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Kimiko's POV

"Where are we going?" I giggled as he had his hands covering my eyes.

"If I told you then it wouldn't be a surprise." He explained.

Today marks the first day of our Honeymoon and apparently Rai has been planning this whole thing with the other guys for weeks. I just hope it's actually romantic and not well . . . Let's just hope. All I know is that right now we're on Dojo's back with all our luggage flying somewhere with Rai's hands covering my eyes. It was a long flight, but all I could feel was excitement in me building up. Once we landed Rai got off first still telling me to close my eyes which I kept close. Then he made me jump off Dojo and when I did I felt Rai's hands catch me. The first thing I felt was sand on my feet and I gave a questioning look on my face when he placed his hands on my eyes again.

"Are you ready to see the surprise?" He asked.

"Yes," I said trying to stay calm.

I felt his hands slip away from my eyes and when I opened them I saw a bright light. When everything became clear I saw a beautiful ocean in front of me. Suddenly I felt the cold water touch my feet. I knew this spot . . .

"We're in Rio aren't we!?" I responded excitedly.

"Yup and that's not all." He replied taking my hand.

"There's more?"

He nodded happily and then glanced at Dojo who nodded and told us good-bye before leaving. I noticed he still had our luggage, but then Rai told me that Dojo was going to place our luggage where will be staying at. I gave him a cheerful smile as he led me somewhere on the beach. After a long walk on the beach we arrived at a restaurant on the beach. I looked at him confused, but then he just smiled and led me to it. Once we entered the restaurant we were greeted by a familiar face which made me smile.

"Carlos!" I exclaimed and he gave me a warm hug.

"Hey chica long time no see, even though I did just see you at the wedding a few days ago." He explained.

"Yeah, but I didn't really get to talk to you much then."

"Yo bro lay off my girl, we just got married and I ain't letting anyone steal her away from me right now." Rai said pulling my closer to him smiling at his old friend

"You never know, she could have a change of heart just by being with me." Carlos said and I laughed as the two boys joked around.

"So what brings you here?" I asked.

"Well remember how I told you I run a food business now?" Carlos reminded me.

"You own this place!"

"Yup and if you follow me Mrs. and Mr. Pedrosa I have the perfect seat for you two newlyweds."

I glanced at Rai who took my hand as we followed Carlos. He seated us down with menus near a great ocean view. He then walked away to get us some drinks. When he returned we ordered our food and he left once again leaving us two alone. I looked at the view and thought how perfect so far this whole Honeymoon is turning out. I glanced at Rai who was staring at me and I began to blush.

"What?" I asked taking a sip of my fruity drink.

"I was just thinking how happy I am to see you smile like that and how lucky I am to be married to such a beautiful and smart person." He grinned making me blush harder.

Suddenly our food came and we began to eat and chat. We laughed at each other's comments and just basically enjoyed ourselves. I loved spending time like this with Rai. I mean just being with him makes me so happy inside. He took my hand that laid on the table in his and I watched as we stared into each other's eyes as we talked and laughed. Despite us now being newlyweds it just feels like we're just ourselves which I couldn't be happier. After we finished eating Rai said he was going to pay the bill and told me to wait here a bit.

I watched as he left and then turned my attention back to the view. I could hear the ocean crashing and smell the sea breeze. I felt so relaxed and happy to be here, especially with my new husband. I smiled to myself and then heard someone speak.

"Nice ring, I can't believe he actually asked you to marry him." A voice said.

I turned my head and my eyes widen in surprise to see Laura here. She stood in a flashing outfit with a look of jealousy in her eyes. I had no idea what to say, this whole situation was just plain awkward.

"Let me guess you two are on your honeymoon right?" She smirked.

"Yes," I replied wondering if I really should have told her that.

"So tell me has he done anything with you yet?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Oh my god he hasn't!" She began to laugh and I felt really confused.

"Again what?"

"Tell me has he told you about me? About what he and I used to be and what we used to do?"

I felt a twinge of anger rise inside me when she said that, but kept myself calm and not give her the satisfaction. She gave a grin to me and came closer to my face, which made me a little uncomfortable.

"Did he ever tell you that I was his first?" She grinned.

I looked at her in shock and I saw a smile appear on her face as she leaned away from me. I knew what she had meant, but I had a hard time believing what she said. I turned away from her upset and hurt. Rai couldn't have . . . would he?

