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Jaken looked at his master who was silently observing Rin. The girl was speaking with Kohaku but she was almost whispering. Jaken knew that she didn't want to wake the human female who was still sleeping. Everyone seemed to care about her wellbeing. His master found the human in a pretty bad shape last night. The woman was a walking disaster, always finding trouble. Did she think that the mighty lord was her personal guard? Jaken clenched his jaw and approached his master.

"Ah… Sesshoumaru-sama, I was wondering when will we…" he started but his lord didn't react. After a moment, not even turning his head to look at him, he replied.

"Today we rest."

"Y..yes master," mumbled Jaken cursing the female in his head. Why did everyone tolerate her? Is he the only one who didn't like her? He bowed his head and taking a deep breath went away. This was going to be a long day.

Keiko was having a strange dream. She knew that she was sleeping; also she knew that her body was still hurting, yet she knew she was sleeping. Her head was pounding and her heart was racing like crazy. When she opened her eyes she found herself in a clearing with purple flowers. Birds of different shape and colour were flying around her singing soft melodies. The air around was fresh and warm, the entire scenery was calm and heart-warming but something was off. It was too perfect, too tranquil, the soft breeze that was combing her hair, the chinking of the spring that seemed to pass next to her feet.

"Hn, so you managed to pass," spoke a female voice from somewhere behind her back. Keiko turned around only to find a standing still mirage. At least she first thought that this was a mirage for the woman that was standing there was too beautiful to be real.

"No I know for sure that I am dreaming," she mumbled examining woman's purple hair. The creature smiled softly, her face remained calm and sad, and the smile didn't manage to touch her eyes.

"So weak," she stated looking at Keiko and the young woman tensed.

"Excuse me?"

"You are human after all, yet your heart is strong, stronger than most demons have," she added taking a step toward Keiko and stretching a clawed hand. Keiko blinked in confusion first but seeing her claws she understood.

"You're not human," she mumbled being unable to move.

"Yes, am not," replied the purple haired woman and smiled sadly.

"I don't know what I am now for I am trapped in the sword you now possess."

"Trapped? In a sword?" asked Keiko and suddenly she saw the white-handled katana in her hand. She raised her hand and after inspecting it closer she observed a silver thread that was connecting the sword with the woman. The woman smiled at her and spoke in a hoarse voice.

"The demon which you killed, once was my betrothed, he was the one who trapped me here. Maybe one I will tell you this story… yet now, I have a favour to ask," she looked at Keiko and the human female saw that her eyes also were purple.

"By the way, my name is Nasumi, at least he had the decency to name the katana with my name," she smirked.

"Keiko… Onizaki Keiko," spoke Keiko bowing her head.

"What is that you want to ask?" asked the human female finally taking the liberty to look closer at the demoness. Nasumi was tall and elegant with perfect shaped face, purple eyes on a porcelain face. Her lips were delicate and pink, slightly parted showing her fangs. Her every gesture was elegant and elusive waving her white silk kimono as carried by the soft breeze. Keiko hung her head, this is how the demonesses were, so beautiful, and she a mere human was no match for them. Certainly Sesshoumaru would marry one of these… crap! Why was she thinking so stupid thoughts? What does she care if the arrogant bastard will like fanged perfect beauties? Definitely not her business!

"Hn, you're thinking of him," smirked Nasumi with a cunning look. Keiko blushed trying to deny it but the demoness shook her head and spoke.

"You cannot hide your thoughts from me," she said but seeing Keiko's confused look she sighed and continued.

"Let me explain you, both of us now have a deep link, more like our souls were connected. When I allowed you to wield me, I connected my soul to yours and this is why you were able to kill him. If not, my demonical energy would've killed you in a blink of an eye. I think you understand that demons have a huge dark energy," she asked and seeing that Keiko nodded she continued.

"I already know you can touch Sesshoumaru's sword but I do not know the reason, maybe we will find out later, but for that we should find the master who forged the sword."

