Outside the trees were painted tangerine oranges, lemon yellows, and apple reds. The cool autumn breeze blew the falling leaves across the even school grounds. There was not a single cloud in the midmorning sky to prevent the bright sun from shining.

In the back of the high school's classroom sat two boys. Both of them were adorned in black, from the hair on their heads to the shoes on their feet. The one to the left had blood red, icy blue, and lightening yellow streaks through his jet black hair that hung slightly over his eyes, even though it was cut short in the back. His face was a pale white against the crow black markings around his ruby red eyes. On his shoulders rested a jacket imprinted with studded spikes to compliment the flaming skull on his shirt. Chains hung from the belt of his leather pants that clung to his legs. Upon the desk in front of him rested his crossed feet clothed with combat boots. His leather-gloved hands supported his head, giving him a relaxed look.

Next to him sat a rather plain figure when compared to the first. Though, if you put him next to the others, he would still seem out of place. His natural dark brown hair was dyed a pitch black, raised in a small triangular shape at the top of his forehead. His shirt was a plain obsidian black shirt compliment with a pair of jet-black skinny jeans. Underneath his desk, he was typing away on his phone, only to look up when the teacher called on him or on the class' attention.

A knock sounded on the wooden door, reminding the teacher of something he forgot to mention. "Class, we have a new student. This is Harry Styles," He motioned to the student beside him.

The boy's hair was brown and curly, curving up wards, almost like an upside-down bowl. His tops consisted on a blue Pepsi short-sleeved shirt, covered by an open red, white, and blue, British flag-patterned blazer. "H-hey," the boy weakly waved to the students in front of him.

The boy who was on his phone briefly looked up to catch a glance to whom the teacher was talking about. Though, he couldn't remove his gaze once his eyes found the beautiful male figure at the front of the classroom. The boy had one of the leanest bodies, some of the most full lips, and some of the most sparkling eyes. There was no doubt that he was the single most attractive person on the Earth. Someone near him nudged his elbow.

"Something got your attention, Zayn," the extremist beside him asked.

"Hmm?...Y-yeah...Maybe," Zayn whispered back to Jay.

Jayy chuckled to himself until he noticed the other figure by the door. His hair pointed out in all directions, streaked with every color imaginable. His Hello Kitty shirt brought a playful smile to Jay's lips. He, also, wore tight darkly colored jeans, from which a chain fell connecting the wallet in his back pocket to the spiked belt around his waist. Bulky leather boots outlined with silver daggers climbed up his leg, stopping when it reached his knee.

"Who are you," the teacher asked him.

"I'm Dahvie Vanity. I'm Harry's older brother. I just came to make sure he got to where he was supposed to go," Dahvie answered.

"You two don't even have the same last name," the teacher retorted.

"Stepbrothers, sorry," Dahvie muttered sarcastically. He shot a barely noticeable wink in Jay's direction before exiting the classroom.

"Whatever," the teacher mumbled to himself.

Jayy smiled to himself before falling back into his seat. He turned his head back towards Zayn, raising an eyebrow.

"Why don't you take a seat by Zayn. He's...in the back. My apologies, but it's the only seat open," the teacher motioned.

"It's fine. Don't worry about it," Harry replied, though, he thought the dashing male dressed all in black had already taken away his breath. He was the dark, mysterious type that, Harry, thought was extremely sexy. "hey," he whispered, barely audible, as he sat next to the beautiful bastard.

"Hey," Zayn whispered back, trying to hide his faintly tinted-red face.

"I...I'm Harry," he spoke a bit louder, stretching out his hand to the other.

"I know," Zayn smiled. "Just like you know I'm Zayn."

"N-no, I don't! I just got here," Harry pouted, lowering his arm.

"Well then, you, obviously, weren't paying attention to the teacher," Zayn teased, chuckling slightly from the other's facial expression.

"Oh...I guess he did mention your name...now that I think about it," Harry murmured, blushing deeper.

You're so cute, Zayn thought staring at the others perfectly chiseled face.

Harry felt eyes baring down upon him. Slowly turning his head to the side, he noticed Zayn's crimson eyes gazing at him. "W-what," Harry almost shouted, as he whipped his head back to the front of the classroom, his own emerald green eyes wide.

Zayn's scarlet eyes opened fully in fear. "D-did I say that aloud?"

"Say what aloud," Harry asked curiously.

"Oh, good," Zayn sighed in relief slinking back in his chair.

Harry suspiciously raised an eyebrow at the other, but soon shook if off. Moments later, a lighted screen from underneath Zayn's desk had caught his attention. Though, it didn't look like he was playing any kind of game nor did it look like he was texting anyone, just typing away. Leaning over a tad bit, Harry tried to get a better look at what Zayn was doing. His rapid fingers typed:

So, as I was saying before, a rather boring period. However, there was a new student in our class. Jay really seemed to enjoy his brother...Dahvie. Oh, the kid's name was Harry. Harry Styles. He so

"H-hey," Zayn yelled, distressed, pushing the other kid's face away. "What are you doing?"

"O-oh. I...I just wanted to know what you were typing," Harry stuttered.

"Why," Zayn shot back at him.

"B-because! I thought it might have been a-a book or m-maybe some poetry."

Zayn scoffed, putting away his phone for now, so that no one could snoop in his business.

Wow, Harry thought. If he had said it aloud, it would come out as nothing but a breath. He has a journal. That's even more intriguing than poetry. Wonder what kind of secrets I can unlock from him. Harry glanced at Zayn, a seductive smile coming to his lips for a moment before disappearing as he turned to face the board, again.