"Laura?" I heard a voice say and when I turned I realized it was Rai.

Raimundo's POV

"Hello Raimundo, haven't see you here in a while. I hear you and your new wife are on your honeymoon." Laura said.

I looked to Kimiko, but she quickly turned away from me which kind of confused me and looked back to a grinning Laura.

"Yes we are actually and we were just about to leave." I said walking towards Kimiko and taking her hand leading her away from Laura.

"I wish you two luck on the Honeymoon." Laura called as we were walking away.

I looked to Kimiko who was quiet and was staring at the ground not looking at me. We said our good-bye's to Carlos before leaving and then began to walk on the beach again. We walked in silence for a while, until I couldn't take it anymore.

"Is something wrong Kimiko? You've been awfully quite since we left the restaurant. Did Laura say anything to you?" I questioned and she looked up to me and I could see in her eyes that something was bothering her.

"No nothing why?" Kimiko said fake smiling at me.

"I was just wondering," I replied knowing that she was lying.

"So where are we off to now?" She asked changing the subject.

"It's another surprise,"

She looked at me confused, but then I pulled out the Golden Tiger Claws and used it and a portal appeared. I felt her hand tighten in mine and I gave a smile to her and led her into the portal. Once we got to the other side, I watched her face fall from confusion to shock. In front of her we stood on a remote island with a beach like house. She turned to me half shocked and half ecstatic. The two native people greeted us and showed us inside to where will be staying. It was as amazing as it was outside.

There were glass sliding doors that were currently open to let the sea breeze and just all of it was amazing. The native people left to the go back to their home and left us alone with the new house. I watched as Kimiko explored the place like I did and I saw her give a small smile. Just seeing that made me happy.

"This place in incredible! I can't believe we're actually staying a place like this!" She exclaimed.

"I'm glad to see your smiling again." I said.

She turned to me with her face fading back into realization. She quickly looked up to me and out on a fake smile again and walked toward me grabbing my hands.

"Come watch the moon with me." She spoke leading the way still holding my hands.

Once we stepped out to the porch I saw billions of stars shine in the night sky. It was amazing especially with the full moon out. We led me to the lounge chairs where we both laid down and watched the stars. For a while we were silent until we began to talk about the different types of stars in the sky. Suddenly Kimiko's phone rang and she quickly took it out of her pocket and looked at the collar ID.

"It's Keiko I better answer it, it could be important." She said before walking away.

Kimiko's POV

I answered the phone in our bedroom and I could tell by the sound of her voice she was concerned and worried about me.

"What happened!?I just got your text! Tell me what's wrong!" She exclaimed.

"I ran into Laura when Rai took me to Rio to eat at Carlos's restaurant." I replied.

"Isn't that the girl who used to go out with Raimundo, or whatever?"

"Yeah and you'll never believe what she said to me today."

"What did she say!?"

"At first she asked if Rai and I were on our Honeymoon and then asked if we had done anything yet."

"That's just way to creepy."

"It gets worse she then asks me if Rai had told me about her and what they used to do together. She leans into my face and told me . . ."

"Told you what?"

"She told me that she was his first . . ."

"That bitch! Oh my god Kimiko I'm so sorry to hear that. How are you handling?"

"Honestly . . . I'm not so sure what to think of it . . . I mean back then Rai was a different person I guess I maybe should have thought he would do something like that. I mean obviously you could tell Laura did that kind of stuff, but . . ."

"But . . .?"

"I guess a part of me didn't want to believe that Raimundo would do something like that and to actually hear he did . . . I don't know I just feel uneasy, or bothered, or . . . I don't know."

"But you don't know he actually did though I mean you haven't heard it from him, so maybe she's lying."

"Maybe your right, but . . . I don't know I mean what if actually did then I'd be feeling the same way I feel now."

"And that is . . .?"

"Confused, upset, hurt, and even . . . afraid . . ."

"What!? Why on earth would you be afraid!?"

"I have this fear that one day he'll wake up and realize that this is it . . . He'll wake up to the same person every day and grow tired of me . . . and maybe one day he'll leave me . . ."

"How could you say that Kimiko he loves you!?"

"I know and I trust him I do I mean for god sakes I love him, but I wonder if some day he'll go back to his old self again!"

