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Chapter 13: Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death

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"Human Speech"

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[Pokemon speech]

It was the last fight of the 'Fighting-Type Pokemon Regional Tournament'. Jared was finally brawling with the mystery pokemon, which turned out to be a blaziken when he removed its cloak in the fight. When he did remove the cloak, he got his ass kicked because for some reason the blaziken wished to remain anonymous. And somewhere even further along the fight he put his hands/paws in the wrong place, making the blaziken fall in love with him because she loves men who are forward. And now he and the blaziken are hatching a plan for her to escape the life of enslavement.

"Okay, do you understand the plan?" Jared asked the blaziken telepathically.

She nodded.

"Good. Now let's finish this!" He yelled loud enough for the crowds to hear.

The blaziken roared in response, as part of their plan, and charged. Jared charged too, and when they were only a foot away they both threw a volley of attacks to each other. May it be punches, kicks, and even special pokemon moves they mutually kept on the offensive.

As they fought, the blaziken snuck in a Sky Uppercut, sending Jared soaring above the ring near the support beams on the ceiling. He quickly recovered and rested himself on one of the girders. When he was on the girders he glanced down briefly, suddenly realizing that he was so high up and that he had a slightly massive fear of heights. The vertigo started to get to him, the entire arena started spinning and the nausea churning his guts. His eyes rolled to the back of his head as he fell forward, his unconscious body flailing about in the air.

The blaziken knew something was amiss as Jared's unconsciously hurdled downward towards her. She outspread her arms in hopes to grab him as he fell, but she miscalculated his decent. When they made contact, he didn't crash to the floor nor did she catch him, but their heads collided, knocking her out as well. They both hit the floor with Jared right in between her breasts.

A referee walked up to the fighters and checked each of their conditions. After an exhaustive examination the referee said, "Both pokemon are unable to battle. The match is a tie!"

The crowds were a moment speechless, astounded to see the best fighter of multiple regions down and out. Even if her opponent is down as well, they all believed it was very unlikely that she would go down too. When the crowds finally realized that the match was over, everyone cheered an ear-deafening roar of laud and admiration. As the crowds cheered, four people carrying stretchers ran into the ring and loaded the pokemon onto the stretchers. They transported Jared to a backroom to recover while they moved the blaziken to a personal room of hers.

After the fighters had been moved and as the crowds died down, Zach, Gem, and Daryl all went to visit Jared at his room. When they entered the room they found Nurse Joy tending to Jared's wounds.

"Nurse Joy!" Daryl said surprised to see the nurse already in the room. "When did you arrive?"

"Oh, hello there. Are you Jared's trainer?" Daryl heisted for a second but nodded.

"Yeah, I am. Hold on, how do you know his name?"

The nurse giggled. "Everybody in town knows of the brave lucario that fought against the champion. Plus he came into the Pokemon Center a while back." She patted Jared's head, getting a groan for him.

"So that's where he went. So why are you here again?"

"I'm supposed to look over wounded pokemon aren't I? Plus he has something important right here." She took a hold of the yang stone necklace on his chest and presented it to everyone.

"You know of the necklace?" Zach asked.

"We Joy's know all about the prophecy, and the Champions of Arceus that go with it."

"You mean the Prophecy of Champions?" The nurse nodded.

"Yes, that prophecy. Do you know of it?" They all gave a kinda-sorta look.

"Well," Daryl began, "we know that the prophecy foretells that Arceus selects certain humans to become her champions for their powers and talents. That and they are supposed to protect the world or something."

"Yes, but there is more to the prophecy than that."

Zach raised an eyebrow. "What else is there?" He asked.

"The prophecy states that there are seven champions in total. The Outsider, the Forsaken, the Legend-Keeper, the-" Suddenly, Jared stirred from his sleep.

"What… what's going on?" He raised his upper body, and then quickly held his head finally registering the pain from the fall.

"Ugh… and why does my head hurt?" Everyone was stunned to see Jared awake right away, especially Gem.

"Jared, you're okay!" She jumped right on the bed and hugged him, mindful of his chest spike.

