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Summary: This is my version of what happened before the androids came onto the scene. Set some time after Cell and before the Buu Saga… Written mostly in Vegeta's point of view and a bit in Bulma's here and there. This is a lengthy one-shot in which Vegeta remembers and contemplates the events leading up to how he and Bulma got together and his life with Bulma and Trunks up to this point in the original DBZ Universe all the while stalking his prey/wife… All characters and the timeline are cannon to the best of my ability with a few things added on here and there for entertainment value since Mr. Toriyama decided to not say how these two hot-headed individuals came together. In which case it's awesome, cause us fans can have fun with it!


Isolated System

Vegeta shut down the gravity simulation late in the morning. He'd had enough for today, even though it was extremely early for him. He exited and walked into the Capsule Corporation, the building he now begrudgingly called "home". It had taken years, but he had finally accepted it. There was nowhere else for him to go. Truth be told, he had threatened to leave many many times; had even packed his few belongings but could never bring himself to actually leave. As much as he hated to admit it, this mudball planet had grown on him. That wasn't the only thing that had grown on him.

The Woman had grown on him. The Woman and the son they shared together had both somehow wormed their way into his cold, once thought dead heart. It had taken him a long time to come to that realization too. He had fought it with every fiber of his being. He was not a domesticated family man like that fool, Kakarott. He had been a seasoned warrior; cold and ruthless in demeanor, not caring for anyone or anything but himself.

He had not been raised to know how to raise and take care of a family of his own. He had been taken from his own father when he had been a mere boy. He had no memory of his mother and could only vaguely remember his father now.

The memories he did have of him had been of lessons on how to rule an empire and learning to quickly defend himself from him. His father had been ruthless in his teachings of battle with him. He had begun his training almost the day he had learned to walk. His father had expected him to keep up with a vigorous training routine next to him; it had been keep up or be prepared to receive a beating. At the time, it had been brutal and difficult for a young child to be expected to keep up, but in hindsight had been the best thing his father had ever done for him. It had instilled in him the desire to always be better than his opponent and to never back down from anyone or anything. When he had been given over to Lord Frieza, little had both he and his father known how valuable those seemingly harsh lessons had been for him. Had his father coddled him in any way shape or form, he would surely have never made it past a year in Frieza's service.

Vegeta walked into the kitchen and took a quick look in the fridge. He grabbed the remaining two spring rolls from last night's dinner and polished them off promptly. He hadn't had much of a work out, but that did not mean he hadn't worked up an appetite. At least food here was almost always available at his disposal. No more scraping for half rations for him! He had learned quickly while on Frieza's ship to eat as much as you could while you could because who knew when you'd be getting your next meal. Yes, those had surely been the worst years of his life he mused, heading up the stairs.

He had grown into the hardened, cold man he was today. As much as he despised being included into the fold as one of the "good guys" with these blasted humans, even he had to admit that compared to the life he'd lived under Frieza's service, it really wasn't so bad. He had the Woman to thank for that. She was the one who had opened up her home to him. To this day her acceptance and willingness to help him baffled him. It was in that time he had let her grow on him. He hadn't even noticed at first. By the time he had, it had been too late for him.

In the beginning, he had enjoyed tormenting her. It had initially begun as a way of venting out his own frustrations in life. His life had not turned out the way he had imagined. He was the last prince of a dead race. The only Saiyan that remained had been Kakarott and he was nothing more than a fool and disgrace to the Saiyan race in the way in which he carried himself. Not only had he seen himself as the last remaining "true" Saiyan, but he had been robbed of his pride by not slaying Frieza with his own hands.

That had been a right he had seen as reserved for him and him alone. Not by some clown of a Saiyan warrior who had had it easy growing up. He'd had no concept what so ever of what it had been like for him. Now that he had no birthright, no home planet to call his own, lost his right to avenge his father and people and to add salt to the wound, he was forced to accept help and a home from a weak human female. In his resentment and bitterness, he had found much amusement in tormenting her at every possible opportunity and every possible situation that presented itself.

She had been such an easy target. She was almost as much of a hot head as he himself was. He had learned quickly all the right buttons to push to get a rise out of her and made a point of doing so at least once a day for his own amusement. The way she would fly off the handle, sometimes throw things at him in her rage; even the witty mean-spirited comments she always threw back at him during their verbal sparring matches kept him on his toes. She was the only person on this whole planet unafraid to speak her mind to him and had a fast quick-thinking mind that rivaled his own intelligence.

After many months of venting out his personal frustrations on her, he had noticed in himself the need to vent out a very different frustration on her. One that was almost foreign to him. He had begun to notice how attractive she was. He had always thought her to be an extremely attractive woman. He had taken note of her beauty from the first moment he had seen her on Namek and had entertained the brief notion of taking her for himself then. However, the attraction had been broken almost as quickly as it had begun once she had opened her big mouth and then began stupidly mooning over Zarbon. He had more or less dismissed her at that point as another stupid female.