Suddenly I saw the curtains over the window blow from the gust of wind. Panic rose inside me as I looked out the window and saw that Rai wasn't there. Could he have possible heard our conversation. I quickly ran outside on the porch and he was gone. I looked all over the house and he was gone.

"What's wrong I can hear you breathing hard!?" Keiko spoke.

"I think Raimundo heard our whole conversation! I breathed.

I looked out to the ocean and wondered where he could have gone to? I just hope he's not mad, or upset with me. I felt a twinge of fear inside me and wondered . . . what if he doesn't come back?

Raimundo's POV

I had to find her right now! I looked all over Rio to find her. I went to all of her usual hangout places and searched everywhere. I was almost about to give up until I remembered the night club Kimiko and I went into and where we ran into her. I started to run toward that place and when I got there, it was packed. Once I got inside it didn't take long to find her in her flashy outfit dancing with some guy. I quickly made my way to her and grabbed her by the wrist. She glanced at me at first pissed, but then when she realized who I was she smiled brightly.

"I knew you'd come crawling back to me." Laura grinned in satisfaction.

"We need to talk . . . Now!" I demanded pulling her away from the crowd and led her outside.

"Getting rough already I like it,"

"Just stop Laura ok! That's not why I dragged your butt out here for!"

I released her wrist and I watched as she crossed her arms in disappointment. Looking at her more closely she definitely changed since I last saw her.

"I think we both know why you're here and I understand. You finally realized that goody two shoes girl wasn't good enough for you. I mean you guys haven't even done anything." Laura laughed now leaning against the wall of the night club.

"Ok first that goody two shoes girl happens to be my wife! Second it's none of your business about what we do! Third I dragged your sorry butt out here to tell you to stay the hell away from my wife! I know what you said to her and I don't appreciate it!" I yelled.

"Oh come on Rai you know it's true though and you can't change that and we we're so good together. Besides I know who you are Rai, you're just like me. You used people to get what you want until you have no use for them." Laura responded.

"You're right that was me . . . but that's in the past now. I've changed for the better thanks to her and my new friends and I'm happy. "

"Whoop de do for you! You have a new life blah blah blah! I guess I'm the only one who hasn't still changed and lives a life of Hell!" She exclaimed and I gave her a confused look.

"Oh don't give me that look! You're the reason my whole life is like this! I spent years trying to get you to notice me! Back then I used to think that one day you'd realize I was special to you or something! That I could be the one for you that would help you change your life! No . . . instead you used me and left to go meet your new friends and the love of your life as I stayed behind in Rio alone and rejected!" She exclaimed and now slid to the ground against the wall.

"I had no idea . . . I'm so . . ." I said.

"Yeah yeah just forget it . . . I know your sorry, but honestly I don't want to hear it. I'm still a cold hearted bitch who is still even after all of this, in love with you. Still as weird as it sound I don't' regret any of it . . . I mean I may be alone right now, but despite how much it pisses me off to see you with that . . . your wife . . . I'm glad to see you smiling . . ."

After a while she looked away from me and I just felt sorry and awkward. I definitely was an ass back then and now I see the result of it. I walked over to her and offered a hand and she looked at it at first, but then took it as I helped her up.

"I really am sorry, but I can't do anything but say I'm sorry." I spoke as she dusted herself off and we stood in silence for a while.

"Tell me . . . did I even mean anything to you back then and be honest I can take it." Laura spoke and I hesitated to answer, but then I sighed and shook my head.

"Honestly . . . no . . ."

I watched as she now stared at the ground and took a deep breath. I saw tears forming in her eyes, but then for the first time in a long time I actually saw a real sincere smile form on her face.

"Thank you for telling me the truth, at least now I can try to finally give up on you." She smiled.

I watched as she was walking back inside, until she stopped and turned back to me.

"I'm sorry for what I did!" She yelled turning back, but then I called out to her.

"Hey!" I shouted and she turned to me.

"You'll always be my first," I grinned, but not pushing forward and she laughed.

"And you'll always be mine," I heard her reply.

I saw a single tear fall from her face, before she headed back inside. I turned and continued to walk away. I know I can't change what I've done in the past, but I can change the future.

. . . . . .