"Ow, not so loud Gem, my head still hurts from whatever hit me."

"Sorry…" She uttered softly with a dispirited expression on her face.

"It's fine. I'm just happy to be back." He petted her head to cheer her up. "So what happened to me anyway?"

"You mean you don't remember?" He shook his head.

"The last thing I remember was fainting from being so high up."

"Ha," Daryl stifled a laugh. "You have a fear of heights?"

"Oh come on, I'm sure you have a fear of something." Daryl laughed even more.

"No way, I'm a complete badass!" Jared just rolled his eyes.

"Yeah right. So what happened during the fight?"

"Well," Zach began. "You fell down from the girders on the ceilings…"

"Then you nailed that blaziken with a head butt!" Daryl finished. "He never saw it coming!"

"Actually, the blaziken was a girl." Jared stated.

"What!" Daryl was surprised. "Are you sure?"

"You mean you didn't know?" Gem asked.

"What? I mean… of course I knew! I told you, I'm a complete badass. I know if it's a chick even if she was a mile away!" Gem just rolled her eyes in disbelief.

"Right then," Jared started to get out of bed. "Since the fight is over, I need to tell you guys about something."

"What do you need to tell us?"

"All in due time. But first, Nurse Joy, can you please leave the room for the time being?"

"Are you sure?" Her expression showed concern. "You're still wounded from the fight, and it's my job to make sure you're fully healed."

"This will only take a second. You can come back in once I'm done." She was about to argue, but nodded instead and left.

"Good, now that she's gone," Jared immediately transformed back to his human form. "I need to tell you guys about the deal I made with the blaziken."

"What!" Everyone gasped.

"The thing is… she doesn't wish to stay a slave to the guy who owns the tournament. He treats her like dirt, and I don't like guys who treat ladies like that. So I'm going to set free her, and maybe let her join us on our journey."

"Are you serious?!" Gem appeared to be fuming mad.

"Yes, I am. And are you okay Gem? You look like you're heating up." He placed his forehead on hers to check her temperature. With his face so close to hers, Gem's feelings changed from fury to infatuation. She struggled to say a decent answer.

"Oh y-yeah, I'm… I'm… perfectly fine!"

"That's good to hear. But just in case, how about you sit on my lap while I explain the plan." He sat on a nearby couch in the room, patting his lap telling Gem to come on and sit. She gladly took the opportunity and snuggled happily on his chest.

"Now here's the plan…" While he was explaining the plan, Daryl and Zach both were thinking the same thing.

"Gem is definitely in love with Jared… and he doesn't know. He must be the densest guy in the universe."

One plan explanation later…

"And that's the plan me and Blaze came up with."

"Wait, whose Blaze?" Zach asked.

"What? Oh, it's a nickname I came up with for the blaziken."

"That… doesn't sound very original."

Jared sighed. "Yeah, I know. I think I'll come up with a better nickname later. But do you all know what to do?"

"Yes, but one question." Daryl asked.

"Ask away."

"So how did you and 'Blaze' come up with that plan so fast? And how come I didn't hear you and her talk about it during the fight?"

Jared chuckled a bit. "Telepathy is a powerful thing isn't it? We transmitted and altered the entire plan in a few seconds at most." He tapped on the side of his head while explaining.

"So when are we going to start the plan?" Gem asked.

"As soon as the 'Battle of Wits' starts." He then looked towards Daryl. "So, you all set for it Daryl?" Daryl replied with a smirk.

"Great. And how about you Zach, you ready too?"

He gave a thumbs-up. "You know it!"

"Awesome. And now we wait. Oh, and I guess we should bring Nurse Joy back into the room to look at my wounds."

As they let Nurse Joy back into the room, the announcement for the "Battle of Wits" rang. Daryl and Zach both left the room, getting into position. Gem stayed behind, for her part of the plan was to relay all information back to Jared as her telepathic prowess were stronger than his. Almost everything was set, the only thing left was to make sure that Daryl would be able to delay the tournament owner.