"Do you know Sesshoumaru?" asked Keiko amazed and Nasumi nodded then added.

"Yes I do know him since he was a child, he once even wanted to marry me…"

"Marry you? No kidding? Sesshoumaru?" asked Keiko dumbfounded. She couldn't imagine Sesshoumaru complimenting someone, not talking about courting which included… no, no way on earth she can imagine him in such a posture.

"Did he threaten you? Trying to kill or scare you to death?" smirked Keiko looking at Nasumi but the purple haired beauty shook her head.

"No, in fact he is very well mannered and attentive. But we cannot talk about this now, I do not have time. That's why I need your help, you are the only one that can help me," she pleaded looking at Keiko with sad eyes.

"I don't know if I will be able to, but I will try, but…" tried Keiko.

"No, I cannot hurt you nor I have the wish to do so, my life is already lost, all I need now is you to set me free, let me go to the afterlife."

"How?" asked Keiko not feeling even a shadow of discomfort or fear next to Nasumi. Being trapped by your betrothed… she must've suffered a lot. Somehow Keiko knew that she can trust her. She didn't know why but she wanted to help her.

"My soul is cursed, in order to set me free, I need thirteen demon souls, you must kill them with this sword but only demons. He… he knew about that, that's why he killed a lot of humans in order to overthrow the number… you… I know you don't want to kill humans, so could you…please…"

"13 demons? But… ok, do the weak ones count?" asked Keiko feeling that her luck as always must be cursed.

"You really are smart, no, only demons that can have humanoid form work," replied Nasumi, and Keiko saw a shadow of fear in her eyes.

"Hm, what if I ask Sesshoumaru to help me, he can wound them and I can finish them off!" tried to joke the human female but seeing how Nasumi sighed she herself took a deep breath.

"Why me? Why did you decide to accept me?" asked her Keiko being curious.

"I choose your heart," replied simply Nasumi.

"I cannot promise you, but I will try. As you said I am a weak human female and even if the dog bastard always calls me this way, I must admit he is right. It was luck, and after talking to you I found out that it was luck and your help, that actually let me kill the red haired demon. Plus I am really trying to go home, but if I will have the opportunity and the power to help, rest assured I won't run. But you must promise me that there is no secret meaning under the deal with your release and you will not hurt anyone after getting free." After hearing Keiko Nasumi nodded and spoke in a solemn voice.

"I swear that I am dead and after release my soul will directly go to the underworld, from where there is no mean to get me back in the human realm. And I also promise you that I won't try to hurt any of your friends and family."

"Good, now I must go, it seems the doggy is eager to wake me up, I can feel his energy running over me," grumped Keiko and again looked at the sword in her hand. Nasumi started to fade away, transforming in a silver thread and entering the sword.

"You're awake." Keiko heard a deep masculine voice and opened her eyes. Sesshomaru for some reason was not far away from her but when she opened her eyes he turned around and started to ignore her.

"It's not fair, you can read me like an open book, my heart speed my breath, my… oh I hope you don't read my thoughts!" paled Keiko looking at him but he smirked.

"I can guess them only looking at your face," he replied and Keiko hissed in annoyance.

"I talked to Nasumi." He tensed but didn't turn around to look at her. He continued to stay there and Keiko guessed that he wanted her to continue but he was too proud to ask.

"Sesshoumaru, if you want to know just ask, we use language for conversation. If you will ask I will tell you, I like your pride, is a well-deserved pride, you are strong and stuff but your arrogance sometimes irritates me," saying that, she rose to her feet and went to her luggage in search for her toothbrush. Sesshoumaru continued to just stand there not turning around. The cold wind was playing with his long hair and Keiko thought that he looked like a tragic character that is thinking about his lost love. Taking pity, she sighed and said.

"She asked for my help."

"This matter does not concern this Sesshoumaru," he replied coldly but Keiko saw the crumbles of his wounded pride. Did he seem… hurt? No, no way, yet his body language spoke otherwise. Something must've happened between him and Nasumi. Keiko decided to find that no matter what. Not that she was curious… damn wrong, she was curious! And she hated the fact!

