The white two-story house sat on a wide boxed-in piece of land that was covered in fresh, green grass. A solid cement wall wrapped around the perimeter of the large yard. In the middle of the six-foot high wall were two intricately molded metal doors that opened onto the path leading up to the elegant front door. In the right corner sat a tall oak tree with a wooden bench underneath it. Tulips outlined the sides of the bench and the tree trunk. In the middle of the left side of the yard was a small flower patch filled with lilacs and lilies. Running along the house were rose bushes. There was even a 'welcome mat' when Jay rang the chiming doorbell. Harry answered the door, Zayn invisible because of Jayy's height. "Oh, hey, Dahvie's out in the garage," Harry stated.

"Thanks," Jayy muttered, barging in without being invited.

"H-hi," Zayn said, barely audible as he gave Harry a small wave.

"Hey," Harry responded, a wide, luscious grin appearing onto his face.

Zayn's heart felt sickly sweet just from the glimpse of such a radiant smile. "C-can I come in," Zayn asked breathlessly.

"Sure," Harry moved, opening the door, then closing it behind Zayn. "Is there something you wanted to do," Harry asked, moving closer to Zayn, almost invading his personal space.

"Y-yes," Zayn mumbled, standing up straighter from courage. But before long it disappeared, and Harry was left sheepishly slouching against a wall.

"What," Harry softly asked onto Zayn's lip's as he rested his hands on the wall above Zayn's head.

"You," Zayn whispered back, lost in Harry's shimmering emerald eyes and shining smile. He released a shaky, needy sigh onto Harry's lip, though, his timid side still had a gasp on him. Closing his eyes, Zayn breathed in the intoxicating scent coming off Harry's cologne. Lips pressed up against Zayn's, making his brisk eyes open and widen, before closing again, accepting the pleasure of the kiss from his crush.

Arms wrapped around his neck as Harry pushed his body close against Zayn's being. Harry licked Zayn's lip, and the boy immediately opened wider, wanting more of him. Harry smiled as his tongue entered Zayn's mouth.

As soon as Harry's tongue entered his mouth, Zayn surrendered almost completely to him, pressing his own body nearer and tangling his hands in Harry's curly hair.

Harry's hands traveled down from the wall onto Zayn's back, resting when they reached where Zayn's lower back met his ass.

The garage was a rather open room. By the stairs was a tool bench, cluttered with screwdrivers, hammers, and saws scattered across it. Near one of the walls was a couch, a side table accompanying each arm. In the middle of the entire room a set of drums, a keyboard, and several different guitars. Jayy walked into the area, one to find Dahvie beginning the refrain of one of his songs.

"Nice," Jayy commented once Dahvie finished.

"Thanks. I saw you in Harry's class. I was actually kind of hoping you'd two become friends," Dahvie said, setting his guitar off to the side. "What's your name?"

"I'm Jayy Jayy Monroe. Nice to meet you," Jay said extending his hand out towards Dahvie.

"Nice to meet you, Jayy," Dahvie replied, accepting the gesture.

"Hey, y'know I can play the guitar, too. I'm, also, good with a keyboard and sighing," Jayy said resting on the couch by the wall.


"I was wondering if I could be in your band."

"Yeah, sure! Thanks man," Dahvie yelled excitedly.

"No prob, dude. Oh, hey, I also have another question," Jayy added.

"What," Dahvie asked, his face dropping only slightly.

"Wanna fuck," Jayy smiled widely.

"Right now," Dahvie raised an eyebrow, still smiling from the previous news.

"Yeah…,"Jayy dragged, mimicking Dahvie's facial expression.

"Umm, okay…Though, my room's a lot cleaner," Dahvie answered, disgusted by the garage's concrete flooring.

"That's fine with me," Jayy replied, getting up and following behind him.

Dahvie stopped at the entrance to the hall, staring, amazed at his younger brother making out with Zayn on the wall by the stairs.

"What," Jayy questioned, stumped by Dahvie's behavior.

Dahvie limply gestured to the pair to the side of them. "I didn't know he was gay," he whispered, stunned.

"Well, you should get used to it. The way the make googly-eyes at each other, I think you'll be seeing him a lot more."