At Daryl's location…

He was standing outside a room meant for the "Battle of Wits" between him and the tournament owner. He entered the room to see a single table had been set up with two chairs on either side. On the table was a game that had been said to be first created in the sixth century.

"Chess huh? And here I thought it was going to be something more difficult." The tournament owner, who had been sitting in the furthest chair all this time, chuckled.

"Well, if you don't like it, you can always forfeit."

Daryl chuckled. "Fat chance, man."

Suddenly, the owner became enraged, slamming his fists on the table. "What did you just say?"

"Have I struck a nerve?" Daryl couldn't resist bantering. "Was it because I said the word 'fat', or was it because you are?

The owner nearly got up, but sat back down calmed. "I'll enjoy eating you up."

"Hey, at least buy a guy dinner first." Daryl sat on his side of the table, getting a quick glance of the owner. He was an obese man, clearly from his triple chin and bulging belly. The owner was wearing a custom black suit, tailored to his size, yet it was still tight for him. He was completely bald except for a few strands of straw-colored hair. His eyes were as sharp as a hawk, looking down on anyone like prey. Yet his nose and mouth were huge, as they almost covered his entire face. Crafting the image of the owner in his head, Daryl sent the information to Gem. Once Gem had the info, she transferred the image to Zach.

"Okay, Zach do you have the image?" Jared asked telepathically.

"Yes, but there's one problem…" Zach was about to explain what it was but Jared interrupted him.

"I know you can't transform into a human, Zach."

"How did you know?!"

"Well for one thing, you would've tried if you wanted to. And secondly, Daryl told me."

Zach sighed. "Figures..."

"Yeah, but we're friends aren't we? We shouldn't hide secrets from each other. Unless you absolutely have to." The last part he thought to himself.

"You're… you're right Jared. I shouldn't hide anything, to you or anyone else. I'm sorry." He frowned.

"Don't worry about it. Besides, there isn't anything to apologize for."

"Thanks. But how am I supposed to transform if I can't become human?"

"Well that's easy."

Zach raised an eyebrow. "Easy? What are you talking about?"

"Just think of it like this. Humanity doesn't come from looks or genetics, it comes from the heart. And the owner of this tournament doesn't have a heart." Jared's philosophy sparked a new found belief within Zach.

"What you're saying is… you don't need to be a human to be human?"

"That's right. What separates humans from animals is how we act. To go against primal instinct, to go against reason, is true human nature."

"O-okay, I understand. Well, here goes nothing…" Using his new found conviction, Zach slowly altered his appearance to match the tournament owner's. His grey and purple fur puffed up and gave outline similar to the owner's guise. His face grew pudgy and flat, with a big enough mouth to make a gible jealous. Soon, his appearance had complete become the foul and plump form that is the tournament owner's.

"Okay, I look like the owner now. What's next?" Zach waited for a response.

"Alright, next you need to find Blaze's room in the contestant waiting room." Zach nodded and started to walk towards the waiting room.

Once he got to the waiting room door he reached for the handle, but stopped when he heard voices inside the room. He placed his head on the side of the door and listened to the conversation between the two voices.

"… While he distracts the trainer, we'll nab the lucario. He'll make a good test subject for The Company."

"Yeah, and that zoroark and kirlia ain't that bad either. We should take them too while he have the chance. In fact, why don't we take them now?"

"Because, we have to make sure the blaziken doesn't escape. If it does, then the boss will kill us… or worse." Zach stopped listening and immediately informed Jared of what was going on.

"Jared! The Company is here! And they plan to kidnap everyone!"

"Ouch, lower your thoughts will you." Jared rubbed him head to numb the pain. "Anyway, try to get them out of there."


"Hmm… maybe you can get them to come out of the room somehow. Like knock on the door for one of them to investigate, and then knock them out."

"Okay, I'll give it a try." As to Jared's plan, Zach knocked on the door hoping one of them would come out.