He wasn't exactly sure when it was, but he had begun to notice her true beauty, not only her physical beauty. She was the first person to be truly kind to him without expecting anything in return and never revoked that kindness or invitation to remain in her home no matter how cruel and unreasonable he had been to her. He had mocked her to no end in her efforts to get to know him. Yet she persisted. He found himself intrigued by her. On one hand she would screech and scream at him until he thought his ear drums would burst, yet if he needed her to come fix the gravity room she would be there to do it as promptly as possible, setting aside everything else; even time with the Weakling.

Vegeta smirked now at the memory of how many fights between them he had caused, especially when he began to detect the scents of other women on him. Once he had clued into the fact that the weakling had been unfaithful to her not only once, but on multiple occasions with multiple partners, he'd taken great delight in foiling any plans she made with him. He'd even admit that he had at times created a problem when he knew she was getting ready to see Yamcha.

One particular time, he remembered she had been more than excited for an evening out. She had taken the day off to get her hair done and something called a manicure and pedicure. He had honestly needed the gravity room repaired, however it was something he had known could most likely wait until the next day and it had only happened near the end of his training session. He had been winding down anyway. Still, he could not resist the urge to pester her and demand it be done immediately. After about forty five minutes of arguing and vicious insults being thrown back and forth, she had relented and cancelled her plans and agreed to do it. He'd known he was being completely unreasonable, yet could not refrain from the opportunity for an adrenaline rush from a good argument with her. That, and the fact that he did not want her wasting any more time on the fool; though to this day would never admit to it.

The more he got to know her, the more intrigued he became with her. He found himself unable to concentrate on anything besides her. Especially once she had finally ended her relationship with Yamcha. The night that had happened, they'd had a huge argument before she had gone out to meet up with the weakling; he could not remember what it had been about, but as per the norm, he had started it. She had been gone a few hours and returned upset and had been a mess. He had been devouring the rest of the leftovers from dinner and she came into the kitchen, completely ignoring him. He had even made a few smartass comments to her and still she hadn't risen to his baiting. Upon further investigation, he noticed her makeup had been smudged as though she had been crying. She quickly knocked back a few shots of some kind of alcohol, bid him good night and left him in the kitchen without incident. He had been so shocked and dare he say concerned he had decided to check in on her after he had finished his evening snack.

He had berated himself for even giving her a second thought. It wasn't his business; however he had never seen her sad. Happy, excited, tired. Angry and pissed off most certainly; but never sad. It had bothered him. The fact that it even bothered him bothered him even more! It had bothered him so much that it had prompted him to go check on her so that it would stop bothering him. He landed on the balcony of her bedroom, which had become a favorite brooding spot for him in recent weeks. He would look in on her while she slept. It had started shortly after he had begun to notice and appreciate how beautiful she really was. If he had known where it would eventually lead him, he would not have allowed himself to linger there nearly every night when sleep would not come to him. It had been the beginning of his obsession and eventual attraction to her. He had seen it as harmless at the time. He wasn't doing anything; just watching her. He even argued that the view and cross breeze on her balcony was better than it was on his. He had even entertained the idea of demanding she switch living quarters with him just to see how long she would argue with him about it before she gave in. For some reason he had never instigated that one.

He had quietly walked into her room and observed her already in bed, crying quietly to herself. Even now, he had no idea whatever possessed him, but he had gone to her. She hadn't noticed him at first and when she had, he had been greeted with a string of insults, accusations and curses. She certainly had a very colorful vocabulary for an upper class woman. He had let her continue her rant and for once did not return the vicious words and comebacks he usually would in such a case. He simply crossed his arms, leaned on the side of the wall opposite from her bed and asked her what had happened with the weakling.

She had been shocked that he would even have the wherewithal to even ask her. However, she humored him with an equally long and colorful rant, much to his amusement. When she finished, they had both moved out onto her balcony and were leaning against the rails, their arms and shoulders just barely touching. She had calmed down enough that their conversation had evolved somewhat and they had both ended up sharing different noteworthy events in their lives. He hadn't known what he had been thinking, or why he had even stayed there as long as he had after confirming that she was fine.

He remembered realizing at that moment that it had to be the first actual real conversation they'd ever had. They had both grown silent and a moment had passed between them; she had leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. It had been the kindest, gentlest gesture he had ever experienced from another being. His first instinct had been to scowl at her and insult her for her audacity at taking such a freedom on his person, but instead he took her chin and kissed her back. To his surprise, she had not recoiled from him or slapped him as he had seen on the entertainment programs he knew the woman enjoyed; but she kissed him back. Shyly at first, but then grew bolder and slid her tongue into his mouth, lightly brushing his own. It had been at that moment that he abruptly ended the kiss and took to the sky as fast as he could to get as far away as he could from her.

