a strange creature, he had to admit to himself. She was warm and caring even with strangers, humans, youkai or half-bread. She had no fear in her heart in his presence, a lot like his brother.

Seshoumaru smirked again, nodding his head at one of the child's statement. He will spend the next few days with her, because he knew that this will make his ward happy.

Somewhere in Tokyo, our days.

The yells of the crowd made her ears hurt. Her head also hurt. She hated crowds; still she had to bear with it for a while. She loved her work and if for receiving one of the best chances to play in that movie, she will bear with it. No, she wasn't a star, she wasn't even an actress. She was a woman stunt-master. She enjoyed pushing her body to the extreme and doing different kinds of dangerous tricks.

At her 21 years, she could say that she was a well-built woman. She had a job she loved, a good house and a good car, yet she hadn't a husband. She did have a boyfriend, a famous actor that was very impressed by her high skills. Still they were at the same position as before. He would ask her to sleep with him and she will refuse, he goes and finds plenty of volunteers. How many times she cried her heart out in her pillows, wishing he wouldn't want only her body. She sighed, that seemed impossible.

She wasn't even sure that she loved him, yet she did care for him a lot. She was from an old famous family with steel discipline. Her abilities came from hundreds of years of her family's samurai blood. She wasn't sure how much more she would be able to do her job, her dad had gave her an ultimatum. Or she marries by the age of 22 or he will find her a suited husband from his long list of good friends. Hm… better said friend's sons. She growled in frustration, she was a independent women and hated that kind of things.

Granted her father never knew about her boyfriend, or he would rip him apart, for wanting to take his daughter's most treasured possession. She had to stay pure until the night of the wedding that was the rule of her clan. She knew about that and respected this unspoken canon.

Yet Eiden only wanted her in bed. How many times he tried to seduce her, to tempt her with his green eyes, she stood fierce against his urge.

They both knew he was handsome. He knew about that very well, or he would never be able to become such a prosperous actor. He was tall, with dark chocolate hair that hung on his shoulders, covering his neck with elegance. His body was strong and muscular, but his most treasured possession was his face. He had deep green eyes, on a pale perfect face with a medium sized nose. His lips were all that a girl would wish, sensual and plump. He moved with the grace of a tiger and the elegance of a deer.

She shook her head clearing her mind from the vision. She had enough of his arrogance and vicious personality. Now she needs to concentrate on this work. One of the biggest cinema companies in Japa,n was shooting Inuyasha. Yes they still had to begin but it was for sure, the biggest news in the world. Granted anyone knew Inuyasha, the half demon and his pack. If anyone didn't liked the show, he still knew about him. It was one of the best anime ever. She was going to try to take Sango's backup. She liked that character. The girl was strong both mentally and physically. Yes, she was a fan of Sango. Yet she liked all the characters, all except, Sesshoumaru, the Demon Lord. Still she could understand his coldness and his hatred for Inuyahsa, but he was too much. Geez, wanting to fight your own father only to prove that you are the strongest… weird wish, she must admit.

Ok so here she was at the audition for Sango's stunt woman. Soon her number blinked on the panel and she entered the room. The jury stood there with tiredness painted on their faces. She bowed respectfully and said with a clear voice.

"Good evening, my name is Keiko Onizaki."

"I am Seizi Kumo, the president of the committee," spoke the eldest male in his fifties and she bowed her head in respect. She knew him, a great man, very well known to the entire Earth. The movies he made were always piece of world's art. He looked at her examining her features and she returned the gaze with cold determination in her eyes.

"We have your details Miss Onizaki, please proceed with the actions," said the eldest man, holding a file with her details.

He showed her to the training area, equipped with different sorts of traps and simulators. She knew they were impressed with her skills, she saw it in her eyes. She possessed good proficiency in almost all sort of piercing and cutting weapons, as well as a unique fighting style, known only to her family. She stepped on the tatami and took a sword from the corner. The heavy metal perfectly went into her hand. Feeling the weapon's coldness made her feel good, as always.

Her body jumped and prevented the attack just in time. A man stood above her with a sword on his own. Her heart began beating louder at the excitement. She recognized the man; he was one of the best stunt men she ever knew. Kaoru Sidzikumo. She smiled at him avoiding his attacks and striking back with full force. Her blood went faster down her veins, she liked a good fight. It must be her ancestors' blood that called to her in excitement. The fight continued with numerous traps on her way. She avoided them all, never stepping back. The eyes of the persons who stood there never left her, absorbing her every move.

"That will do Miss Onizaki," said the eldest man, bowing his head.

"You are indeed a samurai's daughter. We will call you tomorrow to settle the details," continued the man.

"Arigato," said the girl bowing her head then turning to bow at her sparring partner.

"It was a pleasure to fight with you Ms Sidzikumo."

"The pleasure was all mine, Miss Onizaki. We shall meet again," he bowed his head in response and left the stage.

She knew he was chosen for Sesshoumaru's role and the select was good. If the demon had ever existed, he may as well be as good with a sword as this man who walked away with no hurry. Keiko smiled and taking her things form the cabin, she left the stage. The crowd slowly disappeared leaving the place more quiet and peaceful. She knew the reason they went home with sad faces, she had taken the role, Sango's role.