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Separate Ways

Kimiko's POV

I watched as the blazing sun was beginning to rise. I sat on the roof of the temple and stared at the sun wondering what will happen from here. It's been one week from the party from when I reunited with the team and heard the terrible news about the shadows especially Irial. Looking back at it now we went through some crazy things especially me. I mean the whole Phoenix thing was just so strange for me. I mean now everything is back to normal and somehow it seems weird.

I sighed and lite fire in my hand and watched the flame. Suddenly I saw the flame begin to blow from the wind and I smiled. He sat beside me and grabbed my free hand and wrapped his other around my waist as I laid my head on his shoulder.

"I can't believe this is all happening. It feels just yesterday we were fighting him." I spoke.

"I know, but now it's time to finally put an ending to all of this." Raimundo said.

"Yeah . . . right after I finally reunited with everyone. Now we have to make our separate ways again."

"Only not forever, just for now. I'll go back to Rio,"

"I'll go back to Japan, while Clay and Omi go to Texas. Despite Irial taking over the whole world we know for a fact that he'll be in one of our homelands. The question is which one?"

"I don't know,"

We didn't say anything after. We just sat on top of the roof hand and hand. I felt his grip tighten and I glanced at him and saw the determination in my leader's eyes. I looked back at the sun and realized that this would be the last time for a while that Rai and I would be able to do this sort of thing together. Who knows how long will be gone for. . . However, there's one thing I definitely knew. That we would all be reunited no matter what even if it takes days, week, months, or even years I knew we'd all be together again.

I heard Dojo called for us on the ground. I saw Raimundo stand up first and then offer a hand to me. I looked back at the rising sun one last time and then took his hand and he flew us down. I saw Clay and Omi with their things already packed.

"We are ready," Omi nodded.

Rai and I gave a glance to each other and nodded. We went to our rooms to grab our luggage and then meet out in the court yard. Once we got there everyone was waiting for us. I guess it's sort of a mini good-bye thing I guess.

"There is a saying "We only part to meet again". I am certain that you will all meet again. Though I do not know how long it will be; only time will tell. Farewell young monks and may you have a safe journey ahead of you." Master Fung spoke.

We all hoped on Dojo one by one. I was the last to go on, but before I jumped on Dojo's back I looked back at the temple. I'm not sure how long it will be until I see this place again. I waved to Master Fung and jumped on Dojo's back and we were off.

"Everyone know the plan right?" Raimundo asked.

We all nodded and we headed to our destination. Once we got there Dojo let us off and we saw him transform back to normal size.

"Are you sure, you guys don't want me to take you? It's would be much faster and easier than this." Dojo said.

"We know partner," Clay replied.

"We just cannot be seen." Omi said.

"We need to lay low and find out what's going on before Irial finds out what we're up to." Raimundo explained.

"It's for the best Dojo, besides being in an airplane will give us more coverage." I reassured him.

We saw him getting teary eyed and we all gave him one big hug, before leaving. We waved good-bye and of course he was crying loudly as he flew away. After that we all headed inside the airport and got our tickets and luggage put away on the plane. Lucky for us we were all headed to the same gate, but of course different planes. Although our planes were all fairly close. Once we got to the gate well all sat down and were silent for a moment.

"So any last words you guys have to say before we all depart?' Rai said trying to break the tension.

"We'll I don't know about you fellers, but I sure will miss you like a dog without his bone." Clay said.

"As will I my friends. We have been on many journeys together that I shall never forget and I wouldn't change it for the world." Omi spoke.

"Same for me guys. I don't care what happens next, as long as I still have my friends by my side nothing could go wrong." Raimundo stated.

"We've had a lot of ups and downs in our journeys, but in the end we always come up strong. I know we can do it . . . Together . . ." I said moving my hand forward in front of them.

They all smiled and I felt every ones hands lay on top of mine.

"Together," They all replied.

"The Flight for Huston, Texas is leaving in about 10 minutes. All finally passengers please board the plane." The announcer said.

"We'll that's our cue, see ya'll soon." Clay said.

"We shall meet again, until next time." Omi said waving good-bye.

Rai and I waved good-bye until we couldn't see them anymore. Rai and I sat in silence which made things a little awkward for me. I wanted to say something, but I couldn't think of anything to say. Someone better start talking before . . .

"The Flight for Rio, Brazil is now leaving in 15 minutes. All passengers please start boarding the plane." The announcer said and Rai got up.

"Well that's my flight, I guess I'll see ya later." Rai said waving.

"Right . . . take care . . ." I said giving a small wave.

As he was walking away, I felt myself become depressed. There were so many things I wanted to tell him before he left, but I guess they would have to wait. I turned my attention back to the plane that I would be taking off in soon. Suddenly I realized a tear had slipped from my face.

"Not now Kimiko . . . You were doing so well, until now . . ." I said to myself wiping away the tears.

I tried so hard not to cry the whole time, so I could be strong for my friends. I can't let my emotions get to me now. Suddenly I felt arms wrap around me from behind as I wiped my tears away.

"Did you really think I would leave without giving a proper god-bye?" Raimundo said and I began to cry.

I turned to him and he pulled me close to him. I cried on his chest and I felt him stroking my hair. I really was going to miss him . . . all of them . . .

"I promise Kimiko, will all be together again. I'll come back for you no matter what."

"Rai," I cried.

Suddenly he placed his finger on my chin and made me look into his eyes. He pulled me closer and we kissed. It was a bittersweet kiss, but still at least I felt a little bit better. After we parted we both smiled.

"Final call for flight Rio, Brazil." The announcer said.

"Well this time, I really have to go. We'll pick up from where we started when we come back." He winked and I laughed as he started to walk away.

"You better stay reliable!" I shouted and grinned.

"I'm hurt that you don't trust me!" He shouted back grinning.

"Take care!"

I watched as the Brazilian waved good-bye and run to his flight. I laughed and sat back down. I looked at my ticket and then back at the plane. My once grinned face faded into seriousness. I saw that they were starting to board the plane and got up from my seat and headed to the plane.

"There's no turning back now . . ." I said to myself.