Vegeta shook his head now at the memory of it. He took off his training clothes and stepped into the shower to wash away the remnants of his brief work out. He set the water as hot as it would go.

After he had taken off, he hadn't returned for three days. He had contemplated everything from stealing another one of her father's ships again and leaving, never to return to blowing up this whole backwards planet. In the end, he returned with a firm resolve to leave her alone. The harder he had worked at having nothing to do with her, the more consumed he seemed to become with her. He had found himself daydreaming of what else she could do to him with that mouth and soft lips of hers, while he trained relentlessly.

He abused and berated himself unforgivingly for allowing her to distract him that much. Never had he allowed a female to hold his attention for more than a fleeting moment. He had had access to women on Frieza's ship but had never once indulged. First and foremost his pride would not allow him to take a woman to his bed that had been used a countless number of times by the filthy creatures on Frieza's ship. Secondly, why waste valuable time fucking when he could be training to defeat Frieza? To him it was a frivolous activity and a complete waste of time. The question plagued him why was he aching for a need that he never had before? And why her? She had been used by the weakling. However unappealing that thought had been to him, it still hadn't been a big enough deterrent.

Within a few weeks, things had gotten back to normal for them. They bickered and argued as usual, though it was still different. There was an underlying edge to it. He couldn't identify it at the time, but he now knew what it had been. Sexual frustration. It soon became a new game for them. She would strut around in revealing clothing around him, purposely taunting him and finding any excuse to bend over in front of him either showing off her ample cleavage or firm bum; and he would resort to either suggestive dialogue or simply ignoring her all together, never giving her the satisfaction of knowing how much she really did affect him.

It was a vicious game that both played ruthlessly at for months before they both finally caved and gave in to one another. He would never forget it.

They had both been in a horrible mood that day. She had been at the lab and had just come home; he was angry that the gravity room had malfunctioned yet again. He demanded she fix it despite her whining that she was tired after a long day at the lab. So began the usual verbal spar of shouting and abusive speech; nothing out of the ordinary. He still wasn't quite sure what exactly it was. She had just come back from the lab, so she hadn't been dressed provocatively, her hair was a mess and any makeup she may have been wearing had long since worn off throughout the day. In any case, he'd had enough and the only thing he had thought to do was throw her over his shoulder, take her to his quarters and finally have his way with her. She had objected, threatened and screeched all the way back to his quarters, of course. He hadn't expected anything less from her. However, once he had made his intentions clear to her, she had quickly dropped the angry façade. He had taken her repeatedly for nearly two days. She had called in sick and the only time they had left had been for food. They slept together, ate together and had even bathed together those two days. It had been such an intimate and dare he say "normal" experience for him. He had found that he actually enjoyed her company even when all they had done was watch TV for a few hours between their strenuous carnal activities.

He finally decided he had gotten his fill of her. Surly after two days' worth he had gotten her out of his system! He had been wrong. His need and desire for her had only been intensified. He had been angry about it; even blamed her for making him want her. However, he still abstained and did not return to her bed again. Within a few weeks it became apparent that he had gotten her with child and cursed his stupidity.

They'd had a heated discussion about it and that was when he left to train in space. He had known that by leaving he was hurting her, yet was too selfish and afraid to care. What kind of father would he make? What brief childhood he'd had had been full of violence and brutality. The woman would never allow him to raise their child the way his father had raised him. He did not know if his father had been right or wrong, the only thing he did know was it was the only thing he knew. What could he possibly have to offer a child? The only life lessons he had learned was to kill or be killed because only the strong survive.

He remained in space many months, working his hardest to achieve his goal. Had nearly died in doing so, but achieved it none the less. He had reasoned to himself when he had returned that should they save the planet from these androids, he would train the boy once he was old enough if the woman would let him. It was the only thing he had to offer. He had no idea that he would be fulfilling his silent vow sooner rather than later when it had turned out that the mysterious boy from the future was the future version of his son.

Trunks. He was a taller version and the very spitting image of him, though had purple hair and eyes identical to those of his mother. To his everlasting shame, even to this day, he did nothing but push him away. He refused to even acknowledge him as his son. Even when he had trained in the hyperbolic time chamber, he hadn't had much to do with him, though he had monitored the boy's progress carefully and deep down was proud that his son was as powerful as he was. The woman had obviously done an excellent job in raising him, further proving to him that he had nothing to offer the baby at home. In the other time line, he had died not too long from now anyway. However, it picked at him that it had been Kakarott's son that had trained him. Towards the final few weeks in the time chamber he had relented a bit and trained with his son, finally accepting him. How he wished now that he had spent more time. The boy had practically worshipped the ground he walked on. No doubt the woman had talked him up all those years but all the same. He should have been more patient. He hadn't even realized how much he'd cared about him until Cell had killed him.