I emerged out of the portal and was now back on the island. I looked at the porch and noticed Kimiko wasn't there. I quickly ran inside and searched everywhere for her. I called out her name, but there was no answer. Then I headed to our bedroom and saw a crying Kimiko on the bed. I quickly went to her side and brushed the hair from her beautiful face.

"What's wrong Kimiko?" I questioned.

I watched as she looked at me with tears in her eyes. She pounced on me with her arms around my neck as she cried softly on my shoulder as I stroke her hair.

"I didn't think you'd come back," She cried and I now pushed her back until we were face to face.

"What on earth made you think I would leave you hear?" I asked.

"I know you heard my conversation on the phone. I thought you'd be upset and leave . . ."

"I'd never leave you. The only reason I left was to go and confront Laura about what she said to you. I talked with her and you'll be happy to know that she won't be bothering you anymore and now everything is ok."

"What you talk about?"

I watched as she sat up straight and wiped the tears from her eyes as she looked at me concerned and possibly worried. I took a deep breath and sat on the bed with her.

"Well we talked a lot and now we're both on good terms more or less, but she did say sorry about what she did and so did I." I explained.

"Sorry for what?" Kimiko questioned.

"I treated her like nothing back then when all she was trying to do was get me to notice her and let her help me. I was too stupid to see that after I left Rio for a new life I destroyed another's in the process. In the end though we both apologized and left things at that."

I saw Kimiko's gaze drift from me and I could tell that something else was still bothering her. She looked back at me and I saw her look nervous and yet scared.

"I'm glad things worked out for you two, but . . . there's still one question that needs to be answered . . . Is what she told me true . . .?" She questioned.

I felt myself frozen as she asked me that. A part of me wished it wasn't true and if I lied to her I know eventually the truth will come out leaving her hurt. Still even telling her, might hurt her as well . . . However, I knew I couldn't lie to her. She deserved the truth . . .

"Yes . . ." I confessed.

I watched as she took a deep breath and held it for a while until releasing it. She wasn't looking at me anymore, which made me feel a little hurt that she wouldn't look at me, but I guess she's still trying to take things in. I laid my hand on top of hers that was on the bed and she turned towards me with sad eyes. I could she wanted to cry, but then I pulled her into a hug and I didn't let go.

"Even though she was my first I can honestly say that it didn't mean anything. It's like I said before I treated her like she was nothing and I basically used her. After I started a new life with you and everyone I regretted all my decisions I made in the past. However, the one thing I don't regret was meeting you. You changed me, made me feel whole, and most importantly . . . you loved me for who I am. You're my everything and without you I don't even think I could go on. I love you Kimiko and you'll always be number one in my heart." I spoke.

Kimiko looked at me in the eyes as a tear rolled down her eyes. I wiped it away and I saw her give a small smile to me.

"I love you too Rai," She responded smiling.

"So is everything ok now? Because I'd love to continue spending every second with my wife on our Honeymoon right now." I said.

I watched as she laughed at my remark and then look back at me. We stared into each other's eyes and then kissed. It was sweet and warm and when we pulled away we smiled.

Kimiko's POV

After everything at happened today Rai and I decided it was time to get some sleep. Honestly though it was a little bit awkward now with me sleeping with Rai. I mean it's not like Rai and I haven't slept in the same bed, but after what happened today, things were just a bit uncomfortable. As I lay in bed next to Rai I wondered if he had fallen asleep yet. Maybe I'm the only one who is over thinking this whole thing.

"He Kimiko are you still awake?" He whispered and I turned to face still laying down and I looked into his green emerald eyes and saw a look of reassurance.

"Don't worry about anything ok? I mean given the fact on what just happened today, don't worry about anything. I'm not going to do anything that will hurt you, or make you feel uncomfortable. That's the last thing I want . . . Just being with you like this is more than enough for me." Rai said gabbing my hand in his.

"I love you Kimiko," Rai spoke.

"I love you too Rai," I said.

I watched as he closed his eyes and started to fall asleep as I was still awake and uncertain. I really do love Rai with all my heart. He always makes me happy. I mean he's made so many sacrifices for me and does everything in his power to make we feel safe. So why can't I do the same and make sacrifices for him and make him happy. I leaned closer to his face and kissed his soft lips. He started to wake up and when he did he yawned and then looked at me confused.