"He's … he's not like you ... is he? I … my little brother, Harry's not like that-"

"Don't worry, he's not gonna go breakin' his heart. Honestly, that's the first person that he even remotely had interest in," Jayy explained, rolling his eyes.

"Okay," Dahvie whispered, slightly relieved, before walking toward the stairs. Antsy, Jayy followed behind.

Harry pulled away, trying to catch his breath. He brushed his hand through Zayn's silky hair while staring intently into the flaming red eyes.

Zayn huffed silently, sucking in as much oxygen as his lungs would allow him to. A tender smile grew onto his lips as he felt the fingers playing with his fine hairs. That was, until the boy noticed Jay and Dahvie watching them. A deep blush appeared on his face, while he shouted, "How long have you been standing there?"

Harry slightly turned to see who Zayn was yelling at. When his forest eyes spotted the two older teens, he brought Zayn as close as possible, possessively wrapping his arms around the body.

If it was possible, Zayn would have blushed harder, though it was hard to tell, for the boy's face was smothered into Harry's chest.

"Not long. We were just going up to my bedroom when I noticed you two," Dahvie answered.

"Well, have fun. We'll be here," Harry said, faking a smile to hide his death glare at the intruder.

"Okay. Don't get into any trouble. You're the good kid. It needs to stay like that," Dahvie finished, ruffling's his younger brother's hair before heading up the stairs to his bedroom.

Jayy winked to the one eye of Zayn's that was noticeable until rushing upstairs to join the other. Zayn groaned as he started to hug Harry.

One finger from the smooth hand of Styles brought Zayn's head up, so that Harry could see his eyes, again. "Will you take the contacts out for me," he asked as charming as possible.

"S-sure," Zayn muttered, reaching to his eyeballs. After a few second both of the round objects sat on the table by them.

"You have such beautiful brown eyes. So dark…like an abyss. I don't understand why you would try to hide these wonders," Harry tenderly teased the other.

Zayn pulled Harry's head down, whispering 'because' onto his lips, before fully kissing him again.

Harry let out a small moan, bringing the hands back down to their original resting place. The palms traveled up Zayn's waist, the shirt riding on top of them, so that by the time Harry's hand had reached below Zayn's arms, his stomach was exposed. Breaking the kiss, Harry took off the shirt, flinging it across the room.

A shove pushed Zayn down onto the steps, luckily, his elbows caught his fall. Harry knelt on the step lower than the one Zayn was on, smashing his lips back into Zayn's, his tongue immediately invading the others mouth.

A soft moan escaped from Zayn, due to the seductive teen's dominance. Zayn wrapped his legs around Harry's waist as his hands invaded underneath Harry's shirt. He started to grind into the others crotch for he was getting impatient.

Harry broke the kiss again and moved his mouth to Zayn's neck, teasing the flesh with his mouth and tongue. "Can I … fuck you, … Zayn?"

"Only if you take off your clothes," Zayn moaned, tugging on Harry's shirt.

Harry yanked off his shirt, tossing it to the side. Teasing each spot, Harry moved his lips form Zayn's Adam apple to the crook in his neck down to the top of his chest, stopping when he reached the boy's nipple. As he kissed, licked, and sucked the navel, loud moans sounded out of Zayn's throat. His hands slinked down further, sliding off Zayn's pants and underwear.

Chuckling, Harry removed his mouth from Zayn's chest. Instead, he smacked his lips back into Zayn's as his fingers lightly traced his cock, top to bottom.

The motion caused Zayn to let out loud moans, vibrating into each of the mouths.

Harry smiled, breaking the kiss. He watched Zayn's facial expression as he quickened his pace until Zayn was at his breaking point.

The pleasure had been accumulating greatly. Just as Zayn thought he would be relieved of the excess pleasure, he was left with the pain from the surplus bliss. "Harry," Zayn whimpered, opening his eyes to the stunning lean-bodied beauty in front of him.

Harry's captivating smile reappeared on his face due to Zayn's pleas. Bringing his head down low to Zayn's groin, Harry licked the head of his cock, which caused a gasp to escape from Zayn's lips. Harry started sucking the head vigorously before bringing the whole shaft into his mouth, deep-throating it.