Now that Cell and the Androids were no more and Trunks had been revived and sent back to his own timeline, here he was stuck here with a woman and young son who he still had no idea how to interact with. Outside of training, he still really didn't have much to do with him. It was the only thing he knew. The Woman had him in school now. He was smart and respectful; much smarter than that second spawn of Kakarott. He wondered how Gohan had turned out to be so smart and the other one completely void of any sense whatsoever.

Speaking of which, Trunks was currently at Goten's for the weekend. The Woman's parents were away as well. That meant they had the place all to themselves. He quickly finished his shower and dried himself off with his ki and searched for the Woman's energy signal. She was in the lab on the compound working from here. That was convenient. He thought to himself with a wicked gleam in his eye. He changed into a black flight suit and stalked off to find her.


Bulma sighed and finished her third or fourth cup of coffee that morning. She had gotten up early and had been working hard on new battle droids for Vegeta. She was almost done, just ironing out a few bugs and then she would give them to him so that he could most likely destroy them within a few hours and mock her efforts and inferior designs. She shook her head wondering why she even bothered anymore. He was never happy with anything she ever did do and it wasn't like there was some impending doom headed their way. With the androids and Cell gone, life had been relatively peaceful these past few years. Trunks was doing well. Even Vegeta had settled in surprisingly enough. If anyone would have told her years ago that one day she and Vegeta would be in a more or less stable relationship raising their son together she would have laughed until she cried and told them to get off whatever drugs they had been smoking.

True, it still wasn't an ideal situation. Vegeta was still very uncomfortable around his son and adverse towards showing any type of affection what so ever towards either of them; especially in any type of public setting. However, she saw and appreciated the effort he did put in with Trunks. He had come leaps and bounds. What helped was that Trunks absolutely idolized his father and practically begged him to train with him on a daily basis. Vegeta always put up an irritated front, insisting that all he did was get in his way and slow him down, but she knew deep down he was glad to spend time with his son and teach him. Even if it was the only thing he insisted he knew. She always shook her head at how he constantly devalued himself and the influence he had on their son. She knew he tried to keep that influence as minimal as possible but it was almost impossible. Trunks absolutely adored his father and did everything he could to emulate him, right down to Vegeta's trade mark smirk and scowl. It was uncanny how much they looked alike and even all the subtle mannerisms they shared without realizing it. If it weren't for the purple hair, Trunks would have been a mini-Vegeta she thought with a laugh.

Without realizing it, Vegeta had instilled a strong positive work ethic into their son; the unrelenting drive and desire to always strive for perfection no matter what the task and that stubborn sense of unwavering pride that she was sure one day would rival his father's. Bulma wasn't sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing. She hoped one day he would share with Trunks the history of his Saiyan heritage. Trunks kept asking her and she herself didn't know much but for the odd tidbit of information Vegeta had seen fit to tell her every once in a blue moon on one of the very rare occasions she caught him in a chatty mood. However even then, he still tended to be very vague.

Bulma looked up from her work station suddenly as she thought she had heard something. Of course there was no one there. Her parents were out on a robotics convention, Trunks was spending the weekend with Goten and Chi-Chi and Vegeta would still be holed up in his gravity chamber for several more hours. He knew they were all alone this weekend. If she was lucky, he would finish his work out early and have dinner with her. She had even gone out and bought some new lingerie for him for the occasion.

Their love life had been sad to say the least these past several weeks. She had just been too busy in the lab between keeping up with the heavy demands of the company and wanting to get these new battle droids done for Vegeta, she felt like she was working two full time jobs. She hadn't even seen that much of Trunks come to think of it. She sighed. It was only going to get worse. He father was slowly passing more responsibilities on to her in hopes of retiring within the next few years.

Bulma shook her head and decided she deserved a lunch break. She left her lab casually and headed back towards the main compound. Maybe Vegeta would like some lunch as well and take a break from training, she thought.

She turned around and looked behind her shoulder again, getting that odd feeling that she was being watched or followed. She knew she was being absolutely ridiculous and continued towards her destination. Maybe she had been working herself way too hard. She should quit early today and take some time for herself.

She decided to take a detour towards the gravity room to see if Vegeta wanted any lunch, but stopped mid-way when she realized it wasn't running. That was odd. Was it broken? She was more than sure if it was, she'd have heard about it by now. He was never one for letting that go for any length of time. Nonetheless, she made her way towards it. Maybe he was still in there.

