Author's Note: I just had this plot bunny hoping around in my head. Tell me, what you think cause in all honesty I probably won't continue it, unless anyone is really interested. Thanks for reading! Oh by the way if I continue it would be a Rick/OC/Daryl fic cause I love both of them so much.



Mara Taylor was a believer in miracles. She saw them every time one of her three brothers came back from a deployment in the Middle East. Or whenever some cop on the street gave a homeless man the boots off his own feet. However despite Mara's belief in miracles, she was sure the so-called miracle she received was actually a curse. "Are you sure, you know how to shot one of these?" a smooth southern voice asked.

The voice belonged to the one and only Rick Grimes. Sherriff's Deputy of King County, Georgia. Father of the adorable Carl Grimes and husband of the not-so-much-liked Lori Grimes. But even more so…the main character of her brothers' favorite TV show The Walking Dead. A TV show Mara had only began watching, until she somehow ended up living it for real life. She wasn't yet too sure it was not a really really realistic dream. "I got sent home from basic training for hurting my back. Not for being unable to qualify with my weapon." Mara snorted, lying her ass off.

She had gotten sent home for failing to qualify with her weapon. But in her defense those target were nowhere near as close as the walkers were. Plus those targets didn't try to eat her either. Rick looked at the young girl for a second. A contemplating look on his face. He trusted Mara as much as he did anyone else he met so far-maybe a little more, because they were in the same boat. Both of them amazingly met in the hospital. Neither one of them knowing what was going on. Although Rick's reaction had been ten times more calm compared to Mara's when he woke her up in the hallways of the dingy hospital. "Alright. I believe you, Mar. But be careful with it okay? It's not a toy." Rick warned handing her a rifle.

Mara rolled her dark brown eyes. "I'm twenty-two, Rick. Not five."

He gave her a small smile before turning to the man who helped him so much. If it weren't for Morgan than Mara and him surely would have died. The man and his son took them in despite the fact they could be very dangerous people. He had shown them the ropes of their new world and provided them with a temporary place to stay. And although Morgan opted to stay a little bit longer, Rick would always be eternally grateful for him. "Are you sure you won't come?" Rick asked.

"A few more days." Morgan insisted, "By then Duane will know how to shoot and I won't be so rusty."

Rick nodded turning back to the police car where Mara sat. She gave him a soft smile before handing him one of the radios. He blinked for second slightly surprised. Mara had a strange habit of somehow knowing what he was thinking. He gave her an appreciated nod before turning his attention back to Morgan. "You have one battery." Rick warned handing the radio to Morgan, "I'll turn mine on every few minutes at dawn. You get up there that's how you'll find us."

Morgan smiled. "You think ahead."

"Can't afford not to nowadays." Mara piped up for the car.

Morgan shot her a small smile. "Listen one thing, they may not seem like much one at a time. But a whole horde of them riled up and hungry…you better watch your guys back. Especially hers. The way you said you found her, it's obvious she didn't just wake up like you did. Now I don't know what happened to make her just forget something like this going on, but it can't be good."

Rick nodded. "Don't worry, I'll watch her back."

From inside the car, Mara snorted. Amnesia? What a loud of bull. Unfortunately though it was better than saying 'hey I come from a different world, where all this suffering just makes really good TV.' Cause that would go over really well. Mara sighed running a hand through her thick mangled black locks. For years, she tried to grow it out to be as long as her mother's hair was. Now however she wanted to chop it all off. The stupid thing was always looking messy and getting stuck on stuff. Earlier that evening she was almost killed by a walker cause her hair got stuck on a door knob. Thankfully Rick was there to save her.

A shot rang out in the air and Mara knew it was time to go. "Old friend?" Mara asked as Rick got into the driver's seat.

He shot her a look. "Something like that. How'd ya know?"

"I'm good at reading people like that."

"Yeah, well stop." Rick said, though his tone wasn't unfriendly.

She smiled at him peeking out the window. Rick glanced at her curiously. "You think they'll be alright?" she murmured, as she watched Morgan's car disappear.

"Honestly, I don't know anything anymore Mar. I just pray that they do." Rick sighed.

Mara gave him a soft smile. "I think they will. I mean they made it this far didn't they?"

Rick gave her soft smile. He couldn't explain it but there was something that drew him to Mara. Perhaps it was the fact that in a way they were the same. Or the fact that from step one Mara was just as positive as him that he'd find Lori and Carl. Which was actually the only thing she was positive about in this whole mess. "I take it, you're going to go shoot that corpse with met by the bicycle?" Mara mentioned as he parked the car.

He glanced at her. "You really got to stop doing that. It freaks me out you can read me so easily without knowing me that long."

"I'll stop halfway through episode 4 of this horror." Mara muttered, her eyes glued to the window besides her.

He blinked, but decided to let it go. "I'll be back. Stick tight."

"I'm not dumb enough to do anything else."

Rick smiled shaking his head before heading out to the poor half-eaten woman he saw earlier. Meanwhile Mara sat in the front seat trying to recall every detail her brothers spout to her about the damn show. Each one she remembered got written down in a small black notebook, her brother Zane got for her return home present. A shot rang out in the air and within minutes Rick came running back to the car. By then Mara had the notebook tucked protectively into her ugly black rucksack. It was the only thing that she had left attaching her to the world she belonged to. An ugly bag her brother Bryon thrown at her to use for their upcoming camping trip. However instead of being used for camping, it was being used for survival-as well as a home to a book that could disrupted the whole TV show's plot if it ever gotten into the hands of the wrong person.