When he did knock, the guards stopped talking immediately and quickly took out assault rifles that were strapped to their backs. They pointed the guns toward the door waiting for the person who knocked to come in. After a few moments another knock sounded. One of the guards motioned the other to investigate, while the other stood by and watched. The other guard nodded and quietly stepped towards the door. Slowly, he opened it. When he had enough room, he suddenly jumped out with his gun forward.

The guard looked around, finding no one nearby to make the knocking noises. He relaxed slightly, lowering his gun. All of a sudden, the door slammed behind him. He raised his gun again, shaking somewhat, at the door. No one was there either, making him freak out. He spun in every direction, aiming the gun at wherever was around him. The guard stopped spinning when he felt dizzy, bending over about to hurl. But then someone tapped him on the shoulder. He expected the other guard to be behind him, so he turned around defenseless to the fist that knocked him flat off his feet and onto the floor, unconscious.

When Zach knew the guard was out, he dragged him across the floor to a nearby room. He threw the unconscious guard into it and closed the door behind him. Once he was done, he contacted Jared on what to do next.

"Jared, I took down one of the guards, but what should I do for the next one?" Jared took a moment to answer him.

"Is he alone?" Zach opened the door slightly and peaked inside.


"Then rush him. Or you can disguise as his friend and sneak attack him."

"I think I'll go for the disguise…" Zach picked up the assault rifle the guard dropped and took his form. He entered the room next, hoping the other guard wouldn't be suspicious of him.

"I heard a bit of commotion," the guard began. "Is everything alright?"

"Uhhh… yeah! It was just a kid that wanted the blaziken's autograph. I sent the kid packing." The guard noticed something wrong.

"You okay? Your voice sounds a bit different." Zach started to sweat.

"Yeah, yeah I'm fine." He walked towards the guard. "The kid kicked me in the balls though, probably changed my voice pitch."

"Ha! Ah man, I wished I got to see-" Before the guard could finish, Zach whacked him with the butt of the gun. The guard fell to his knees, then the floor. Zach poked him to see if he was still conscious, which he was not.

"Okay, the other guard is down. What's next?" Zach asked telepathically.

"Right, there should be a face recognizer to the side of the door somewhere. You need to disguise as the owner and set your face on it." Zach nodded and opened a panel to the right of the door the guards were watching over. He quickly changed into the owner and put his face on the recognizer. A green light scanned his face and a green check appeared. The door opened and he leisurely walked inside.

Once inside, Zach found that the place the owner kept Blaze was a dump. It was like a cell you'd expect a criminal to be in, with cracked walls, a single grimy bed, and small window with large iron bars. Blaze was lying down in her bed, away from the door and staring out of the window. Zach grunted, getting the attention of Blaze. She quickly stood and knelt down as a show of respect.

"There's no need to kneel down." Zach said as Blaze raised her head in confusion.

"I am a friend of Jared's, the lucario you've battle with before. He told me of the plan you and him made during your battle. I'm here to get you out of your imprisonment." She smiled widely hearing of Jared remembering their promise.

[Does that mean he's okay? Is he-] Zach raised a hand to stop her chatter.

"Sorry but, please save your question when we get you out of here. I don't speak pokemon unfortunately." She zipped her lips and nodded.

"Now then, follow me." He turned around and marched forward, with Blaze right behind.

Few minutes later…

They soon arrived at the door of Jared's room. Blaze seemed to be jumping for joy to see her favorite guy once again. Zach was about to open the door when Blaze suddenly pushed him aside and swung open the door herself. Seeing Jared still in bed, (in his lucario form still because she didn't know he was part human) she jumped on him and hugged him intensely, almost crushing his ribs.

[Oh Jared! It's so good to see you again!] She squeezed him harder as he struggle to break free.

"It's… good to… see… you… too." He was gasping for air.

[Let him go!] Blaze turned her head to see a small kirlia staring at her full of hatred and jealousy.

Blaze only held him harder while staring Gem straight in the eyes. [You love him don't you…]

Gem recoiled at her observation. [W-what! H-how did you know?!]

[Well who would love this hunk of a lucario?]

[He isn't a lucario! He's a-] Gem quickly covered her mouth when she realized she just said.