Bulma stepped into the gravity room cautiously. "Vegeta?" she called out. It seemed to be empty. Huh. Odd indeed. She shrieked as the gravity room door slammed shut behind her. "Vegeta! You ass!" she shouted at him, whirling around to face the door, ready to give him a vicious tongue lashing of a lifetime, but he wasn't there. She quickly ran to the door and looked out the window. He most certainly wasn't there. Maybe the wind had forced it shut. That was a possibility. If it had been him, he'd be there laughing his criggs off at her for her apparent lack of self-preservation and not realizing he was even there to begin with. She yanked the door open quickly, just in case he happened to be there, but again found herself to be alone.

She shrugged and headed quickly to the kitchen. She was really starting to scare herself. She made it to the kitchen. "Vegeta?" she called out. "Would you like some lunch?" again, she got no response. Maybe he was in the shower she assumed and decided to make him a sandwich as well.

She began getting out the bread, condiments and sandwich meat and began making sandwiches. She had finished one when she heard a creek and looked up. "Hello?" she said, waking towards the exit of the kitchen and looking up the hall stairs and then in the dining room. As she suspected, empty.

"Vegeta, if that's you messing around, quit it! I'm not in the mood." She called out. She didn't hear the shower on upstairs, so he mustn't have been there. "Whatever." She mumbled to herself retreating back to the kitchen.

She made it back to the kitchen counter where she had been making sandwiches only to notice the one she had finished was gone. She narrowed her eyes suspiciously and looked around the kitchen. "Alright, very funny. Where are you, Vegeta?" again, she got no response. Not so much as a peep. "This is getting stupid now! If you wanted a sandwich, you should have just asked. Stop screwing around, Vegeta! I know you're stalking me! It's childish. Not funny!"

Bulma sighed heavily in annoyance when she was rewarded yet again with no response. "Whatever. Make your own lunch if you're going to be an ass." She mumbled to herself while quickly slapping a sandwich together and grabbing a pop. She began to head back to her lab, silently fuming to herself that Vegeta thought she was dumb enough to fall for his childish games.


Vegeta quickly gulped down the sandwich he had swiped off the counter and sat on the roof of Capsule Corporation. He chuckled to himself as he watched her scurry back to her lab in a huff. He knew she knew it was him. Who else would it be? However he was having fun messing around with her in the meantime. The urge to piss her off was far too much for him to resist.

He had done this to her once before, a very long time ago shortly after the androids had been defeated and they had resumed their affair. The gravity room had been broken and parts wouldn't arrive until the next day so he had been bored beyond belief. He had stalked her all day. She hadn't realized it was him until he finally went in for the kill. She had been so rattled and freaked out that she had hit him so hard she had fractured her own wrist. It had been worth it though he thought now with a smirk. She was always more fun in bed when she was pissed off with him. Not to say she wasn't great when she wasn't mad at him; he always had a good time when they were together. That part of their relationship had never been a problem for either of them. However when she was mad at him, he had to really work for it. He enjoyed the thrill of the chase. Making her succumb and give into him was the biggest high he could ever get. Not to mention an ego boost. She was almost always willing and he appreciated that and in turn always made it worth her while. But on the odd occasion that she denied him, usually because she was pissed off with him, it only made him want her more. He knew it was sick to a degree, but what could he say? It reminded him of the silly little games they used to play with each other in the beginning. Only they'd both lost.

He took note of her energy signal and lay back on the roof for a quick nap, enjoying the warm sun on his skin. She would more than likely be in there until it got dark. If she left early, he would know. Either way, then he would continue his fun then.


A few hours later, Vegeta sat up on the roof, taking note that Bulma was leaving her lab. So she had decided to quit early, but not that early. It was already dark. Good. He thought with a smirk. He planned on keeping her more than occupied all evening. She had been neglecting her wifely duties where he had been concerned these past several weeks and he intended to rectify that this weekend and remind her of what some of those "duties" were. Especially with all distractions and possible interruptions removed.

With that in mind, he carefully left his spot on the roof so that he would not be spotted by the unsuspecting woman down below. It was time to resume his game.


Bulma reached the kitchen and began flipping through the different takeout and delivery menus. Originally, she had wanted to actually make something for him for dinner, but then decided that she wasn't feeling quite that ambitious tonight; maybe tomorrow night. She wasn't sure what to get or what she was even in the mood for. She wondered briefly what he would want. Seeing as he wasn't around to consult, she chose Italian. That was always a safe bet. She placed her order and headed up the stairs to their bedroom.

He wasn't there either. She began to worry somewhat. It wasn't like him to just up and disappear. Not in the last few years anyway. Even the odd time he did leave to train or brood in the wilderness for a few days, he at least usually let her know. Even if it was mere moments before he took off. She shook her head and decided on a quick shower to freshen up a bit. She was sure he would conveniently appear when the food arrived.