"Well I am going to… just…" she mumbled and walked away leaving him alone with his thoughts.

The day was almost gone, and since it was winter, the days were shorter. Keiko prepared their sleeping places and started a fire. She asked Kohaku to cook and was happy to know that the boy was actually good at it.

"Why don't you cook? You're a woman!" yelped Jaken folding his hands on his chest.

"If you want to die by poisoning, let me cook, I even burn water, and the mixtures I add for soup… well you better not try my cooking, end of story," finished Keiko and Rin started to giggle.

"So you will be a worthless wife, you can't cook, are not beautiful, fight like a man and…" continued to renumber her negative traits Jaken but Keiko spoke.

"Well you see I am not eager to marry and I will choose a husband that will be able to cook, will be beautiful and smart."

"Plus you're flat chested!" yelled Jaken not seeing that her eyebrow was starting to twitch.

"I'm not flat chested, I am tiny and feminine, and stop staring at my chest perverted frog!" she yelled sending him flying with her fist.

"Damn toad," mumbled Keiko walking away. It wasn't enough that she was in a bad mood after the last night's events and the meeting with Nasumi, that silly… she never had complexes with the fact but after seeing Nasumi… Keiko shook her head trying to clear her thoughts, she decided to take a walk. Finding a trunk she sat down only to yelp when seeing Sesshoumaru sitting not far away.

"You scared me to death," she accused him but he hn-ked and said.

"You are the one that isn't aware of her surroundings."

"I was thinking ok? I am in a bad mood, not that you care, plus I don't have your senses so excuse me for being weak and non-observant!"


"Hn," mimicked him Keiko but he didn't reply. She folded her hands on her chest and decided to be bold. Let's ruin the mood to the end.

"It is true that you wanted to marry Nasumi?" she asked him looking at his moon shined silhouette.

"None of your business human," he cut her sharply.

"I have a name but you seem to forget that simple fact. Are you demons so short minded?" when he continued to remain silent she sighed and added.

"I guess I can always ask Nasumi…"

"Why are you humans so curious?" he asked with venom in his voice and by the tone of his voice she understood that he was in a bad mood. Not that he was in a good mood recently…

"I'm sorry… it is something personal, yes you are right I was curious," she said gulping.

"I apologize, I will go," she said and rose to her feet.

"You humans always ruin everything you come in contact with," he said in a cold voice looking at the high moon and Keiko nodded.

"I cannot deny that fact, we are like parasites most of the time, but we have good traits too."

"Good traits? Which ones? Betrayal? Greediness? Weakness…" Keiko took a deep breath and sat down next to him looking at his face.

"Sesshoumaru, look at me," she asked him and when he refused she touched his chin and turned his head around.

"Like you demons are different, we humans are different too. You can't measure everyone with the same measure. It is true, there are cruel, greedy people but there are good ones too. There are loyal and brave persons which always respect their word. For me this example is my father, he is a brave and just person that has never wronged anyone, a true samurai."

"I know how bitter betrayal tastes…" she added after a while continuing to gaze in his golden orbs. For the first time since she knew him, he looked almost sad. No, he didn't change much. But by subtle changes of the corner of his lips and the depths of his eyes, she could tell he wasn't the same as usual.

"Sesshoumaru…" whispered Keiko not being able to look away. She felt a strange lingering feeling in her chest letting her hand down. She wanted to comfort him but she didn't understand why, looking at him now she just wanted to help him feel better. She would do the same for anyone; she decided and took a deep breath.

"Talking helps you know," she tried but Sesshoumaru hn-ked again.

"Yes, I am not the perfect candidate but don't you have a friend? Someone to talk to?" she tried but he replied.

"This Sesshoumaru needs no friends." Keiko shook her head.

"Everyone needs a friend, being alone is cruel and lonely. You do have Rin and Jaken, now even Kohaku… won't you feel lonely when they will be gone?" she asked then yelped covering her face. He turned his head away and Keiko apologized.