"What's wrong Kim?" He yawned.

"You love me right?" I asked and he looked at my confused.

"Of course that's kind of why I married you remember?"

"Then it's ok . . . for us to you know . . ."

At first he didn't catch what I was implying, but then I saw his eyes go wide into realization. He sat up immediately and so did I. He looked away for a second and then turned back to me holding both my hands.

"Are you absolutely sure about this? There's no rush . . ." Rai asked concerned.

"Yes, I love you and you love me and besides we're married so it's ok." I said giving a small smile.

"I've never done this before with the person I love."

"Neither have I,"

We both smiled at our remarks and without a moment I kissed Raimundo and he kissed back. I felt his arms wrap around me as he held me gently. Are kisses were light, but then became like a hungry. That night we embraced for the first time and I honestly don't regret it. Our love is strong and pure. Besides I trust Rai with all my heart and I know that he'll make one great husband.

Raimundo's POV

I began to wake up from the bright sunlight that hit my eyes. I felt someone on my chest and when I glanced down I smiled happily. In my arms was my beautiful wife wrapped up in the sheets laying on my chest as my arm was around her. I kissed the top of her forehead and I watched as she slowly opened her eyes. She looked at me with sleepy eyes and smiled.

"Sorry I didn't mean to wake you." I whispered to her.

"It's fine, I needed to get up anyways and take a shower." Kimiko said.

"Why you already look so beautiful like this? Let's just stay in bed all day." I grinned and she laughed.

"As tempting as that sounds, I seriously still need to get dressed and ready."

"Why are we going somewhere?"

"It's a surprise,"

She kissed my lightly on the lips before getting out of bed with the sheets wrapped around her before heading to the bathroom. I decided to get ready to for whatever she had planned and once I was done she came out looking gorgeous as ever and she took my hand and led me outside.

"So where are we going?" I asked.

"You'll see," She said.

She revealed the Golden Tiger Claws from her other hand and used it and pulled me into the portal with her hand in hand. Once we got to the location my eyes went wide. We were now in a forest like area surrounded by trees and standing in a flower meadow. I looked at the incredible scenery before turning my attention to Kimiko.

"This place is amazing! What made you bring us here?" I questioned.

She pulled me down to sit down in the flower meadow next to her. She looked at me with a smile and I felt her hand tense up a bit making me confused.

"There's something I want to show you. But promise you won't freak out!" She exclaimed.

"I promise so what is it?" I laughed to her reaction.

She looked at me a bit nervous, but then she took a deep breath. She closed her eyes and she had this look of concentration and took one last deep breath. At first I gave her a confused look, but suddenly a flood of memories went through my mind.

"Kimiko" I exclaimed shocked.

I saw her smiling and then the memories began to play through my head again. It was like the memories were playing a story from the moment we met to now. I saw the day we met, the days we saved the world and each other, the begging of us falling in love with each other and to actually being in love, the many kisses we shared, the trails we went through and prevailed in, us together, and lastly our marriage from when we confessed our vows to each other to the moment we kissed. I love you . . .

Soon the memories began to fade and I began to think and see clear again. I looked at Kimiko who slowly opened her eyes to me and smiled. I was amazed and surprised at her. Our hands were still hand in hand and I squeezed them just a little in excitement.

"How did you do that!?" I exclaimed.

"Let's just say that the Treasure of the Blind Swordsman granted me with this new ability." She grinned.

"I heard you say I love you!"

"Now you know no one's ever loved anyone as much as I love you."

"Except me,"

Kimiko's POV

Suddenly Rai began to kiss me again as I giggled from his reaction while he kissed me, but then he stopped abruptly.

"Can you do it again?" He asked.

"It's kind of hard, I still need some practice. I can't have any distractions." I warned pointing my finger at him.

"I promise I'll be good."

I pursed my lips and gave in and decided to try it once more. I tried to pick off from where we left off, but then I laughed as Rai kissed me again interrupting my train of thought.

"Dang it!" He said still kissing me.

"Well I'll have plenty of time to work on." I reminded him.

"We'll always have forever,"

"Our forever,"

We both beamed of happiness at the thought of that and resumed kissing. Like all the others it was passionate and tender, but the only difference was that it meant so much more. It was the symbol of our eternal love and the symbol of . . . our forever . . .