Once in the shower, she relaxed. She had been so stressed out and tense. Her neck and shoulders sagged as the feeling of the warm water soothed her. She grabbed her favorite shampoo and began washing her hair. She was beginning to feel more than relaxed when the lights finally shut off in the bathroom, leaving her standing there in the shower in pitch black.

"What the hell, Vegeta?!" Just when she had finally convinced herself that he must have gotten bored and found something else to do or someone else to torment, here he was all over again annoying her with one of his stupid games. "Can't you find something normal to do in your spare time, like I don't know, pick up a book maybe?" she shouted, quickly rinsing her hair off and cursing her husband; so much for a relaxing shower.

Once she was done, she shut off the water and carefully stumbled out of the bathtub, nearly tripping. She reached over to the wall where the light switch was to turn the lights back on, but nothing happened. She flipped the switch a few times and found herself still surrounded by complete darkness. "Huh. That's odd." She said to herself. Maybe Vegeta wasn't tormenting her after all. She felt around the dark surroundings of the bathroom and found her towel, wrapping herself up and opening the door to find her bedroom was also pitch black. She was sure she had left the light on.

Walking to where the door would have been, she went for the light switch and had the same result as in the bathroom. The power must have been out. But why? There was no storm outside or workers nearby to her knowledge.

Still clad in nothing more than her towel, Bulma left their bedroom and began walking down the hall uneasily. Something was very wrong. Not even the safety lights powered by the backup generator were on. She couldn't see anything. She swallowed down her panic, and began to think. The backup generator was in the next building over. She would have to get there and figure out what the problem was. It couldn't be that bad. She turned around and began feeling the walls and walking back to the bedroom. She needed to find her house coat if she had to go outside.

Unfortunately after a few minutes of crawling around on the floor, feeling around for it she gave up trying to find it. Whatever. It's not like there were tons of people hanging around Capsule Corporation. Especially at this time of evening. Maybe she could find Vegeta and get him to take her to the generator. Speaking of which, where the hell was he?

She stood back up in the middle of their room and swore she felt a breeze subtly brush by her. She spun around but saw nothing or no one. "Vegeta? Are you in here?" she asked. Silence followed. "No. of course not!" she mumbled to herself sarcastically and walked carefully back to the door.

She walked slowly down the hall with her hand on the wall and her other hand out in front of her. She never realized how dark the house actually was! She made note to make sure her mother placed in more windows the next time she decided to renovate. This was ridiculous! She could not see anything.

She screeched as she fell on the floor. Thankfully she had placed her hands in front of her before making contact with the ground. What the hell? She looked around, even though she could not see anything. It had felt like she had been pushed. Not hard. Okay, maybe just nudged. She listened carefully and heard nothing but the sound of her own breathing. Okay, maybe not nudged. Maybe she just tripped.


Vegeta followed his prey from their bedroom and into the hallway, always strategically making sure he was a few feet behind her. After all he only wanted to rattle her, not have her fall down the stairs and break her neck. He fought the urge to chuckle to himself as he watched her. Never before had he seen such a weak species! What species could not see in the dark? His superior vision was immaculate. He could see just as well in the dark as in the light. Even some of the more inferior animals on this planet had night vision from what he'd learned watching the odd television program. Why not the most sentient beings of this planet? It was ludicrous.

He followed her down the hall as she carefully walked, uneasily. He shook his head at her. How many times had she walked this hallway? She should have been able to do it blind. She had to know that there would not be any obstructions in front of her and that the stairs were almost exactly forty paces from the bedroom. Yet she was walking slowly, feeling in front of her like it was foreign territory. Oh yes, he was going to have more fun with this than he initially thought.

With that in mind, he carefully nudged her on the small of her back and stepped away immediately. He had barely touched her and only where her body had been covered by the towel. Yet she fell as easily as if he had shoved her. He stepped away and leaned against the wall opposite of her, trying his hardest not to laugh at her. She was looking around aimlessly, clearly wondering if she had been pushed or if she fell due to her own clumsiness. However, she got back up quickly and began feeling her way down the hall towards the stairs which weren't far.

He watched her closely as she descended the stairs without incident. Once again, he only wanted to have some fun and scare her a little; not have to take her to the hospital. She felt her way into the kitchen and to the first drawer in the counter by the entry way. She opened it and began rifling through it. He smirked triumphantly at his foresight. There was always a flashlight kept in that drawer. He had removed it and simply placed it on the counter not a foot away from her, where she would most likely not find it since it was so dark.


"What the hell?" she commented to herself. She had made it down to the kitchen without falling down the stairs thankfully. She found the emergency drawer that usually held everything from spare batteries to a first aid kit, emergency phone numbers and a flash light. However the flashlight wasn't there. It was always there!