[What? He isn't a lucario?] Blaze raised the now unconscious Jared to take a good look at him. His form altered slightly, shifting from his human and lucario form. Blaze expression quickly changed from surprise, to shock, to glee.

[*Gasp*! He's the teen I meet earlier!] She squeezed Jared with another hug. [This is the greatest! I just knew that he was-] She was cut off short when Gem blasted her with a psychic blast. Blaze let go of Jared when she was hit and slammed into a wall.

"Zach!" Zach became rigid when Gem called out his name. "Hold onto Jared while I beat this bitch!"

He never knew that Gem would be so vulgar and intimidating when she was angry. He quickly nodded and grabbed Jared off the bed, and then ran out of the room to avoid getting hit in the crossfire. When he closed the door he could hear the blasts and bangs of the two female pokemon going at it. He leaned against the door with Jared still in his arms, sliding down feeling worried that the two were going to kill each other. And while he was worrying, another thought wandered into his mind.

"I wonder how Daryl is doing…"

"Oh, you don't need to worry about him." Zach raised his head to see the tournament owner standing in front of him.

Forty minutes earlier…

After a few turns into the game, the owner was already sweating in panic. Daryl had easily taken control of the entire game, and he knew that no matter what, he would lose. So like all villains in a story, he had to cheat.

"So Daryl," The owner began. "How did a young'un like you get such a rare pokemon like Jared?"

"Well," Daryl tried to think of an excuse. "A good friend of mine gave him to me."

"And who is this good friend of yours, hmm?" He slowly moved his hand to a button under the table.

"Well his name is-" Suddenly, Daryl disappeared. A hole had opened up from underneath the chair he was sitting on.

The owner stood up and walked slowly to the hole. He saw that Daryl had grabbed onto the ledge of it and was trying to pull himself up. The owner stomped on his hand, trying to make him fall.

"You're one strong kid ain't cha!" Daryl replied by flicking him off.

"Well down you go!" The owner stomped on his hand one more time, making him fall into the pit. As Daryl fell, he could hear the owner laughing manically as he walked away.

Present time…

Zach was in shock to see the owner right away. The plan was for Daryl to drag out the "Battle of Wits" as long as possible while everyone else tried to get Blaze out of confinement. But with the owner out of the room and standing right in front of him, he could only think that the worst had happened.

"Now then," the owner began. "Did you really think that you and your friends could take my prized money maker away from me?"

"H-how did you know? And where's Daryl?" Zach was frightened to hear that the owner knew of their plan.

"Nothing goes without me hearing about it. There are cameras in every room and in every hall. Oh, and about your young friend… I killed him!" Zach shook in fear, believing the owner had killed someone as strong as Daryl.

The owner suddenly drew out a pistol. "Now I think I'll kill you and take my money maker- *thwack*" The owner was suddenly hit in the head with the dull end of a sword. He fell over, making the ground quake when he dropped. Behind him, Daryl was sheathing his katana that he used to knock the owner down.

"Daryl!" Zach yelled. "You're alive! I thought the owner killed you?" Daryl chucked.

"Oh please, he can't kill me. Not with that simple trap of his." Zach held an astonished expression with a bit of curiosity.

"What kind of trap? And how did you escape?" He asked.

"It was a pit fall trap. And my escape went a little something like this…"


As the owner walked away laughing, Daryl sprang into action. He pulled out his twin katanas that were hidden away in special compartment in his pants. He then wedged his blades into the walls of the pit, slowing his descent to a stop. When he stopped, he glanced down to see the floor a foot away. Realizing it was safe he withdrew his swords from the walls and put them away. He landed on the ground with a soft thud, looking back up the pit to see how far he had fallen.

"Not that far, a few meters at most." Daryl cracked his knuckles and jumped towards a wall. He soon jumped to another wall, then another, and another. In a few seconds, he had reached the top of pit unscathed.

"Now to get that fat son of a bitch…" He ran out of the room to search for the owner.

End of flashback…

"And that's what happened." Zach and Jared, now awake, sat there entertained by the small flashback he showed them.