"I'm sorry; it seems I am very tactless today. I will better go." She rose to her feet again only to be stopped by his voice.

"Nasumi…" Keiko turned around again and looked at him.

"Good start," she smiled and sat down next to him. She told him everything the purple haired demoness told her and he only nodded.

"Sesshoumaru, may I ask you a question?" asked Keiko remembering her good manners. He didn't say anything so she decided it was a yes.

"Nasumi, what type of demon is she?"

"Red dragon," he replied and Keiko yelped.

"Wow a dragon! Did she have a true form like you have? I mean was she able to transform into a dragon?" she asked excited.

"Yes," was his short reply.

"You see, talking doesn't actually hurt," she smiled and took a few steps away but then she turned and looked at him, again. Was she crazy, she asked herself, why is she looking at him? She must admit he is quite good looking and elegant, this air of power that surrounded him was very intense. His presence itself was very intense. And now he too was looking at her.

Sesshoumaru stared at the human female. She was a strange one. Not only the fact that she wasn't afraid of him was weird, but the fact that he actually tolerated her enough not to kill her. He heard Jaken earlier and must admit she had no perspectives in marriage, yet she wasn't quite flat chested. Damn her! Why did he remembered her naked in the cave? Now he definitely has to kill her sooner or later. Why was she looking at him, her look so intense and open with no disgust and no fear? Humans were weak and miserable, she was no exception, but why something deep inside his soul refused to believe that. He continued to look at her amazed by the fact that she didn't broke the gaze, looking directly into his eyes. This way he was able to read all her emotions. He saw there something that he didn't quite understand, more like sympathy and… what?

"Sesshoumaru-sama!" yelled Jaken finding them and finally they broke their gaze looking away, she in embarrassment, he in annoyance.

"Sesshoumaru sama?" asked the confused toad mini-demon.

"What is it Jaken?" he finally asked with the corner of his eye observing how the woman tried to find herself a sudden occupation next to a naked tree. He smirked, she was so oblivious, and she was still naïve and silly.

"Rin, is looking for you," replied Jaken looking at the human.

Sesshoumaru only nodded and not turning around went to the camp leaving Keiko alone. Keiko soon returned to the camp too and after eating they all went to sleep.

Sesshoumaru sat down not too far away from the camp watching the stars. Soon a figure dressed in white approached him and sat down next to him.

"Nasumi," he whispered not bowing his face but continuing to look at the sky.

"Sesshoumaru. Nice pack you have here," smirked the dragon demoness.

"None of your business," he replied not looking at her.

"She is quite naïve, you are right," she smirked trying to touch his chin with her hand.

"How can you materialize?" he asked her avoiding her touch.

"Hm, your little human there has a strong soul and a pure heart, I stole some of her energy," she replied displeased by the fact that he avoided her touch.

"Treacherous as always, you should've been human like your accomplice," he replied touching his sword.

"I am more amazed that you didn't deny that the little human is yours… you became weedy Sesshoumaru, protecting those humans…"

"At least they didn't betray me, like someone here," he cut her down.

"Oh, give me a break it was so long ago and I was constrained, you know our clan policy," she tried to touch him again but he again turned his face away.

"In the past you didn't use to avoid my touch," she smiled and he said.

"You said so yourself, it was so long ago."

"So now you let a human wench touch you?" she asked him with venom in her voice.

"I don't like to repeat myself, it is not your business, and chase to steel her life force or I will personally destroy your katana."

"So you care about her wellbeing? Pathetic!" she screamed rising to her feet. Sesshoumaru rose too and before he disappeared he said.

"I owe her a life debt, so don't try to hurt her or you'll regret it."

"Hm." When Sesshoumaru disappeared she smirked and whispered.

"I promised the little human that I won't hurt her friends, on the other side, I didn't promise not to touch her… let's see who will win in the end Keiko. I am not sure that I like your body but I will bear with it for a while. In the end, I will be victorious."