She gasped as she almost felt another breeze. Almost as if someone were breathing down her neck. She spun around again and shot her fist out, but caught nothing but air. She stood there another moment listening carefully and heard nothing but silence. As she stood there she noticed the aroma of food close by.

Alright. The delivery guy must have come while she was in the shower and Vegeta must have paid him or it wouldn't be here, which meant his royal pain-in-the-assness had to be lurking around here somewhere. He was such a prick sometimes! She looked out the window and frowned when she noticed that none of the lights outside were on either. No wonder it was so dark! In that case, without a flash light and/or without Vegeta, she would ever find her way into the other building and find the generator or be able to turn it on. She had only done it once and that was years ago. She'd had to read the instructions and do it manually. Not that it was hard, but if she couldn't see, then how would she be able to do it?

"Vegeta! I know you're here somewhere. You obviously paid the delivery guy. I'm not that dumb. Come on out." She said in an irritated tone. If he seriously thought this was funny, he had another thing coming to him! He could spend the rest of the weekend sleeping in his precious gravity chamber!

She looked at the table and could see the very vague outline of the table. She couldn't see anything on it, but she could see the table. He wasn't there stuffing his face from what she could tell. That was a shocker. She sighed heavily and decided to go back up the stairs. Her cell phone was up there. That would provide a bit of light and she could call and find out what was going on and maybe find out when the power would be expected to come back on.

Bulma turned around carefully and started making her way back up the stairs. She did it without incident. She began the journey back down the long hall way back to their bedroom when she collided head on into a firm, warm wall.


Vegeta floated up the stairs as he watched her begin climbing them. He wondered what she was doing now. Why come back up here? She hadn't even attempted to look for him that hard. He'd had fun thinking up all sorts of humorous scenarios, following her around the house. Scaring the crap out of her to the point where she'd throw something at him. Now she put the damper on that by heading back up stairs.

He decided to speed this up and quickly formulated a new strategy and form of attack. She wasn't playing along like he had hoped. That was the problem with being with a smart woman. She usually figured things out quickly and then refused to just go along with it for his entertainment. He could usually get away with something like this once and then that was it. She was on to him.

He decided to stand in the middle of the hallway with his arms crossed, waiting for her. She would run right into him and then she would be at his mercy. He smirked at the possibilities. He could tell she was annoyed.

He stood there patiently as she slowly made her way closer to him and then she ran right into him. He caught her quickly with his strong arms before she fell and before she could react, he spun her around and hauled her up against the wall so that her back was to him and her front pressed firmly to it. He had one hand firmly on her hip, keeping her in place and the other over her mouth so she wouldn't start screeching at him.

He chuckled darkly into her ear. To his surprise, she did not fight him at all.

"You seem to be lost." He said to her in a very low tone. She made no form of response. He let the hand on her hip slide down the towel and began caressing the smooth skin of her bare thigh. "It's a good thing I found you." He said, inching his hand back up her inner thigh and in between her legs.

He inhaled and took in her scent. Her hair was still damp and smelled of fruit and flowers from whatever shampoo she had decided to use. He did not know why she always used such scented products. Her own natural scent was much more enticing to him than any of the chemicals she liked to bathe herself in and spray on herself. He had asked her long ago to refrain from spraying herself with that expensive perfume fake pheromone crap that humans seemed to like so much. It only clashed with her own natural scent and either gave him a headache or made his nose burn.

He skimmed his nose down the length of her neck, inhaling her again and smirked triumphantly to himself when he caught the scent of her arousal. That had taken almost no prompting on his part. He had irritated her most of the day and here with little effort she wanted him just like that. He nipped the back of her neck. "What am I to do with you?" he asked, removing his other hand from her mouth and sliding it down, gripping the towel and ripping it away, tossing it to the ground. He placed his hand back onto her hip and pushed her back against the wall, leaning his large form into her so she could feel his need for her through his tight training pants against her behind.

She leaned back a bit into him and licked her lips. "I don't know," she replied while trying to keep her breathing under control as his other hand moved slowly around her front, but never touching her where she wanted him to. "What are you going to do with me?"

"Hmmn," he grunted, still skimming his nose up the side of her neck and breathing into her ear and lightly nipping it. "Not sure yet." He said bringing both his hands to rest on her hips and pulling her back side into him somewhat roughly. "I was considering taking you right now, up against this wall especially seeing as I have you in such a vulnerable position."

"Oh." She replied lightly, trying not to smile. He had obviously not planned any further than annoying her all day and then pouncing on her. She leaned her head back against his shoulder and nipped the side of his jaw. "Well, in that case you'd better come up with a plan," she suggested, wanting to leave it up to him. This was his game she decided and she would play along, however as the moments passed it seemed like he really didn't seem to know where he was going with this so she decided to help him out a bit.