"Wow Daryl that sounded cool." Zach said.

"Yeah I know, but what are we going to do about him?" Daryl poked at the unconscious heap of lard that is the owner.

"Leave him. We go to get out of here before any other members of The Company show up." They all nodded as Jared was about to open the door to his recovery room, till Zach stopped him.

"Wait!" he said. "Don't open the door!"

"Why?" Jared asked.

"It's uhhh… a little hard to explain…"

Jared only shrugged. "Well what's the worst that can happen?" He turned the knob as Daryl face-palmed.

"He had to say that." Daryl thought.

Suddenly, Jared was hit with a mixed attack of fire and psychic. And still being in his lucario form, it damaged him greatly. He flew a few feet away from the door as more rounds of mental and flame came through the entrance. The girls only came to a stop when they both noticed the doorway had opened and saw Jared lying down unconscious again. They quickly rushed to his side, careful to not touch him because of the wounds he held.

Gem looked back to Daryl and Zach and asked, "What happened here!"

The guys looked back to each other, both thinking that they should choose their words carefully. Daryl decided to speak first.

"Well, Jared opened the door and something," he amply emphasized that last word, "knocked him back with all those wounds."

Gem irritably turned her head at Blaze, silently accusing her of fault. Blaze noticed this and returned the same heated glare of feminine ire. They continued to argue as they done before in the other room, while Daryl noticed something in the owner's pocket. He searched briefly to find two pokeballs and a note.

"One must be Blaze's pokeball," he thought. "And there's a note attached to the other one. I think I'll keep these and read later…" He stuffed the pokeballs and the note in his own pocket, right before noticing that Jared started to stir.

The girls were still arguing until Jared rested a firm hand on both of their mouths. They look to see he had fully awake, barely, but awake nonetheless. He removed his hands and looked at the girls with a large grin.

"It's good to see you two aren't hurt." He said.

"But what about-" Jared silenced Gem again, but with a single finger against her lips. Of course, she being a psychic type it would appear unnecessary, but the gesture still got across.

"I'm fine, I'm fine. Let's all just get out of here okay? This place is seriously gonna get me killed or something." They all agreed. The girls helped Jared to his feet whereas Zach and Daryl followed suit. As they walked out the door, Jared remembered something important.

"Hey guys, I just remembered something." Everyone turned their head towards him. "I nearly forgot to give Blaze a proper name."

Blaze pointed at herself. [Who me?]

Jared nodded. "Yeah you. Everybody's been calling you 'Blaze', but it just doesn't cut it. It doesn't really feel that I put enough thought into your name."

She felt as though she was gonna cry tears of joy. [You'd… you'd really give me a name?]

"Yeah. And I've come up with the perfect name."

[What is it?]

"Well it's-"

Back at the arena…

The tournament owner was still on the floor, trying his best to get up yet couldn't because of his weight. He was sweating profusely and had given up on getting up for a while. Suddenly, he heard footsteps in the distant hallways.

"H-hello, is someone their?" He said. "If you could, will you help get me up?" As the individual turned the corner, the owner's eyes widen in fear. He rolled to his back, backing away as the person came closer.

"N-no! Get away, please! I know I've failed, it won't happen again, I promise." Tears ran down his face as the figure came nearer.

"I-I'll strike you a deal! My money, all of it, yours for the taking if you let me live!" The owner backed up into a wall. The figure he was so afraid of was only a foot away. It raised its hands slowly, enjoying every second of the owner's fear.

"PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!" The figure grabbed a hold of his face. "NONONONONONO- *snap*" The figure dropped the now cold, limp heap that was the owner. It bared its razor sharp teeth in pleasure, licking its lips in hunger.

It brought up a cellphone from its pocket, dialing in a number before bringing it up to its ear. When the person it called picked up, the figure said, "The deed is done…"

Its voice was inhuman, as if sharp claws were dragging themselves across a chalk board.

A soft chuckle came through the phone. "Good. Now your next mission: Track down subject Z-15."

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