Zayn's body started to shake and shudder, sending him further into the ecstasy. His breathe hitched right before he came into Harry's mouth, loudly moaning the other boy's name. His body briefly spasmed as he rid out the orgasm, enjoying every pleasure that surged through his being. Harry slurped the dick dry. Taking Zayn's pants off completely , his own bottoms following closely behind, he started to palm the other crotch.

Another moan came from out of Zayn's mouth from the touch on his over sensitive member. "Harry~"

"What," Harry teased before tapping Zayn's mouth with two of his fingers.

The boy moaned unhappily, wanting the hand out of his face.

"Stubborn?" Harry fingered the others lips, trying to slip them in whether or not they were wanted.

Zayn finally opened his mouth, giving in to the irritating actions. The fingers immediately shot in, gaging the brown-eyed boy. This earned a cool glare at Harry, who returned the action with a cheesy smile. Zayn scoffed, before sucking, slurping, and licking the digits until they had been covered in a decant amount of saliva.

Harry stopped palming the erection and slid the fingers out of Zayn's mouth, replacing them with his lips. Using his dry hand, he placed Zayn's legs over his shoulders. Harry put his fingers into Zayn's ass, lubricating the entrance. As he took the fingers out, his long dick stretching the entry.

"Jayy," came the loud moan from Dahvie's mouth as he harshly fucked Jay's face, trying to shove it in as far as possible.

A smirk played on Jayy's lips even as the thick cock forced him to gag here and there. Jayy gently ran his teeth down Dahvie's shaft before biting the head when he pulled out.

Dahvie gasped, an evil smirk coming onto his face. Dahvie shoved his dick full-force as quick as possible down Jayy's throat, mean while holding tight fist fulls of the hair of Jay's head, pulling him as close to his crotch as his body would allow him. He wanted that kid to be in so much pain.

Jayy moaned in pleasure from the harsh treatment, only wanting more of it. However, having to gag every few seconds really didn't help him bite back.

A few moments later, Dahvie pulled out of Jayy's mouth, his cock still erect, but dripping in pre-cum and saliva.

Jayy took off his pants, the remainder of clothes between both of them. Digging his nails into the skin as he gripped Dahvie's shoulders, Jayy forced the guy onto his back, while he climbed onto the bed.

Dahvie's mischievous smile returned as he stabbed his nail into Jay's chest, dragging them downwards. Patches of skin were removed as slight blood slowly started to clot the opening.

Jayy let out a gasp from the jabbing motion in his torso. A growl formed in his throat before he raised his knee to send a harsh nudge straight into Dahvie's genital. Using the brief moment of vulnerability, Jayy quickly threw Dahvie onto his stomach.

Dahvie's head jolted inward towards his chest as a gasped escaped his lips. Grabbing Jayy's head from behind and digging his nails into the sides, he rammed their heads together. Dahvie hoped to try to use the moment to get back up and overthrow Jayy.

However, once Jayy started to feel the body underneath him move, he slammed his knees into the backside of Dahvie's and dug his nails into Dahvie's shoulder, again, in order to try to force him down.

Dahvie still resorted struggling underneath the hold. Finding that he could still control some of his arm, he reached behind him, grabbing and pulling Jayy's hair.

Jayy chuckled at the futile attempts of Dahvie's escape as he started to lick, suck, and bite where the bottom of his neck met the top of his back. Jayy held to feel his way along Dahvie's ass since he knew that if he removed any of his limbs, Dahvie would take advantage of the motion. Pressing his cock in deeper, Jayy found Dahvie's opening. Jayy forcefully pounded into his ass.

A deep groan escaped Dahvie' lips after the harsh intrusion and each following invasion.

"Harry," Zayn gasped in pain as he arched his back, which only deepened the penetration from their current positions.

"You okay," Harry asked, planting a kiss on the other boy's forehead.

"It hurts," Zayn whispered, pulling on Harry's curls.

"It'll get better after a while," Harry murmured into Zayn's ear before pulling out and sliding into his ass again.

"F-faster, Harry," Zayn moaned, shuddering from the pain-filler feeling of being stretched repeatedly. Zayn noticed the water by the stairs that he had earlier dropped.