"And do it quick. Before my husband shows up. He's around here somewhere and he won't be too happy if he sees you touching his woman so intimately. He is very possessive of his belongings."

He smirked at her. He had been thinking along those lines, but hadn't been sure if she would go along with it. She never ceased to amaze him. "Is that so?"

"It is." She nodded. "He's big and strong. He'll kick your ass."

"Well then, maybe we should take this elsewhere." He suggested, grabbing her arms and holding them behind her and escorting her down the hall as though she were his prisoner.

"Where are you taking me?" she asked honestly. She knew they would have passed their bedroom by now.

"That is not your concern." He replied harshly, opening a door and shoving her inside the dark, black room.

She shrieked as he picked her up, throwing her over his shoulder and dumped her carelessly on a bed. She wasn't sure, but she assumed that this must have been his old bedroom before he finally agreed to share a room with her. She had left everything in there in case he ever decided he preferred that. It was so dark in the room she again could see nothing. He had insisted on heavy dark curtains when he had first claimed this room as his. No light what so ever could shine through. It was pitch black.

She knew he was here somewhere, but could not see or even hear him. She knew he was stalking her again and was waiting for the moment where he would pounce on her. She sat up and looked around again trying to pinpoint his location, but could not. She began to sweat and her heart began to race in anticipation of his eventual attack.

He disposed quickly of his clothing and walked around slowly to the other side of the bed, smirking to himself while trying to decide where to attack her from. He settled on the left side, or her right. He crawled on the bed and pushed her down on her back quickly before she had a moment to resist, pinning her down helplessly below him and kissed her deeply.


She wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him closer to her. One hand buried itself in his thick dark hair. She loved his hair; it fascinated her to no end. It looked stiff and hard, but it was soft and always stayed the same. Her other hand travelled down from his neck and across his back. She ran it up and down soothingly as though she were comforting him, gently scratching him with her nails and marveling at the feeling of the corded, well developed muscles beneath his soft skin.

Once he'd caught his breath, he rested his upper body on his elbows and looked down at her. Still after all this time, he wasn't bored of her. He admitted that he was still just as attracted to her as he was that first time he'd seen her on Namek. Little had he known in that moment back then that she would turn out to be the most important being in his life. He would never be romantic; he would never tell her how much she actually meant to him and he would most certainly never tell her he loved her. He was truly grateful that she wasn't one of those women who needed to be told that every day or that he had to shower her with gifts constantly.

He smirked at her now in memory of one such day.

They had been lying in bed after a vigorous session, much like they were now when she had let it slip that she loved him for the first time in their relationship; he had scoffed bitterly at her for uttering such a fowl sentiment. When she had gotten upset and insisted that she knew he had felt the same and couldn't understand why he refused to acknowledge it, he had simply replied: "We have a son."

At which, she frowned at him and said "Uhm, yeah. So?"

"You do not walk up to me every day or two or three times a day and say "We have a son," do you?"


"Exactly." He nodded. "You do not need to. It is simply a statement of obvious fact. You do not need to tell me we have a son because we both already know we have a son. We have a son and his name is Trunks."

She looked at him and blinked a few times before a small smile graced her face; the tip of her tongue just peeking out barely on the side of her mouth. She chuckled at him and nodded. "We have a son."

"Indeed." He had replied, quickly getting dressed before she humiliated him further. He could not believe he had said all of that to her. Now she knew and he could not take it back ever. He had worried for a moment that she would use this new information and use it against him. He had even contemplated leaving the planet for good just then.

"We have a son, just like you have a Gravity Room and just like we live at Capsule Corporation and you are the Prince of all Saiyans." She said slowly to him, giving him a look that had made his ears start to burn red from embarrassment. She had figured it out.

"That is correct." He had replied gruffly. "Your point?"

"No point," she had said innocently, still trying to hide that sly smile that was threatening to take over that mouth of hers. "Just stating the obvious facts is all."

"Hmmn." He had grumbled and left her bedroom in a huff to go and brood for a few hours and decide what to do.

Fortunately for him, she had accepted his explanation and never once pushed or pestered him to say that putrid statement ever again. She had never smothered him or used it against him. Nothing had changed between them. For that he had always been thankful to her for. He had been on this planet long enough and had observed enough Earth couples to know that he had lucked out in his choice of female companion.

He smirked again now at the memory.

"What's so funny?" she asked, taking him out of his thoughts.

"Nothing." He shook his head. "Just observing the fact that we have a son is all."

She smiled at him, immediately recognizing the reference and kissed him. "Yes we do. And there is dinner downstairs that is getting cold. That's another obvious fact."

"True, however I am not quite finished with you yet." He said and kissed her deeply, making her want him all over again.