Author's Note: So I was looking at some pictures of Kopa and Kovu and this idea hit me. So be warned, this is a boy x boy story. So enough said, please enjoy the story.

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Every animal big and small traveled all over the growing green Pride Lands. For today is a very special day for all who lived there. After years of suffering under the tyrant King Scar, meaning herds left for the evil king had hoard of hyenas in the kingdom. After most the herds left the lionesses went into suffering. After trying to talk some sense into their dark king and being denied, the youngest pride member volunteered to find help. A few days later the pride finally had enough and went to comfort their king, help arrives. The lost prince, Simba. Outrage that his uncle put a paw on his mother and turned his kingdom in a graveyard, confronted his uncle. Scar being a coward he is, try his tricks. By telling the lionesses his nephew he is the reason, that the former king is dead. But just like his other plans, backfired and Simba found out who the real murder is. After a brief fight for the throne and watching his evil uncle become hyena chow. The rightful heir took his place as king.

Now today the young king and his beautiful queen and best friend since cubs is presenting their newborn cub. The king and queen stud at the peck of Pride Rock with their friends, Timon and Pumbaa by their sides. Soon their good friend Rafiki walked up with a light golden bundle in his his skinny grey arms. Simba and his creamy pelted queen shared a loving smile before watching their cub get thrust into the air for all their subjects to see. After the ceremony, the creamy queen took her cub by the scruff and headed for the main cave, where her mother, mother in-law and friend awaited.

"He's so handsome, Nala" said a cinnamon pelted lioness with crimson eyes, once the creamy queen laid down

Nala smiled and said " Thank you, Kula"

An older darker cream pelted lioness with apple green eyes smiled and said " He have both of his parents pelts"

A dark beige lioness with dark brown earrims and orange eyes smiled and said "Have you and Simba thought of a name,dear?"

Nala smiled and said "Yes, we decided on the name, Kopa"

Sarabi smiled and said with proudness "A perfect name, he is this pride's heart and hope"

A new generation has began in the now peaceful Pride Lands. But not every happy ending, lost forever.

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