Simba sat there speechless, while Kopa also was surprised. Afua walked over and nuzzled the cream prince with a purr.

"When did this happened?" Kula roared

Afua pulled away and said "I'm not sure, I guess I always felt a connection with Mheetu"

Kula's eyes went wide as Chumvi stepped up shook his head. Kopa smiled at his brother.

"I for one have no problem with this" said Kopa smiling at the nuzzling lions

Simba looked at his oldest and said "Because you feel in love with an Outsider"

Kopa then turned back to Simba and said "You don't know him!"

Simba sighed and turned back to the peck and said "I know he's following in Scar's paws prints, I must follow in my fathers"

Kopa's eyes widen as he heard his father's words. Kopa frown and glared at his father.

"You will never be, MUFASA!" yelled Kopa before running down the rocky stairs and into the savannah

Simba stud almost breathless as he watched his son gallop away. Nala was sitting in between her mother and Sarabi.

Nala looked at the dark beige lioness and said "Sarabi, can you and mother handle the animals?"

Sarabi nodded and walked over to the peck with the dark cream lioness follwing behind. Nala looked at Simba who was heading in the cave. Nala got up and walked over to king.

"You were wrong"

Simba was sitting on the royal platform in the cave when Nala came trotting over.

"You can't actually be happy with this!"

Nala glared at her mate and said "My sons is happy! I don't care what sex their lovers are, as long as they make my children happy, I am HAPPY!"

With that the creamy queen lashed her tail and stormed out off the cave only to be rained on. Nala looked up and saw that is was raining.

"My lady!"

Nala turned her head and saw Zazu flying her way.

"Zazu, what is it?" asked Nala her eyes full with worry

"My Queen! The Outsiders are on the attack...it's war!"

In savannah Kopa was looking for Kovu as the rain drops damp his fur. Kopa soon sat on a hill top and began to cry. The winds started to pick up and the sound of thunder rolling reach the broken heart prince ears. Kopa sniffed some tears and looked to they dark sky to gasped. In the sky a shape of a lion was forming in the dark clouds. The figure was ghostly at first but soon gain color and coherence. The lion was bright golden with a bright red mane and glowing reddish eyes.

"Kopa" the lion's voice boomed

Kopa was awestruck but manage too say "Who are you?"

"I am Mufasa"

Kopa just stud gaping at the image of his late grandfather.

"Kopa, my time here is very short, but you need to know that your pride needs you right now. You are the only one that can mend the two prides"

Kopa just looked on as his grandfather's image began to fade.

Before Mufasa's image faded all the way he manage to say "And remember We Are One"

Kopa watched his grandfather fade into the sky before bowing his head and roll the words of his grandfather. Then it hit him hard, without another thought the prince turned and ran full speed home. Kopa ran to an edge of a gorge where on the other side was his pride going to war. Kopa stud there frozen as he watched his pride, his family get beat down. Then out of no where a dark brown lion jumps in between Zira and Simba.

"Kovu!" Kopa yelled

Zira growled and pounced, sending Kovu and her over the side of the gorge.

"No!" cried Kopa before jumping down and climbing over the logs to the other side

Kopa manage to get to the other side and land next two his father. Not taking time to explain to the pride he rushed over to the edge to see Kovu hanging on. A little further down Zira was sliding.

"Hold on, Zira!" shouted Kopa as he slid down

"Kopa!" shouted Nala

Zira looked up and saw the prince making way down. The logs that blocked the river soon exploded as the water rushed through. Zira looked back up and closed her eyes before letting go and falling in the raging water. Kopa's eyes went wide as he watched his lover's mother fall to her death. Kopa sighed and turned to Kovu, who smiled at him.

Kopa smiled back and said "Reach for my paw"

Kovu reach and grabbed the light prince paw. The two lions soon was up on the surface with their prides. When Kopa got his breath he turned to Simba who was shaken up and had a glum look.

"Father please listen to me"

Simba looked from the snarling Outsiders to his son.

"I was vist by a very wise king"

Simba's eyes widen as he realized who his son was talking about.

Kopa sighed and said "And he said We Are One, it took a minute but I understand"

Kopa looked from his father to the Outsiders and back to Simba.

"What? Them?"

Kopa nodded and turned to the Outsiders. Some of them growled out him.

"They are us, what difference do you see!" shouted Kopa

Vitani looked up and realized that the prince was right.


The Outsiders looked at the second in command, well their new leader.

"Kopa is right, enough" yelled Vitani as she walked over to the Pridelanders side

The rest of the Outsiders exchange looks before walking over also. Simba looked at his son and smiled.


Kopa looked and saw Kovu smiling.


The two lions nuzzled and licked each other with a purr. Simba watched his son's happy expression and sighed.


Kovu pulled away and looked at the golden king.

Simba smiled lightly as he said "I was wrong, you belong here"

Kopa and Kovu smiled at Simba's words. Kopa and Kovu nuzzled before Kovu leaned on Kopa. Simba smiled at his son before turning around to meet the faces of his pride and the Outsiders.

"Let's go home all of us"

The prides smiled at each before heading home, Pride Rock. In the morning word about the two prides joining spread fast like a wild fire. The kingdom animals stud at the bottom of Pride Rock to witness the union of Prince Kopa and Prince Kovu. Kopa and Kovu sat next to each other nuzzled as Rafiki blesses their union with a gesture of his staff. Simba and Nala then head down to the peck with Kopa and Kovu following as the pride bowed as the royals walked by. Once at the peck Simba roared, then he he looked at Kopa who roared second. Then the four roared to their subjects.

"Well done, my grandson! We Are One" Mufasa voiced boomed

Kopa smiled up at the image of Mufasa smiling down in the sun as the wind blew through his candy red mane.

On the outskirts of the Pride Lands stud a young lion with sneer on his muzzle.

"Celebrate why you can, cause I will be back and the Pride Lands will be mine" growled the lion as venaged turned his electric blue eyes to blood red orbs

Author's Note: So we have come to an end. I hope you enjoyed this chapter, tell me what you think. I know this is most likely a very long chapter, the first. I'm not sure I can do it again, but I will try. So there will be an sequel to this, The Lion King III: The Royal Heir.