Harry saw Zayn's gaze stray, and so brought a hand to cup his cheek, bring his head forward again. Zayn flashed him one of his small, quaint grins, causing Harry to show his own brilliant smile. Before he knew what was happening, the leftover water was poured at the top of Harry's spine. Some of the liquid ran down his sides, dripping off his chest. More of the water had run down his back to trickle down his legs or down his penis onto Zayn's ass. The event cause Harry to shiver after releasing a gasp from the cool touch the essence had left. A vengeful smile crossed Harry's face as he started to brutally thrust into Zayn's ass.

A gasp left Zayn's lips as Harry finally hit his prostate. "R-right there, Harry," Zayn mumbled before moaning loudly. "H-harder."

Harry grinned, doing as what was commanded from the chocolate brown-eyed angel underneath him. Moving one of his hands to Zayn's cock , he lightly fingered it despite the pre-cum surrounding the member.

Zayn gasped, more tightly grabbing onto Harry's hair. Whimpering was consumed by moaning as Harry continued to add to the growing pleasure building up inside of him.

Harry leaned down to Zayn's exposed neck, ghosting it with kisses before sucking on a specific space. Pressing down on the head, Harry rubbed the tips of his fingers into the side of Zayn's cock. Feeling Zayn's climax approaching, he squeezed the dick tightly before rapidly pumping it.

"Harry," Zayn moaned as his body shook , gorging itself with as much pleasure possible before quickly exiting, only to leave the boy tired and out of breath.

With the sight of Zayn's semen on his hand, Harry quickly followed suit, releasing his seed inside of Zayn's ass. Harry had collapsed onto Zayn's chest, and was now panting heavily.

Jayy had managed to move his hands so that Dahvie was now sitting on his dick, while one arm was collapsed around his neck.

Dahvie had tried biting, scratching, shoving, and still nothing had gotten Jayy off or out of him. Both of them were covered in black and blue-forming scars, and deep gnashes caused by clawing and chewing. However, both of them thought the pain was caused just intensified the pleasure.

Jayy started to thrust as quick and hard as possible while sitting underneath him. At the same time, he was busy working with the thick dick, soaking in pre-cum. He tried squeezing, stroking, pinching, and scratching, just waiting for the guy to come. Growling, Jayy leaned Dahvie forward a bit, making sure to pound as deep into his bleeding ass as possible.

Dahvie gasped, shaking violently, as Jayy thrust into the missing prostate. "H-harder," Dahvie cruelly commanded before moaning.

Jayy smirked happily as he pounded into the previous area, harder with each thrust. Jayy started to bite his neck, going back to quickly pumping Dahvie's cock. A few moments later, Jayy couldn't hold any longer. Resting against his back, Jay rode out his orgasm, while he came into Dahvie. When Jayy went to sit back up on his own, he noticed Dahvie's jizz covering his palm. An evil grin crossed his face as he sucked clean his fingers, enjoying every drip that touched his tongue.

Pulling out of him, Jayy stood on his knees, resting his arms onDahvie's shoulders. "Did 'wanna fuck' mean only one round limit to one round of sex? Or until we're tired," Jayy asked, still unsatisfied with himself.

Dahvie sat, thinking. A few moments afterward, a vile smile sat on his appeared on his face as he threw Jayy backward. "Until we're tired," Dahvie commanded, biting Jayy's lip as he was now pinned to the ground.

Harry got up off of Zayn and started to slide his clothes back on. Zayn did the same. As Harry slipped on his shirt, he chuckled, "So is that what you wanted to do?"

"Yes..and no," Zayn answered, sliding on his pants.

"Oh," Harry question, putting his blazer on again.

"I didn't expect to have sex with you. I wanted to, though. All I really wanted was to say was… was…,"Zayn stumbled, losing his courage.

"Was what," Harry persisted with his shining smile, claiming, closing in on Zayn.

"W-w-was…that..I…really like, and wanted to be your boyfriend," Zayn muttered, blushing deeply and avoiding eye contact with the other.

Harry smiled down at the smaller male. Bringing his hand towards Zayn's chin, he brought their lips together for another, shorter kiss. "Thanks." Harry stroked his cheek. "I'd love to."

"R-really," Zayn whispered, blushing still from the previous act.

"Definitely," Harry confirmed him, connecting the mouths again.